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    "Talking" -- thinking -- ATTACKING

    "Hahaha HAHA!" a hyena's laugh could be heard echoing through the land. A phantom's ghastly warning just before he burst into your home. Poltergeist of evil, demonic memories, slamming doors and bursting windows, destroying everything that you once held dear. What better place to hold such a murderous monster than an abandoned prison? Full of the world's most vile, karma-owing beasts? Ah yes, this snickering demon was born to live here. Born like a weed in a patch of brambles. Suck it dry until there was nothing left but thorns and carcasses.

    Tough luck to anyone who stayed...

    But uh-

    who knew monsters were such a pretty pink?

    "HAHA! WHAT THE FUCK IS UP ASSHOLES?! Your favorite motherfucker has come back!" he howled into the air, laughing hysterically all the while. Was it because he was happy to be here? Nah - why the fuck would he? No one ever gave a shit about him here. Well...But he was dead so who give a fuck? Nah, he was just here because he needed a place to crash that didn't involve him having to steal, die or kill.



    And also the kid needed a good clean home.

    If you could even call this place clean.

    Turning his lavender gaze upon the wolf pup at his side, as if just remembering they existed, Toughpaw would shove the kid forward. Tuffie didn't really know how the Exiles felt about him - having disappeared and come back more times than he could count - but from experience he knew he always ended up making more enemies than anything else so, to be safe : Baby. Babies always got everyone melting and whatnot. Were the Exiles like that? Ah he didn't remember, but they'd probably take the kid in - and Toughie by extension. He was the kid's dad after all.

    Toughpaw snickered.

    Wait - shit what was their name again?

    Glancing down at the child, noting their bright, ruby eyes. "Redpup. Yeah, I knew that" he said with a pink-shouldered shrug, "Alright lil buddy, we're going to join a new clan so uh - give 'em your cutest fuckin' face would you? Thanks" he said with another laugh, ruffling the child's head fur, "Daddy needs to get in quick so he can have a drink!"

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    The laughter of the hyena was echoed ever so slightly in the background by a smaller chuckle, something encroaching a nervous laugh of emulation, from the smaller pup behind him. Almost stumbling over themself to keep up, they followed Tough closely, following that ghastly warning like the anticlimactic afterthought to their dad’s loud and… larger than life nature within each step. Red tried, truly, to follow suit. A puffed out chest, straight up ears, and tail unwavering, the youth made his best effort, most genuine attempt, to be half as buckwild and self-assured. Perhaps it was a child’s ignorance, need to copy all that they know, but there was something admirable in the in-your-face approach to the return.

    Your favourite motherfucker has come back!” With that a smile graced the pup’s face, one crooked tooth bared through it. Should the statement be an exaggeration or not, Suddenly they were pushed forward by Tough, a small shove, some backwards gesture of showing off. Regardless of motives, Red, stumbling at first, composed himself once more quickly. It was kind, almost, or at least passed as kind enough for Red to appreciate it.

    "Cute... I can probly do that," they shrugged, offering another of the sheltered laughs at the sudden ruffling against their head, shoulders raising closer towards their ears on instinct. This place, the Exiles, was foreign to the child. Then again, they'd say the same for most groups. Red had heard small tale of it, of aggression, of boisterousness, general daunt and intimidation. Intimidating to Red themself, if they were candid, but maybe that was perfect. The perfect way to... toughen themself up. Just like Tough.


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    WHAT THE FUCK IS UP. Now wasn't that something to ponder? Nothing was up, Sasha would answer if he cared enough to. For now, he'll perceive it as a rhetorical question and greet the strangers at the border first. He recognized neither of them, unsurprisingly. The pink hued hyena seemed like they knew these parts already, probably a returning Exile, it was pretty obvious. As for their younger counterpart, they looked a little green behind the ears much like himself when he first came here a week back, give or take.

    "Welcome back," the onyx pelted boy offered blandly, his drab olive eyes shifting from the younger and back to the older creature, "What are your names?" It was the same usual set of questions that have been regurgitated at the border countless times before. Sasha didn't have the drive or creativity to spice it up, so it'll have to be like this; boring and unoriginal. "Uh, and to bring you two up to speed, we're currently hostile with Shadow Veil and the Sanguine Ruins," he then added offhandedly.




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    Lidded eyes shifted to the stranger, and then back to their dad. The question wasn't one out of the ordinary, surely something they should've expected, but it still wasn't something they'd had prepared an answer for. Not that it needed much preparation. Names were easy. But this was a first impression! First impressions were important. They couldn't just join like any others. Tough had already had a loud and assertive introduction, but Red had hardly been able to do something like that of his own.

    When an answer wasn't immediately given on their own behalf, Red blinked, cleared their throat, and attempted an answer on their own. "I'm Redpup," it was said with a strong voice, as strong as they could manage at least, "'should remember that. It'll, um, be an important name someday." Yeah. Yeah that sounded okay. "What 'bout you?" They made a conscious choice not to introduce Toughpaw. Felt like an unwise choice, he could clearly introduce himself, and may not take too kindly to one assuming otherwise.

