Gleampaw, Shorepaw, and Thornpaw

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  • "Something... something...

    Greatest There Ever Was...


    — Gleampaw


    Gleampaw found herself once again by Shorepaw's side. She didn't really know why but the soft she-cat had managed to befriend her without Gleampaw's knowledge and although she wouldn't admit it the lonely she-cat was enjoyed Shorepaw's company. As they spent more time with one another Gleampaw found herself relaxing and behaving in a less serious manner. She would refer to Shorepaw as 'Shorty' in an ironic manner to the fluffy apprentice being taller and larger than her. However, this would quickly change when another cat was around. Barriers raised, Gleampaw made sure to keep her cold exterior known to all other cats and the longer she spent round Shorepaw the more she tried to be protective over her. "Why are you so nice to everyone Shorty? I feel like they're jsut going to take advantage of you..." the bitter she-cat grumbled.

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  • Ever since she had met Gleampaw, Shorepaw couldn't help but gravitate towards the other apprentice. There was something about the seemingly standoffish apprentice that drew her in, and Shorepaw was glad she stayed. The other apprentice truly was kind, and funny, and Shorepaw enjoyed every second spent with her friend. Gleam had even given her a nickname - Shorty!

    At Gleampaw's words, Shorepaw hummed.

    "Well, I have a couple reasons but the main one is that I feel really bad whenever I'm mean." Shorepaw admitted, stretching as her tongue stuck out a bit. "I think there's enough mean cats out there, and a lot of bad things happen for no reason. If I can be nice for a few minutes, and make someone's day, just by helping - which I like to do anyway - then why not?"

    Standing up and bumping her face into Gleampaw's side, Shorepaw laughed.

    "Besides, even if someone tries to take advantage of me, I've got a really good friend to help me!"

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  • Thornpaw saw the other apprentices he didn't have any thing else to do that day so he strolled up to them in his friendly manner looking at the cats he could tell they were talking already he paused before taking another step, thinking maybe he shouldn't bother them he wouldn't mind having company but he knew Gleampaw never seemed to like him very much, but shorepaw was nice. He decided he would see if they wanted him around or not if not he could go hangout with Robin kit he figured, he kept walking to the cats " Hi. I was wondering if you would mind me hanging out with you guys today?" He noticed the playful like way they had been talking had stopped as soon as he talked. He glanced at them before adding "It's okay if you don't want me around."

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