where have all the good men gone || abandoned child + joining

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    All he remembered was waking up. He blinked his eyes, taking in the strange surroundings. This was not home. Home was on a hillside with his family. With father. Mother. Where were they? Remember. The young cub closed his eyes in an attempt to remember why he was here. He could see the hazy image of his mother and father whispering to themselves when they thought he was asleep.

    He must be trained.

    We cannot provide him with what he needs.

    The strangers in the marshland could.

    But will he be safe?

    He will be safe enough with them.

    But we would be abandoning him.

    Until the time is right for him to return.

    Things began to settle in. They must have left him here in the night. Training... Deep within he knew that he needed it. His father had been giving him bits and pieces for a while now, but he always needed more. More and more and more. That was why they had left him here. Sitting up completely, the young lion began to stray farther into the Valhalla territory, searching for the people who would help him. The ones his parents had sought out. Did they know he was coming? Probably not. Hopefully they were nice.

    [ Kukiko because he's in the adoptive litter ]


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Children were something Kukiko should never have; biologically or adoptive. Her own inferiorities and vices made her a rather unstable creature, being responsible for another living creature shouldn’t have been in the cards for the dragoness. Her experiences with Riku hadn’t instilled anything maternal in her, nor did she remember any kind words or gestures from her own mother. As fickle as she was she’d yearned for something she couldn’t have, something she should’nt have. She chucked it up to horomones, to the internal instincts instilled in her brain to reproduce and protect.

    She’d been moving curtly through the land, just returning from the Sanguine Ruins. The scent of herbs and her own blood hanging over her as she passed. A sickly welt had formed on her neck, one she refused treatment for. Her head was hung low because of it, a pained grimace on her face with every step she took. The swampy terrain did nothing to help her, nor did the tiredness in her bones from her flight. She continued on further into the territory until she reached a standstill. Ears perking when she realized she wasn’t the only one making a beeline in the territory. Her head cranes up staring downwards onto the ground when she noticed him. A tiny lion cub, a child. She’d moved foward towards him; stepping down just a few feet away. If he’d been older she would’ve attacked him, killed him yet her nature wouldn’t allow her. A low crooning soft growl purred from her throat "Where are you heading tiny?" it was a genuine question despite the condescending nickname.



    The young lion wasn't sure what he was expecting. He definitely hadn't been expecting this.

    This was a dragon. A dragon. A creature that should not exist but most certainly does. He had only ever heard stories about the winged lizards, but now there was one in front of him. Aslan stood his ground, watching Kukiko with almost no expression on his face. Except the one of surprise when she landed directly in front of him. Where are you heading tiny ? Part of him wondered if she was going to attack him. Would the people his parents had left him here for just kill him outright? Maybe he didn't want to train here anyways... No. He had been placed here for a reason, and he was going to get to his destination. The slightly mute lion cub only picked up a paw and pointed it in the direction that he had been going. She lived here most likely. She had to know that he sought the warriors who lived here. Unfortunately, he had never been one to speak, so that wasn't going to be happening any time soon.


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ She waited idly for a response, only to be met with silent muteness and a somber gesture outwards. Little freak couldn't even talk, she'd disdainfully nod her head instead of snapping some crude insult at him. She'd offer him one of her talons "So you're planning on joining, huh?" she'd grumble with a shrug of her shoulders. "Fair enough... I don't really care kid, just don't rile anyone up" with Anko being so pissy lately she wouldn't put it past the woman to hurt a kid. She may have been the resident brute but Anko was much more hard to predict, in her eyes anyway. She made sure everyone knew just how dangerous and strong she was, she never learned to hide things or keep her strengths at bay. She'd roar them to the high heavens.

    "Do you need an escort. Hate to tell you this but there's plenty of creatures here who'd tear you limb from limb if they caught you alone" she'd warn, with a tantalizing chuckle.