    The rest of what this stranger said went completely over their head. Something about a Veil and Ruins that they couldn't quite comprehend. And hostility. Hostility was going to be prevalent here. While that offered a distinct tension in the back of their mind, Red couldn't quite say it was unwelcome. An air of violence could sculpt them, make them who they were meant to be, something more, something stronger.



    ☾・゚this the only thing i love, i love love love love

    The Gunslinger would stalk over to the forming group next, head held low as though he were following the scent of prey making what would be a futile escape. Nothing escaped the extremely emaciated, muddy-brown lupine with ram's horns adorned with glowing markings' jaws for long if they managed to slip out of his paws. Zara was plenty proof of that as after tormenting her as a child--and coming within a hair of being exiled from his home--he had returned four moons later to eat her unborn children. Poor girl, he should have put her out of her misery that night, too, as she ultimately suffered the same fate as her consumed offspring but Trash had wanted her to suffer, to hurt. It seemed to be the common theme around here, and if one wasn't afraid to hurt and be hurt, put their life on the line for something so simple as a "I wanted to" or "it seemed like good fun" then they belonged beside him, beside the rest of the Exiles.

    Trash was on a mission; he was tired of being walked on especially as a group he had feared as a pup, as a group that had caused so much torment and pain and destruction in his life that he had sworn to never call it home. But here he was in the place where Finnishwars had been mentally shattered and turned into Bill's little toy and the prisoner "Three", where his brother Cole had been immolated and scarred for life physically and mentally thanks to the same villain in the same group. And what could he say about the Exiles now? Trash found them to be all-fearing rather than fearsome. But perhaps the winds of change were upon them, the new recruits seemed to either be more bloodthirsty than the last or interested in a medical field so in his mind it evened out perfectly. Perhaps they would regain their former infamy--the Ruins certainly weren't giving it any honor.

    Tiffany blue hues would sweep over Toughpaw and his obnoxiously pink appearance--he absently wondered where Blindfold had been, the equally as flamboyant tiger having disappeared too, would he come back?--and the pup he claimed as his son. Redpaw, was it? 'Ah, he's trying to use his kid as his Golden Ticket," the voice he had long-ago known as his conscience spoke up again, much sooner than he had anticipated. Trash had several children in the Exiles so perhaps he would find a friend or someone to have a friendly rivalry with rather quickly. There certainly was a plethora of personalities to clash or meld with. "Sorry to inform," he'd start, honey-smooth voice somewhat uncharacteristic to his appearance which one would expect to harbor a raspy, gravely voice, "but we're a dry group now." Oops, did he want a drink? A moment later a smirk would break his facade and signify that he had only been teasing, "I kid, I kid. There's an entire storage room of the shit, help yourself." Ah, Trash hadn't collected it all but since it wasn't his stash, he also didn't care. "Welcome to the Exiles, Redpup and..?" he'd raise a metaphoric brow as his Tiffany gaze jumped from Redpup who he had welcomed to his father who had yet to give a name. Trash wasn't familiar and so he, too, would need a little helping paw. "If you need anything, my name's Trash and don't be afraid to ask, hm?"


    "Talking" -- thinking -- ATTACKING

    Tuff smirked at the kid, proud of the child for following orders. And just in time too, as they were soon approached by an Exiler. One that Tuff didn't really recognize, but he didn't really care. He snorted though when his kid came off less 'cute' and more a mini version of Tuff but...fine, fine, he'll let it slide. "And my name's Toughpaw, don't fucking forget it!" he said with a confident, toothy smirk. He would place a hot pink paw over Red's head, protective of his property.

    When Trash came over, Tuffy would glare at the emaciated dog. "Har-di-fucking-har" he snarled, not at all amused. He wasn't about to come back to a damned sahara desert of alcohol. "Yeah yeah, thanks bud - nice name" Tough would shrug, already walking past the other, "C'mon Red lets go see if my old cell is still vacant. And let's hope it's occupied so we can MAKE it vacant!" again, he let out a loud burst of snickering laughter.

  • The younger child's introduction was something out of the ordinary. Though they had a sense of bravado, the unsurety in their voice was mildly amusing. Blinking, the leopard kept his face stoic and merely nodded at their introduction. "I'm Sasha," he introduced himself simply, then taking note of a familiar brown canine's entrance. The information that Trash shared was new to him, the boy wasn't aware that they had a communal store for alcohol, not that he was interested in partaking in drink. He was sure this knowledge would be useful in the future for whatever use.

    The ridiculous colored hyena was certainly a character, perhaps a blown up version of the personality that Redpup was trying to imitate. That made a lot more sense. Don't Fucking forget it. "Sure," the dark colored wildcat meowed offhandedly, still trying to figure out if this "Toughpaw" was someone he should try to avoid or not. Sasha liked to be around strong and witty troublemakers with a spice for life, but this guy was a creature he'll have to think more about. There was just something about them. "Have fun then," Sasha shrugged, then turning to head off. Not much else to do here. He then stopped in his tracks, craning his head over to them once more, "just an fyi, Sanguine Ruins and Shadow Veil have long term hostilities with us if you're bored of bullying some poor schmuck who took your cell."