5 facts about you + your character!

  • we do this sometimes in ext so I thought it'd be a fun little exercise to do here in riverclan! the point of the exercise is to give little snippets of info about yourself, and then five things that wouldn't usually come up in conversation for your character!


    + I'm almost entirely self taught with my art!

    + My favourite colour is very specifically #1db29a

    + I'm going to be cosplaying killian from taz this year at sydney supanova

    + I get most of my music from meps/amvs, which is why it varies so much

    + My goal is to be a polyglot, and i'm heavily considering diplomacy as a career path!


    + Her name was originally going to be tempestglory! i changed it after a lot of pining and an entire vote because i was so indecisive lolol.

    + Tem's original voice claim was eden riegel as sumia!

    + She was going to get her iconic shoulder scars one was or another- it was something I'd planned from the start

    + She will have been in riverclan for a year as of may 29

    + Tem knows that her mother was clanborn. however, she does not know that robinfoot was born a skyclanner, and she does not know that her father amos was born a windclanner.

    i'll be buried here with you



  • Zeisy-boy

    1. I can speak garbled German - garbled meaning I suck at it

    2. I can play the piano

    3. I have a venus fly trap who I named Marvin

    4. I love noodles and on 3 or 4 different occasions have accidentally snorted noodles

    5. I have a thing for hand sanitizer


    1. He was originally going to be my slut character because I wanted more kids

    2. His name is actually a sexual innuendo ^^

    3. He is self taught in stealth and combat

    4. At one point he wanted to be a medicine cat

    5. He used to be a pacifist

  • Me:

    -I play the violin mainly, but also the piano, flute, viola (I actually hate viola yikes), and a bit of guitar.

    -I have hand-fed birds!

    -My drawing process takes 6-9 hours, so I don't like to draw for others bc I don't want them to wait forever

    -I get obsessed with the music I listen to and I don't usually explore other genres so my playlists have a very small variety lol

    -I can clear 4' on high jump! I'm super short so that's why it's an important accomplishment for me :p


    -She was originally npc x npc, but I found a family that suited her! Her mother is from the Tribe, and Eaglestar is her cousin once-removed, not that she'd ever know.

    -She's currently my longest-lasting character, from August 2016! 2 years and a half, babey!

    -She likely has depression now, and I really really do need to get her sign-language developed so she can go mute.

    -She used to have a crush on the 2nd Sheogorath's dad back during the civil war and she hated 2nd Sheo's mom with a passion lmao what an angry kid

    -I'm not planning for her to die. Ever. She's immortal. Sometimes living forever is the worst kind of pain.


    -She's super duper inactive ahlsdjfhasdf I'm planning on having her killed off. It was always planned out that she wouldn't have a happy life.

    -She hates it when people judge her by her looks because even though she's pretty (and she knows it), a lot of older cats flinch when seeing her bc she looks like Scorchedface, but with a different color palette.

    -I was originally going to have her be a bad kid who went around being a mercenary but that clearly didn't happen

    -Her lesser dad/uncle figure is Bane because he parented her when her mom was still in RiverClan, and her dad was planning a ton of raids.

    -She still loves Scorchedface and wishes that he would stop killing everyone.




    — senior warrior/queen of riverclan | storage | played by melo-crisis —

  • About me:

    -lover of theatrical arts

    -self taught traditional artist

    -i was homeschooled my entire life (just as depressing as it sounds)

    -i enjoy doing makeup and coming up with new looks

    -i have a cat named minnie, hence why my main account is called minnie

    About aloeboi

    -tries hard to be a mature role-model but is really just a sof floof who needs a hug

    -smells like an old pillow

    -has gigantism

    -is a pacifist

    -is debating whether or not he should stay in riverclan



    tags + info — roleplayed by: minnie.

  • ohhhhh y e s!!


    - i can lick my elbow how lit

    - once got stuck to a pole and had to have boiling coffee poured on my tongue

    - got stuck in a trashcan in preschool bc i didnt want to go back inside

    - i drank paint solely so i didn't have to go to school but i didn't get sick

    - then i drank from a cup that had paint water in it and got sick


    - based off a chara i had before but never implemented

    - originally was going to be a big asshole

    - fluent in flower languages

    - actually has amnesia! it's why all he can remember of his younger life is living in a log and nothing about his family

    - a reincarnation of a cannibal called halflight who was also v ugly


  • Grey/Maddy:

    - Game of Thrones is my favorite TV show! I'm a Greyjoy.

    - I've been on Feralfront since I was in 5th grade– I'm in 11th grade now.

    - I love reptiles so much, and I have a snake called Calliope.

