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    Girl made of stone

    Lilith never felt fear. She had yet to experience it. Perhaps a product of having distant memories laced with agony and terror. Or perhaps the witch was just so damn good at controlling her emotions, nothing could really make her feel what she didn't want to feel. Either way, she didn't have an ounce of anxiety within her as she limped along the path back towards her homelands. She had just left Colouredclan to go visit the dark dyansty, and she was in no rush. even though he was extremely vulnerable with her foggy eyes and limping gait, she still didn't worry. After all, if her enemy had a brain, then she most certainly could control them. Most times better than others, but easy nonetheless. Where she lacked physical strength, she more than made up for it with mental ability. Yeah, she wasn't a particularly vain person, but she was strong.

    Anyone who tried to come at her would certainly get more than they bargained for.

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    "Speaking" // Using telepathy/mind control

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    As much as Haze wasn't fond of the bleak no-man's-land territories, far outside the lands of the Agrelosian Clans, they found themself spending a good amount of time their anyways. It provided privacy, so they could do hits with no witnesses, and it was a good place to lure people, or just invite them over to discuss business in private. Didn't mean that they liked it.

    Today was one of the latter instances.

    They had heard whisperings of a creature calling herself the silver witch, and of course, curiosity struck them almost immediately. The thought of someone being able to use mind control to alter the emotions of others was intriguing. Since they happened to not be born with such a power, they got thinking about what this so-called witch could do for them. They had heard stories of her taking away emotions, or amplifying emotions, or manipulating people into doing her bidding. It sounded exciting. And they also had an offer for her, when they would find her. After the fight with Ver Million, they were annoyed by even the slightest bit of joking around that their victims would do. They wanted to be intolerant of it, completely emotionless, cold, and calculated. No funny business. So off they went in search of her, hoping she came close to where they had asked her to arrive.



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