EVERYTHING I TOUCH ISN'T DARK ENOUGH [memory recovery - part 2]

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    He had been spending a lot of time thinking lately. About himself. About his past. But mostly about Tierra.

    She was familiar to him, but part of him couldn't understand why. He was getting tired, part of his daily routine, and so he curled up in the middle of the day in order to get some sleep. He had to be ready in case his new home needed him. But when he dreamed...he didn't dream. He remembered.


    Everything was black at first. His head was pounding, as if he had taken a bit of a fall. A voice. Distant. "Tell me what happened." "Mom?" He asked, voice garbled and hoarse. It didn't sound like his mother. "I... I want to help out a friend. But, I don't know how I can do it..." "Hell-llooo!" "Mom?" That wasn't her. "Hell-llooo!" the voice called again, this time the blackness fading as he opened his eyes. A head was peering down at him, mouse-brown fur striking against the blue of the sky. Her emerald eyes regarded him curiously, and as she registered that he was now awake, her face lit up. She was beautiful. "Hooray!" He watched her for a moment, not daring to move, or take a breath, in case she was simply a figment of his imagination. Or his concussion. Whichever came first. "...Heaven?" he asked, voice barely above a whisper. She kept her eyes on him, a mischievous smile crossing her face. "Not quite." He sat up slowly, taking in the surroundings. It was beautifully green. A forest. Isolated. He had never been here before. "Forest beyond the desert." He was silent, just watching her, awestruck. She tilted her head at him again, confused. "An angel?" She shook her head, a smile still plastered onto her face. "No. I'm Tierra!" She glanced around at where they were located, a small patch of grass in the middle of an alcove surrounded by large trees. "I found you out here. Scared me." The words may have implied that she was frightened as she spoke, but the light never left her eyes, and the smile never faded. "So you saved me, huh?" "Not really." She answered quickly, turning around and flicking her thick tail. "'Hell-llooo!' That's all I did." At that, he laughed. A genuine laugh. He distinctly remembered not feeling like that in so long. It felt good to laugh for once as opposed to feeling the dread of impending combat. He stood up, turning around to see her. She was smaller than him, possibly younger than him as well, but she lit up the space like the sun, and all he wanted was to revolve around her forever. "Thank you so much, Tierra. I'm--" The memory skipped, almost like an old tape He knew that he had said his name though. "I have to repay you somehow." Tierra shook her head firmly. "Don't worry about it." "No, no..." He insisted, taking a few steps, thinking to himself. He stopped for a moment before turning around. "Aha! Hey, how about one date?" Tierra seemed to hesitate a moment, her face burning, before she looked away from him. "What is that? Don't be silly!" He blinked. That was...unexpected. Disappointing as well. Ah well. It had been worth a shot. He sighed before turning to walk way. He had to find his way back to the camp somehow. "Stop!" Tierra shouted quickly before he could take another step. "Don't step on the flowers!" He looked down at the bright blooms that were about an inch away from his lifted paw, before looking back to her. "Excuse me?" Her smile was gone, replaced with a disappointed frown that stabbed his very core. "Normally, people are more careful with flowers." "Well...I guess I'm not normal." He replied, at a loss for words. Who was this girl? So bizarre, unlike anyone he had ever met before. Looking back to the flowers, he quickly realized how many of them there were. More flowers than he had ever seen before. "You don't see a lot of flowers around here. They're like luxury items." Tierra nodded, aware of this fact. "They only grow here. Although, I've planted some outside my house, too." He cocked his head to one side, regarding her. "If I were you, I'd take them around and barter them." She looked at him curiously, without saying a single word. "The tribes are full of flowers, your house is full of payment." Tierra turned away from him and watched the flowers, contemplating his words. "The tribes, full of flowers...my house, full of payment... Never thought of it that way..."


    Sky's eyes shot open, and his head was up immediately. It was dusk now, the sun slowly setting beneath the gray horizon. His heart hammered in his chest, and there was only one thing on his mind. Tierra. The wolf bolted out of camp, running back in the direction of the glowing lake. No regard for if anyone saw him. Screw his pride. Screw his secrecy. He needed to know if what he had just seen was true. If the emotions and memories rolling through his mind... They had to be. This had to be a part of him that he had forgotten. No wonder Tierra had come to visit him. He skidded to a halt at the bank of the glowing lake, the voices whispering in his ear but there was only one he was looking for. "Tierra!" He called. Would she come?