    - I have synesthesia, which makes it so I process sounds as colors!

    - When I was little I tried to turn myself into a mermaid with those weird ritual Youtube videos that were popular then, and didn't go to Hawaiian Falls for a whole summer because the friend I did it with convinced me that the CIA would come for us.


    - Her warrior name is probably going to be Swandive because she catches fish the way grizzly bears catch salmon, but I'm not sure yet.

    - She's going to be a Bloodclan sympathizer once she gets back.

    - She's being taught how to use sign language while in Bloodclan, and I want her to be able to teach it to her family, too.

    - She's got some plots to come and I'm hoping they'll be good uwu.

    - She likes to hum a lot and makes up her own songs!

    MY BLOOD IS A FLOOD —— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ of rubies, precious stones — penned by greyjoy

  • Me:

    - trying to write a bit since I actually love it

    - trying to build up the courage to come out as pansexual

    - seeking another term for my sexuality because sometimes I like people that don’t have nice personalities

    - this year my grades have strangely been really really really really amazing and I’m very confused and very very very lucky

    - I love softball with all my heart (I play second base and I slap[a type of hitting])


    - Rye perceives things differently then they actually are, for the ryesong litter, Rye thinks he’s been an amazing dad, he also thinks that he and bee are best friends and he and glade are really great friends

    - Rye will always want to be a medicine cat: this roots back to when chase almost drowned during an allergic reaction and rye couldn’t do anything to save him.

    - Rye is attracted to medicine cats: it’s the same from above but more because he thinks that the power to safe a life is amazing and admires that ability. He’s actually crushed on almost all of the medicine cats from Bluefrost on

    - The reason his love for Chase was so strong and for so long was actually because Rye had no friends and no family but chase had made him feel loved and he just wanted that again.

    - Rye actually had a very very very very strong love for Sirentide but he’s never admitted it to himself because of the brocode. He actually blames himself for her disappearance

    Bonus: I was debating on calling him Goose or Duck. He now wears a duck feather in his fur as a tribute to that and as to chase’s old love to duck.

  • ooh this looks fun ! also excuse me wake is not teaching swan his entire sign language tyvm


    - i play ukulele on a professional level

    -i have perfect pitch but can’t sing

    - i’m pretty sure I don’t have emotions

    - i was born on April 1st! im a joke

    - i go to an art school


    - glade is my second character in trad ever, after smokestar. i created him in 2016!

    - glade used to be playful, forgiving, and never dwelled on the past. oh, how he’s changed. (His stutter has also faded!)

    - glade had a gf named sirentide who died and then came back to life, then died again. this is why he has trust issues

    - glade is slowly teaching himself how to self-love. He thinks that relationships are stupid and only cause problems. He thinks that romance is just a hinderance to his own potential, and a waste of time. yikes

    - i don’t plan on glade ever having kits, or a long-term romance partner.

  • me:

    1. i eat ramen every single day

    2. i'm an animation major

    3. i like ice skating

    4. i love raccoons

    5. i'm a big fat weeb


    1. i never planned for her to be this depressed but woah she is a sad girl

    2. all her friends are dead push her to the edge

    3. she trains in the dark forest but doesn't know it

    4. hates starclan

    5. likes to eat weird things


    1. he is my second trad character and the one i've had the longest

    2. he was supposed to have no morals which i mean he still doesnt have a lot but he does care deep down

    3. i only made him albino because i wanted a cat with purple eyes

    4. he was gonna be a joke character but i love him now

    5. i've been roleplaying him for over a year now wow

    hot like a broken machine

    [ riverclan apprentice ++ 12 moons + played by sadie ]


  • /i love this??? ?


    - i was raised in louisiana all my life but despise gumbo & most of the traditional foods made here

    - i am lesbian & like girls but most of my characters r pan

    - i used to be in band, stopped playing 3-4 years ago but i still play the clarinet amazingly, surprisingly & know all my scales

    - i work at sonic


    - duskoak was brought in as an apprentice about a year ago, and was my second character in trad after owldapple

    - duskoak was originally going to be a emotionless sociopath with a huge ego, but she's mellowed out and became more of a understanding & gentle individual, even tho she still has a monstrous ego

    - originally, i was going to make dusk a tom and the reincarnation of owldapple. after much planning, she became her own being and a she-cat

    - dusk was a smoke tabby with silver eyes when i first brought her in, and now she's a calico (even though i call her a caliby) with amber/red eyes

    - dusk is secretly afraid of a lot of things, one being falling in love. she doesn't take nicely to loss, a prime example being kestrelsong's disappearance.

