run forever [mini-meeting/announcement 2/9]

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • how much sorrow can i take —

    The tribe had fallen silent the past few sunrises. Hushed whispers could be heard between friends or lovers, the almost distant sound of playful kits being drowned out by the sheer weight of what had happened. Sky was gone, and although Current was mostly relieved, he couldn’t stop the ebbing dull pain from touching him, no matter how relieved he was to finally be rid of her. He found no need to make this a big meeting, and really it was more a way of making sure the tribe was functioning right, at least until he started making.. adjustments.

    Making his way finally to his speaking point, his appearance of grief fell away to formalities, save a tug remaining of a slight genuine emotion. Not that he would ever admit that, though.

    Tribe, gather around, it’s time we face the inevitable. Sky has passed, and she must be remembered properly. Any ideas can be relayed to me at will,” he began, deciding to just set up with a unifying statement. If they agreed with him first, they were much more likely to go with a second point.

    This leaves me as a lone Stoneteller, and this means i will be making a few mistakes here and there. Whatever I do, however, it will be for the greater picture, please understand that.

    Not a lie.

    I believe we all need a bit to grieve, and thus I’m simply holding off on any other meeting topics as of now, but we will have another’s in the next few sunrises, but until then, feel free to notify me (or chervani) about anything you need added into the meeting.

    The tom took a deep breath to allow for some dramatic silence to ensue, before retaking the floor.

    I just want you all to know that you’re in prepared paws, and I care greatly about the future of the Tribe. Don’t worry about my leadership- I have our ancestors to guide me, and they will not lead us astray,” he ended, purposefully leaving his statements rather vague, if not only to protest that he wasn’t lying later on. He did care, after all.


    - any ideas about sky’s death can be translated to current or I

    - normal meeting stuff will happen in a few days, since i just recently took control and i’m trying to decide what order to do things and how to play everything out. this gives you all some times to let me know anything you want said in the meeting pertaining to ceremonies or welcomes

    -basically current trying to make himself seem cool as heck

    Revelation 9:6

    hell raising, hell raising.

    —— penned by chervani | ToRW Stoneteller | false prophet

  • //I couldn't resist Sky is still Here

    Comet sticks to the back of the crowd as Current calls a meeting. As a kit, the tuxedo could assume she has little part in whatever is going on. No, if anything major happens her parents will tell her.

    Mainly about changes and death and bleh. Comet knew the former Stoneteller was alive when she was born, but Comet hadn't been conscious of it. It makes her a bit guilty to not feel bad, but she decides to focus on whatever Current is referring to when he speaks of preparation and being in the paws of the ToEh.

    I wouldn't trust him, her subconscious whispers in her ear. Comet opushes it away. Current was her leader! What's not to trust?

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • Eyes search the boy in front of him. No. Why was it him in front of green eyes and not his mother? It wasn’t fair. Badger hated this. He hated this. He hated life without his mother. It wasn’t life without her. It wasn’t fair.




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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Goosetuft would approach slowly at first. He didn't know what to feel in regards to Sky's rather... violent passing. It really shook him to the core on how tough the Sharptooth was, but he wasn't willing to run again. The ragged-looking To-Be neatly curled his tail around his paws, his cornflower-blue gaze staring up at Current. The Tribe needed guidance even in these tough times. He was just happy that the new Stoneteller was taking charge while still being respectful of the current situation at hand."speech"


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    ✧ Hm, who were they talking about exactly? It was a shame that the past Stoneteller had died, though Ivy had never known them. She cocked a brow as their new leader said he would make a few mistakes, and ... well, she couldn't wrap her head around it. That doesn't sound like something a Stoneteller should say. She supposed that was just his first mistake as Stoneteller, after all ...

    On the topic of how to grieve for the deceased, her ears perked up. She had a few ideas, easy! I'm too young to say something to all these prey-hunters and cave-guards, she reminded herself shyly. Not that she even knew their old leader, she just felt warm and fuzzy at the thought of being in the spotlight.

    Scanning around, her molten irises sought out her siblings to only find Comet there so far. She places every paw deliberately down as she makes her way through the crowd to her twin. "We have an amazing Stoneteller," she deadpanned, a subtle hint of - was that sarcasm? - lingering in her low tone.


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    as if we're all just how she imagined


  • That sounded like a big, fat, lie in her ears. Care greatly? Him?!? The cave-guard clenched her jaws shut, as she fought off the urge to rush him and slam him to the ground. Something was not right about this Tom, no matter what lies he might try spreading.

    val: we keep telling u to stop with the ur mum jokes!

    comet: but i am ur mum

    star: sTOP