    Aslan's eyes moved to the sharp talons being extended outwards toward him, but now threateningly. If anything, it seemed to him that the dragon was offering him an olive branch for trespassing. So she understood him. Yes, he was...joining. Joining. It didn't feel like the right word considering he had been left here by his parents. They had to have told them something, knowing that their son could not speak for himself. Unless they hadn't. Unless they had purposefully left him there to fend for himself. It was a somber thought, but it made sense. Fair enough... I don't really care kid, just don't rile anyone up. Not rile anyone up? Oh he could do that. He could blend right into the crowd if they wanted him to. Aslan had no intention of causing trouble. He was a good kid at heart. He just...tended to get into sticky situations sometimes. The dragon then asked him if he needed an escort, saying that there were more dangerous creatures about than her. Aslan blinked. And then he dropped down onto his haunches as though he was preparing to make the jump on someone, a playful, mischievous smile on his face. He could take them.


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ For a moment she was beginning to think this kid was just some stubborn overly serious mute with no sense of emotion at all. If that had been the case she would've cast him out or called one of the other woman to handle him, but instead she watched him. Eyes hazy and breath somehow calm, instincts were a funny yet overly cruel thing they kept her safe but also made her so fucking weak. Maternal instincts were the worst, or that's what she assumed this was anyway. Kukiko wasn't nice to kids, she wasn't nice to anyone. She was a beast a brute with no regard for life yet here she was watching this fucking kid like he was the best toy she'd ever received.

    Her brow would raise at his movement, a playful unorthodox pose that she couldn't help but laughing at. "You've got guts kid i'll give you that" she'd croon that same grumble in her voice ever so present yet in a way it was softer. "Hmmm, don't think anyone would be afraid of that smile of yours though. A scowl or a snarl would work much better" she mused, leaning down as if to demonstrate. Curling her lips up to reveal her rows of sharp stained teeth before reverting back to her neutral form. She'd begin to move, tail swaying for him to follow. She'd make sure to have her head tilted ever so slightly to make sure the cub was following.



    The smile extended as he made the dragon--what he thought was a--laugh. She wasn't all that bad. Besides, she could have killed him already if she really wanted to. So Aslan was no longer afraid of her. He still didn't know her name though. And she didn't know his. That would have been...awkward. So he raised up a paw, asking if she would wait one more moment. Dragons were not very patient, so he had to do this quickly. Taking a claw to the dirt, he wrote out his name. All capital letters, slightly spaced apart.

    A S L A N

    Then he looked back up at her, pointing to himself. At least this way there was someone who knew his name, so that when he was unable to introduce himself to the masses, there was a big dragon who could do it for him.


  • She’d watch him idly halting in her tracks as he began to write in the dirt, she couldn’t see too well but with a slight bow of her head she squinted her eyes to careful read over the letters. ”Aslan” she sounded out in her grumbly voice. The pronounciation was simple but Kukiko wasn’t capable of sounding every word out completely. Thus why she avoided saying large words or addressing anyone by their actual name. Yelling “fucker” to get their attention worked just fine.

    She’d nod before tapping a claw to her own chest in response. ”and I’m Kukiko” she’d introduce before placing her talon back on the ground. ”not sure how much use you’ll make out of it but there it is” she’d chuckle wryly.





    Now the dragon had a name. Kukiko. Which meant that Aslan had a friend. At least, the workings of one. He was still a child so anyone he met was a friend to him already unless spoken otherwise. Like trying to kill him. Then he definitely knew they weren't friends. The lion nodded in understanding, bouncing slightly on his paws. He was actually rather excited for the whole thing, considering his first friend here in his new home was a dragon. Who was gonna want to mess with a small guy like him when he had someone like Kukiko that could come to his defense. Eyes on Kukiko's talon, the young lion cub felt quite mischievous all of a sudden. Dropping back into a crouch, the lion used the dragon's grounded talon to jump up her leg, sitting at the base of her very long neck. Eyeing her with a smile, he dreamed of a day when he might be able to climb all the way to the top of her head. Right now he was pretty small for that.