    tags | "speech"


    —— tags | then you know that i can't help you ・゚✦

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  • Was just poking around the OOC boards and thought I'd post here ♡


    - I was homeschooled from the 5th grade up until graduation but I attend a university now

    - I am a lesbian and came out around the time I was 14

    - I'm a political science major

    - I have 6 cats! (though they live with my parents and not at my apartment for school) I also have a senior yorkie

    - I'm from Wisconsin and I definitely love cheese as much as everyone would assume I do


    - I'm planning on his warrior name being Bluemask

    - He is wildly insecure despite his cool, collected demeanor

    - He is petrified of dogs and would rather get in a fight with just about any other creature

    - He was originally going to have a genuinely huge ego but then I decided he's just overcompensating dsfsdfsa

    - He's a lonely boi but just garbage at fostering relationships


    I want to be so complete

    I could light a whole city


    Avery + she/her + college student + midwesterner + 5/10 activity + storage

  • neat

    My dumb ass:

    - I'm only extroverted on the internet or with amigos; outside the internet and with strangers I wear a permanent death glare

    - I have a problem with hoarding attention

    - I'm a newfound gray-asexual because I realized recently that the way I feel love is not normal and never has been

    - I don't like kids and I never want them but kittens are my lifeblood, like I could have 30 kittens and still want more

    - I have misophonia and misokinesia and have a horrible time functioning because of those things yayyy


    - I literally only rped him for .5 seconds before vanishing and yet when I brought him back I felt like he'd been around for years

    - he's got kids but will never meet them—though if he ever becomes leader in his life, he will meet one of them in starclan to give him a life

    - he can't talk to girls but he desperately wants a girlfriend; he acts like he'll be all cool as a boyfriend but he's the softest and most gentle lover tbh

    - his warrior name is going to be brackenthorn and gonna think his name is the bOMB DOT COM

    - he looks similar to a serval due to his weird limbs and fur pattern, which mimics the servaline savannah cat pattern


    - his main aesthetic is waves breaking on rocks, and he was named after the imagery of the foam spraying up when a wave hits a jagged rock near the shore

    - his personality is based on how npcs always fade into the background

    - the reason he's interested in other toms is because he feels like they can't possibly want a family from him; he never wants kittens so he likes the idea of being with another boy, even though he's not really into the whole love thing all that much

    - he finds the stars absolutely fascinating and can often he found outside staring into the sky in the middle of the night if he cant sleep

    - made him a blue point balinese because the white mixed with the blue reminded me of the tides, and his feathery fur and long legs would make him look more graceful than the average cat which is what I was aiming for


    ✦゚・:* LIGHTNING IN HIS VEINS *:・゚✦

  • ◾️


    + i'm an always procrastinating college student

    + i am owned by two lovely rats named Z and Nico <3

    + i have way too many hobbies to list atm, so that means i'd appreciate any type of chatter random or not. :3

    + been on FF since dec 2012, back when it was still warriorcatsrpg

    + i work and go to school, and hate adulting atm. xD


    + originally this boi was gonna be my riverclan x bloodclan npc kid, but i just ended up going with the whole he's a bloodclan born kit.

    + i was actually gonna make him a blind cat but i wasn't too sure how to go about that. my muse kinda died at the moment i thought about it so i scrapped the idea.

    + he finds it hard to fall in love, although there is a cat he is pretty interested in, he is actually afraid to even encroach on uncharted waters.

    + he's a little afraid of kits. wants kits but he is afraid of parenting since he was shunned by his father as a kit due to his fur being black. (mother had two mates- no one really knows who tho)

    + storm is sorta nitpicky when it comes to sleeping arrangements, he likes the wind on his back for some reason and has a knack for swimming, but he actually doesn't realize it was because his father tried to drown him as a kit so he was a bit traumatized.


    \ OF THESE DO I DESIRE \ TAGS N/A[/color]

  • me- even though i started a new account, I've been here since i was in like 5th grade- and im 21! i was here when this was warriorcatsrpg.com~ second, i have gray eyes, like my grandpa on my mother's side! guess it skips generations, since my mum has brown eyes. third, my first pet was a white lionhead bunny named bunny boo, who was a nice ol lady rabbit when i get her. she would sleep by my pillow every night, and when i got my cat sunset they would play all the time and she'd groom the kit. fourth, i boiled two goldfish i got as a kid by accident, dont ask how the hell i managed to do that. and 5th, i have no sibling! well aside from some half siblings on my fathers side but i dont know em soooo.

    and now for ambersplash!

    - aside from an oc named rabbitflight, easily my longest running warrior character, and by far my favorite!

