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  • "Alright ColouredClan, meeting time has rolled around again!"

    The pep in the Commander's voice hid the pure exhaustion hiding just beneath his skin. There was no glitter in his eyes, no power in his stance, no wave of his tail or sharpness to his expression. The tone of his voice was the only thing he could fake. It had been a few days since he had eaten, the days of bulking up before his visit to the BHR far behind him at this point. Beneath his fawn colored fur were dark eyebags from sleepless nights, often spent working or fretting over the state of his Clan. He hadn't even been in power for a month, and yet it felt like years, the way it had taken a toll on his body.

    "First of all, I want to welcome some of our new joiners to ColouredClan-- welcome to cyanide. , Ace Stark- , e. anteiku , HYPERION , and BATTERYCHICKEN . I hope that you all get settled in quickly and are in shape to help us with the cleanup efforts. We're gonna need all the help we can get." He almost felt bad, punctuating their welcome with a note about the floods, but at this point, he was going to mention it to anyone who so much as walked across the border.

    "This week was a pretty slow one. I get it-- things happen. No worries. Because of that, no warnings or demotions," began the somali. "I know that this week has taken a hell of a lot out of us, including me. But our cleanup is going well. We've been going through the town and seeing what we can salvage-- some of it will only be used as wood for fires, in case the weather takes another downturn, as well as for cooking, since our kitchen equipment is entirely out of commission. There's also some metal and other materials that we'll likely keep stored in the prison until the time comes to use it. Any personal belongings that survived the flood can be kept wherever you'd like to dry and clean up." He sighed. He couldn't wait for the day where he could stop talking about this goddamn flood and get on with his life. He couldn't wait for spring. "I want Megalith and Weddingband to step up to Greenguard, and I want REDALERT to step up to Purpleheart. You've all been doing great, but I want to see more out of everyone. As a note, over the next few weeks I'm going to be scouting out who would make a good deputy. I'm willing to name up to two deputies at a time, so if you're interested, let me know or head over to the HP tryouts. I'll start handing out titles soon too-- we're in the process of getting some accolade badges made as we speak."

    "I went over to the Blackheart Rogues, and we've gained a trial alliance with them. So we're going to send ambassadors back and forth with them and see where things go. I need someone with their shit together and the ability to go over there often to step up and take on that role. We want this alliance to work out, so I need someone dedicated. I'll be adding them to the list for the ambassador program-- so go over there to sign up if you're interested. I expect their visitors to be treated with the utmost respect when they arrive." He was serious about this. With the alliance with Amalfi still up in the air, he wanted some good news. "I'm also considering dropping the concept of neutrals, so I'm open to suggestions on that end as well," he continued. "If we decide to drop them, then I'll have to go have a talk with BlizzardClan and the Tribe. Regardless, things aren't looking good for either of them. BlizzardClan bad enemies with the Veil and the BHR, and I dunno how I feel about allying with another pro-clan in the Tribe. So yeah, shoot any suggestions you have for that my way."

    "As for events in the Clan, again, this week was slow. Eddie is doing some cleanup around his house, and I've been bringing some medicine back to the whitecoat lab, but other than that, it's been a slow week. Eddie's got his weekly tasks up for the week as well, so go check them out." It was nice to have a meeting with no drama, no excess rambling. He hoped that the next one would have more good news, though.


    • Joiners - cyanide, crimsondreams, Elida, Hyperion, batterychicken
    • No warnings or demotions, as it has been a slow week
    • Promos -
      • Redalert to purpleheart
      • Weddingband and Megalith to greenguard
    • Searching for a deputy
    • Titles are coming back! Will begin giving them out at the next meeting
    • Trial alliance with BHR, need someone to become their ambassador
    • Gauging interest in dropping neutrals, will talk with blizzardclan and tosas
    • Eddie’s cleanup/weekly tasks, poison’s medicine haul



  • Crouching in the corner, Batterychicken was listening to every single word the commander spoke, mouth agape and brow furrowed in confusion at this groups unique hierarchical structure. The lupine would jump at the call of his own name, all four paws elevated off the floor as he staggered backwards. He looked extremely frightened that the other would even know his name, yet alone announce it in what would be a large crowd. Batterychicken didn't want to take any chances, he needed to keep a low profile and avoid detection, and having his name given away to an entire population was going to jeopardise that. "Fishsticks!" Batterychicken cursed too himself, curling his tail in on himself and really wishing that he had introduced himself with some sort of fake name.


