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  • "If you think im daft enough to show my own granddaughter something horrendous, than maybe you should go to sleep, Jailbird!" Luna snapped back. She had had enough, whirling around with her injured paw pressed close to her chest and snarled, lashing her long tail, "In fact! I'm sick of your disrespectful, insufferable, better-than-thou attitude and insubordination, you pompous monster-licker! As your Head Guard, I order you to return to your nest while Ruth and Wildseas deal with your supposed mate, like they were before you came barking orders like you were in charge! After they return from Shadowclan, I will speak with my daughter to figure out your punishment for your lack of authority!" Her voice was strict, angry, and even as she held her injured, old mutilated paw up, she looked formidable and serious. She had had enough of Jailbird thinking Luna was some push over, that because Luna was compassionate to her clanmates and actually cared for all of them, Jailbird could walk over everything she said. She snapped as Jailbird walked away, fur puffed up and rage in those emerald gems, "Whatever you are planning, forget it! I am setting up guards outside your nest to watch. You even think about leaving Bloodclan, I will mark you as a traitor and order all of the guards and members to butcher you like a piece of prey!" She had officially snapped. That really had been the last straw to Luna.



  • Give up your searching, I don't want to be found

    your gaze would haunt me —

    If anything, Cora looked slightly miffed that she was told no, but only said, "Fine. When I'm older then." Choosing not to push the topic further. She'd try at four moons.

    Her grandmother's words had Cora turn to look at her, taking note of the blood, but before she could open her mouth to respond, Jailbird spoke first, and it became quite clear in this moment the two didn't like each other. However, when the bickering came to a brief respite, Cora took the time to speak up before Jailbird could. "I'll be fine. I can go with Grandma and finish it quickly before I lose too much sleep." Cora tilted her head, happy with this compromise, offering the older molly a small smile before turning to join her grandmother.

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    Give up your searching, I don't want to be found

    your gaze would haunt me

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  • Bickering. They were always, always bickering. Her Clanmates could never seem to get along and it was exhausting to stand there and watch the arguments unfold time and time again. The young leader heaved a sigh and leaned down to rasp her tongue against her daughter’s head. “She’ll be fine with Luna, Jailbird,” she insisted, her voice much kinder than her adopted mother’s. “Cora, dear, go with your grandmother. I’m sure she’ll show you a fun time while I’m away. When you’re older, I’ll take you and your siblings on countless missions like this,” Ruth assured. She hated letting her daughter miss out, but the risks of bringing a kit along were far too high. She would never put her child in danger like that.

    Now how to deal with Luna’s barking orders at Jailbird? She was in authority over the other she-cat, but Ruth thought she was overreacting. It was clear the two did not like each other for reasons unknown to the calico, but she was sick of their constant arguing — little shady comments and yowling at one another like kits. She could not run a Clan with her guards acting like this when they should be helping her. “Actually... Jailbird, Luna. When Luna returns from her patrol with Cora, I want the two of you to hold some sort of event. Together. I’ll leave it up to the both of you to decide what it is and when. Your feud has gone on for far too long and I think it’s time you learned to work together.” Was that the right call? She’d find out, but it was worth a try.

    Without giving either of them a chance to respond, the calico turned towards the others. “Anyone coming with me to speak with ShadowClan, follow me.”

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Everything was chaos. There were cats going to Shadowclan, there were cats coming to and fro, there were cats everywhere. The black tabby was in shock as she had just woken up to all this. Without so much as another word, at the beckon of Ruth to followher if anybody else wanted to go to Shadowclan, she followed.

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  • Jailbird has watched as the molly spoke, quick to snap. A twig so eager to break under the pressure. Jailbird snorted at her words before speaking. “ Yes in fact I am. You’ve done some sketchy things since you joined the clan. And your children love to follow not far behind! And no thanks. Unlike you I got my sleep. I’m not a crazy lady who yells at people for no reason. All I said was for the little one to go to bed. I’m sure Ruth would agree that she’s had enough excitement for one day. And is only a child!” She smiled lightly, perhaps a snicker. She knew she’d gotten the better of her and there was nothing she could do. Optics of lupine glassy glimmered challengingly.

    Yet the chinchilla decided to continue to her disappointment. Raising her voice multiple octaves she spoke, an angry screaming bird right in her face. How annoying. Jailbird only laughed quickly, short and taunting. Snarling she spoke, “ The Head-Guard ordering me? You have as much authority as I do. I used to be the head guard and not too long ago the damn Deputy. Maybe you should keep your empty threats for someone who cares.

    As Ruth spoke though she gave a gentle smile to the younger molly. Dipping a head politely to the leader she smiled, “ Of course Ruth.” Watching the leader speak to her daughter she smiled slightly. But it was quickly snatched. As soon as Ruth spoke of an ‘event’ together she almost died a little. Her eyes widened and she almost retorted quite sharply, but halted herself and smiled at Luna laughingly. Well this could be a little fun...But anytime with the molly was a time she hated with her every being.

    Stepping away to the greenhouse, as she moved thick steps over, quick and angry stomping. Yet as she moved she overheard Luna speaking, laughing she whipped around to face her. “ You’re not my mom. I’d like to see you try that.

    Stepping into the Greenhouse she faced Wake and her creased brow and anger faded away to a soft smile. Green herbage covered the walls, floors, and roof. She could understand why her daughter, and dear friend Wasp chose the healer road. Sometimes she wished that her life could be that. Be as calm and cool as it was her friends. Just green as far as the eye could see.

    As he spoke she frowned, turning her twin thalassic hues to him, beta fish swarming at the masses in silent emotional dance. “ You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I was going to do it alone but if you’d like to come be my guest. The company and help would be appreciated...” She spoke slowly and deliberately, as she knew the sentence would be difficult for her so she just didn’t even attempt.

    Turning at the sound of Wild’s voice as he followed her she laughed slightly, silently and gently. Tossing her head to the side, fur along her cheeks bouncing to the side her smile faded. “ You probably wouldn’t want to know. Uh, you’re Deputy now. Don’t pick the wrong side. A word of advice, BloodClan politics are ruthless.

    Smiling softly, a bit worriedly she turned to Wake looking expectantly. It was his choice if he joined her but if he did that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be all too happy. It would only mean she’d have to keep an eye on him all the time, being overly protective over him and such. And honestly she didn’t want to risk him getting hurt and then feeling bad that it was her fault. But then again as she thought about it, being with him and having time to talk to him would be nice... “ I’m leaving later tomorrow night, after the patrol has been lead.