    - origionally he was suppose to be a stubborn jerk who took his riverclan heritage too seriously... well he's still mostly that, but he also cares a hell of a lot about his clan and clanmate, and half the reason he's always stressed is cuz of his constant worrying for them considering all the drama riverclan has had xD

    - it's come up a few times, but part of his backstory is that for the first 3-4 moons of his apprenticeship amber was training to be a medicine cat since he figured that was the most important way to take care of his clanmates. but after losing his father from bloodloss after a battle he switched over to warrior training since he didn't have a talent for being a medicine cat. its nice to have a character with some medical knowledge, but he's far from an expert and aside from bandaging wounds and the few treatments he knows, its something that he's not so confident with, and he always wished he had more talent for it to help his clanmates more. but it shows that despite his agressive and rude personality, he actually cares a hell of a lot about his clanmates.

    - he had a littermate, Torrentpath, who i love the name of and might bring him back in another clan, and a younger half sister named Dewpaw, though obviously both aren't in Riverclan anymore. huh, he doesnt have any living relatives in his own clan anymore, weird.

    - he loves blueberries the absolute most, he is a happy cheery cat when the season for them come around and he can munch on then. and the thing he hates the most are snakes, though he would never admit it.

  • me:

    + i have narcolepsy (yes, diagnosed)

    + i've been doing art pretty much my whole life

    + i'm about to start my second year of college but i still feel like a baby

    + warriors is the only fandom i've stayed in since i was a child

    + i'm a theatre major


    + she worries that clanmates think poorly of her for not contributing enough

    + she dreams of being a medicine cat, although she knows it won't happen

    + she has an intense fear of dogs, but can't remember where it started

    + she has kittypet blood

    + she was practically mute for most of her kithood


    × when you give me those ocean eyes ×

    she-cat × riverclan × warrior


  • Me:

    -I recently graduated from JWU with a Baking and Pastry major and now I'm ready to work for the rest of my life I guess, can't wait to become a slave to society lol

    -I've been working as a banquet chef assistant for a little over a year now and I love it. But I have to find a new job by the end of the summer because I plan on moving and it stresses me out

    -This is random but I plan on going as Bo Peep for Halloween this year and I am SUPER pumped, especially now that she has pants. I've loved her ever since I was a kid when I saw the first two Toy Story's.

    -I've been on this site, off and on, for about eight years. I can still remember the first time I found the site in 2011 and I literally spent all night on it. And by all night I mean the sun had literally come up and my Mom came into my room to "wake" me up. Big yikes.

    -My dream dog is a Leonberger and I can't wait for when I can get one of those cute big doggos. I mean look at them.


    -Creating her took a few days of thought process in my mind. Once I settled on her personality her name also took a bit to come up with. I wasn't sure if plural suffixes were allowed so I scoured the wild web for instances where warriors had plural suffixes and I at least found one so here we are

    -She's infertile but doesn't know about that yet. One of her future plots may involve her stealing kits for her cult after she finds out because she'll definitely have a breakdown crisis

    -I'm hoping she'll be right on the line of a morally gray character and will end up getting a decent redemption arc

    -She's bisexual but is so heavily closeted and brainwashed by The Orphans of the Stars that she basically suppressed her sexual orientation to the point that she hardly knows of its existence

    -Despite being talkative she is quite the introvert

  • me :

    - i'm a theater kid!! i've done work for theaters ranging from highschool, community, and professional!! I'm a techie, and mainly specialize in lighting and stage makeup (I recently took a show to nationals, since our one act won state and got to showcase it in front of the country!!)

    - i also said this in shadowclan ope but I have partial heterocromia!! not my eye but a p good reference to what it looks like ♥

    - i'm a self taught artist, with only one class of digital art design under my belt (but i was only taught how to use photoshop in that class :^))

    - i've been on and off this site for a long time!! site married to lazerity is my second main account, my first being zocky.

    - i joined back when it was warriorcatrpg.com, and mostly hung out over in the human or Pokemon RPs, and didn't join main game until about 3 years ago, and didn't join traditional until a two or three months ago lmao.

    Ibiskit :

    - I was originally gonna name him Heronkit, but I realized that I couldn't find and suffix that I thought suited him, and there was already a Heron- around

    - I got the idea for him specifically listening to this song, thus why all his playlist and human AU stuff is very Declan Mckenna lmao

    - Yeah he wants to become leader so bad, but like,,, I kinda don't want him to achieve it? if he did he wouldn't know what to do with it lmao

    - i'm much more excited for his warrior personality then his kit one tbh

    - Ibis is fated to have many children


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