    "Sky?" The apparition formed slowly in front of him, her face confused but lit up as well. For a moment she regarded him silently before her face broke into a smile. The same smile from his dream. "You remember me?"

    The wolf nodded his head, his heart compressed inside his chest. He felt as though he was going to break into tears, he was both happy and sad at the same time. He hadn't know what this had felt like before, but now he knew. There was only one feeling that could cause him to act like this. "Of course I do," he answered, his voice longing for something he couldn't have back. "I loved you."

    Tierra's smile faded slowly. Sky's did the same, only his morphed into confusion. Why was... Why was she sad? Wouldn't she be happy to know that he remembered her? The wolf he loved? The apparition glanced downward at her paws, refusing to look at him for a beat. "No, Sky..." she began, her form already beginning to fade back into the open air. "You didn't."

    As quickly as she had come, she was gone. Sky felt his stomach open up, like his heart had dropped straight into a bottomless pit. What did... What did that mean? What did she mean? That he hadn't loved her? If that was so...then who did?

    [tl;dr - sky saw a memory of when he first met tierra and when he wakes up he realizes that he was in love with her. but when he tells her this, she denies it, saying that he didn't, leaving him more confused than before oops]


  • Julian was on a dusk walk, funnily enough attempting to clear his own mind, retrieve his own memories, because maybe if he reached yet another memory he could see more of Aster, hear his voice, just watch the other tom smile that way he did... until his musings were interrupted by Sky, the stoic blonde wolf that Julian was at least somewhat familiar with, absolutely booking it across camp. Undoubtedly curious, as he often was, Julian sauntered after him, his nose twitching as he followed the scent of the other, trying to track him. Julian's walking pace soon became a swift run, and he skidded to a halt just in time to hear those words being spoken- "I loved you."

    Because, of course. What was it with elusive, past lovers, finally revealing themselves in... well, visions, was the only way Julian could struggle to describe it. Yet, the look on Sky's face-a puzzled, pained expression- guided Julian's mind to think that perhaps this wasn't the case... perhaps his love was not reciprocated, or... Julian couldn't even begin to attempt to understand. It wasn't his place, really, to go poking around- so instead of asking sky what was up, he would murmur- "Um, Sky? Is there... is there someone else here?" His voice was soft so as not to startle the wolf- though, he doubted he could have done so, since the other usually seemed so stoic.




  • Jesus Christ.

    Did no one mind their own business around here?

    The wolf's fur bristled as Julian called out to him, a cold chill running through his veins. Had he heard... Of course he had. No one minded their damn business around here. The return of his memories of Tierra had promised something bright and happy, but instead he was bitter. Angry. Confused. Why... Why the hell did you come to see me then? A pang of guilt. He ignored it. That was what he got for opening himself up. "No," he said, his voice a warning for Julian to drop the subject as quickly as he could. "No one." He was done. He was going to bury Tierra in the depths of his mind. Where she belonged. Along with every other thing that had caused him to end up like this.


  • Love was something the young physician found very prectious He had loved alot of people. His adoptive family London and Chesspieces, Dorian,Sollux,Breakout,Kazumi and so many more. They had all been importand to him however the type of love that Julian and Sky was refering to though... he had never to a chance to really explore that sort of love. Before he really had been able to get a taste of his teenage days full of questions about the adulthood or to even have got the experience how it felt to fall in love had got his whole worled upside down. When he had come back blind had only lived in his bubble of fear not having time with all of this questions and to explore himself like many other teenages would do in his age. Because of this rather importand time of his being all stolen away from him the physician couldn't see the difference between love and love. They where all the same for him. A family, a friend or a crush, Ladon had no idea how to tell any of them apart which was probably why Ladon had no idea of this feelings he had developed for some people out there already.

    And that also made him not be able to understand what Julian and Sky was going through right now. He could understand the loss of losing someone though having lost some couple already despite being so young still.

    " Uhm, hello..." he mumbled his greeting rather awkwardly having once again accidently walked into a situation he felt he not really should have walked into. While Julian was difficult for him to be around Sky meanwhile made him uncomfortable thanks for his stoic behavior that made his anxiety a bit worse. Sky and him was the complete opposite in personality at least on the surface so there was nothing strange with how the shy and anxious border collie would feel nervouse in the present of someone as cool and stoic as Sky. Sometimes it was hard to even look at him without his whole face heating up.