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  • i’m a slut for human aus and the only reason this exists is solely because i’m selfish and wanted it to


  • hohoho you fool! i have an entire set of stuff for human!tem

    including a wip i never finished nor posted

    - Her name is Ariel!

    - Disaster bisexual. Has a massive celebrity crush on Lily James.

    - Has vitiligo

    - She really enjoys sports! She's kind of a jock type. Her favourite sport is water polo and she played competitively in school. She still does on weekends, and she coaches a kids' team.

    - Her most prized possession is a bandanna she got from her mother, it's purple and a little frayed at the edges that weren't quite sealed, but she loves it and wears it constantly.

    - Absolutely hates the little mermaid movie and tale. Everyone references her name from that and she just. "hahahahaha no. it's shakespeare acTUALLY"

    - favourite season is summer, absolutely hates winter

    i'll be buried here with you



  • ✦ ✧ ✦


    - probably around 16 or 17 years old??

    - shy, quiet, only opens up once she knows you, not very flirty, very clumsy, can't help but smile when she sees something (someone) that she likes

    - she's an absolute disaster around attractive people. like wow she's a mess

    - dark brown almost black wavy hair, about shoulder length

    - sometimes grey, sometimes blue, sometime hazel eyes

    - pretty in an innocent way, round features, short

    - wears lots of blues and grays and darker colors, baggy sweaters and leggings

    - has round glasses, doesn't wear a lot of makeup

    - pretty much a complete nerd

    - probably a mix between emma watson and lily james idk that's just what comes to mind

    - au name skye rosman


    stormbird ——– riverclan warrior, tags, penned by lavendes

  • oh frick digs out all my au stuff for kes and lion and then realizes how little there is lol


    - probably like 28 years old ?? a major mom

    - long, naturally red hair

    - dark green eyes & lots of freckles & pale skin

    - probably like 5 feet tall and skinny

    - has a very natural look and big white teeth

    - wears earthy tones like greens and tans and browns

    - something like a mix of these: ref & ref


    - copper hair, hazel eyes

    - like 6'5 and muscular

    - doesn't care about his appearance, kind of looks messy

    - serious, only smiles if he likes you

    - like 18??? drives a douche-y red mustang (that no one knows how he got since he has no money and shitty parents)

    - idk? something like this: hair color ref & face ref: scott eastwood my bby (but younger-looking)


    - definite wip

    pm me if you need:

    -- briarthorn ( trad. shadowclan deputy )

    -- dawnsky ( trad. darkclan medicine cat )

    hub / plot

  • Honey:

    -- A sweet young girl, probably does very well in school and doesn't do bad girl things

    -- Loves all her many siblings

    -- Looks like Emma Watson but with a short, straight bob

    -- Always smiling

    -- Stresses over her work so much yet rarely complains

    -- Probably thinks she's very close to her mom and dad when in reality she is scared to tell them the issues she is having

    -- Loves cats

    -- Collects anything small, like small lightbulbs, small succulents, small pencils, small stuffed animals

    -- Has a huge collection of stuffed animals

    -- Usually wears a tank top and overall shorts paired with knee highs and cons. Probably wears an aesthetic baseball cap with it and carries a messenger's bag on her hip

    -- Short, a little curvy in the hips with small bust and waist

    -- Has an obsession with bees, flowers, and, of course, small, cute things

    -- Is super outgoing and talkative

    -- Is a nightowl

    -- Loves bubble tea and anything "kawaii"

    -- Favorite colors are yellow, black, and white

    -- loves cookies and cream anything

    -- Hates cherries but will never actually say she hates them

    i don't wanna know i'm not capable, i'm capable

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  • OOOOOOOOh love me some human aus


    - tall noodle boy, probably 6'3"

    - slouches

    - probably bleaches his hair

    - has once had long hair before he realized that he looked like an idiot

    - never brushes his hair, probably has sticks and bugs in it

    - 14 or 15 years old

    - usually covered in band-aids with lightning McQueen on them

    - super embarrassed that he has to wear contacts + probably needs eyedrops too

    - used to speak with a lisp

    - has probably lived in a dumpster for a week to avoid his family because he got in an argument with his sister

    - often gets ear infections

    - bad with time and usually late for things

    - has been stabbed in the hand because he's an idiot that always nags people "what are you gonna do, stab me?" direct quote from him before being stabbed

    - has been a ninja for Halloween for 4 years in a row

    - has probably put pizza in a blender and tried to drink it

    - more awkward around girls than he lets on because he is surprisingly good at pretending to be suave

    - probably sleeps with a framed picture of whoever his crush is at the time

    - got into a fight once and accidentally won and now people follow him around calling him a badass

    - stepped on a bug once and cried for three hours because he "killed a man"

    - accidentally got a whole splash of hot sauce in his eye once and needed to wear an eyepatch for three weeks

    - broke his elbow once after his sister shoved him down the stairs