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  • Burning bright paws would carry the sun and stars to the location of the meeting being held, emerald gemstones forged from molten earth turning upward to Partypoison for just a moment upon his arrival before returning to the open spaces before him. The young Diabolus male would take a seat toward the back, his hulkong mass would have been blocking most any creature smaller than him so it was only common courtesy—though Hyperion was someones stingy with that, too. His gaze would settle once more on the somali who began to drawl about clan news and promotions and whatnot. The only time the burning bright direwolf with a star-speckled pelt would move was to nod his head in thanks when his name was called and he was welcomed into ColouredClan. Emotions never usually ran high for the stoic young male, at least not until his will power began to wane and Curse chewed harder against the bars in an attempt at freedom. Hyperion’s sole purpose was to contain the black hole which consumed everything from objects to people to light; but wasn’t that the fate of all stars? Perhaps these creatures that he would one day call clanmates would help alleviate him of the Curse that plagued his mind with such gruesome and horrific images and feelings. Or maybe Curse would swallow him whole and Hyperion would collapse in on himself. Hopefully he didn’t take any of them with him.


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  • The serval hadn't been around much this week, she'd been busy with other things... Mostly a whole lot of nothing but busy none the less. She'd made her way over, pelt soaked and slight ajar as she'd been working on cleaning out some of the destroyed rooms and supplies in the castle's first floor. She'd sit towards the middle to get a good view of her father as he went about his announcements. Her large ears perked to soak in his words, taking in the name of the new joiners, news on their current flood situation and the Promotions. She felt a surge of pride at Lillith's name being called, out of all her siblings the blind feline had to be her favorite. They got along the best (which really wasn't much of a competition considering her brothers bitched about her constantly) so she automatically became her favorite just like how dad was her favorite parent!

    The young adults ears would shoot up at her own name and her promotion, Purpleheart! It was an improvement in color from her former blue that was for sure. It was closer to red and dark enough to even be considered black under some lights. It was a much more pleasing color. She was more excited about the bandanna in actuality than her new duties. She of course would put in some half assed work but she was still intending on living it up and chilling around as much as she could. She may be an adult now but she wasn't ready to start acting like it.

    ”Yeah yeah i'll step up!” she'd meow loudly up to him, not caring how informal she sounded. ”Thanks dad!” that yowl was much more softer than her first but no less informal.



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    Girl made of stone

    Lilith remained in the background, half-listening. " Greenguard, awesome, thanks " she said with a yawn, waving a paw. She was definitely not going to wear a bandana though, so she'd be a greenguard by name, thanks. She would nod along with all the other facts - BHR alliance, ey? Her eye would twinkle with amusement, think about the last time she'd been there. Oooh boy she hoped she hadn't left her scent behind, though it seemed like no one really cared enough to come searching for her. Maybe she ahdn't left a good enough impression...

    "Speaking" // Using telepathy/mind control



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    Crimsondreams had sat in the middle among the throng of Colouredclanners, eyes cast to Poison as he led the meeting with his typical wit and odd grace. Grinning, she looked about at everyone who was recognized for their work and promoted; "Congratulations Loves!"

    "Speech." "Speech."


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  • Well, he was late again.

    It wasn't as if any of the events of the meeting had anything to do with him anyways. He had little interest in becoming an ambassador for another Clan (since he slacked off enough on his duties with the Veil, and they seemed less eager to reciprocate), but he feared that he'd be roped into it anyways, if there were no other volunteers. Because Riley was an ass like that, penning him and Party. And the note on activity was something that he already knew all about. He knew he had to step it up, and he was going to. And then the concept of dropping neutrals really irked him. He didn't want this place to go in the same direction as the Copse, even if ColouredClan was a known anti-clan for far longer. He just didn't want to deal with more conflict. As if he didn't have enough to deal with regarding his dual alliance. So the feline just sat there, nodding along numbly, glad that there was another Purpleheart being promoted so he could have more freedom.


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