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  • When Orchidpaw was still a kitten, she hadn't been deaf. She could walk as well as any child could walk, hear as well as anyone else could hear. It was amazing, looking back on it, how much she had taken for granted. The thought always weighed heavy on her heart, and left her feeling like she couldn't breathe. It was that way now. She laid at the edge of camp, left ear to the ground and dulled eyes tracking the rise of the sun. Every day her condition grew worse. She didn't know how long she had left before she couldn't hear anything at all.

    The siamese's eyes narrowed, part in anger and part in self-pity, and with a labored breath, she forced herself to her paws. Don't stumble. You can walk, you can... She mumbled, one dainty paw lifting, trembling, then setting down in front of her. Another landed off-target, but she was still standing. A third came next, solidifying her, but the fourth touched the ground so poorly that Orchid had to lurch backwards to keep her balance. She stood like this for a minute, uncomfortable, chest heaving with effort and nerves. It hadn't been so hard to stay upright before that morning.

    Don't cry.

    Orchidpaw straightened, steeling her resolve as best she could, and struggled towards the medicine den. She could feel an anxiety attack coming on– her throat tightened, and breaths wouldn't come to her when she inhaled. All of her focus was on her steps, so it was a wonder that she wasn't in tears already.

    Nobody was in the den when she got there, and the silence soothed her nerves. It was almost instantaneous– as soon as she stepped inside, the smell of mint filled her nose, and she breathed in again as though she had almost drowned just moments before. Her lips parted marginally as she scanned the herb storage. Chamomile, chamomile. It had a familiar scent, one that acted like a safety blanket, but this time she feared that its outer properties wouldn't be enough, and she decided to eat a couple of petals instead. Then, as soon as she felt its effects start to set in, she put herself to work, sitting by the herb stores and sorting them absentmindedly. Calm. Match. Work. Breathe. Calm.

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  • Haycloud padded into the medicine den a few minutes, carrying some yarrow between his jaws. It was all he could find after 2 hours of searching. “Curse this wretched leaf-bare...” he mumbled as he made his way to the storage area.

    The orange-furred tomcat was suprised to find orchidpaw there, sorting herbs. He set down his yarrow, the soft thump making his presence known. He walked up behind the deaf cat, inspecting her work. “You’re good at this, miss orchidpaw!” He knew that she couldn’t hear him, but haycloud hoped that his expression at the very least got his jubilation across.

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  • A few piles in, Orchidpaw was rather engrossed in her self-assigned task, and didn't notice Haycloud's entrance until he spoke up from behind her. She started, dropping the burdock in her maw and whirling clumsily to face the 'intruder'. He'd brought another type of herb– she was surprised he'd managed to find anything at all– but his smile and sweet remark didn't leave her hung up on his luck. Thanks, Haycloud. I don't actually know what any of these things are, except chamomile and poppy seeds, but I match smells and stuff, you know? She offered him a gentle smile, not completely opposed to the company now that she was sitting and less tense.

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    i told you to be balanced ———— ・゚✧ 」

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  • ❝ SURGEON ❞ Adderkit too had a strong interest in herbs. Especially after his close scrape with death with greencough. He shuddered often recalling the pain in his chest each time he tried to breathe, and the blurriness in his lemon yellow eyes from the crud that had gathered up there. Ever since then Adderkit had sometimes sat within the medicine cat den teaching himself herbs and examining them under his curious gaze. He had even made it a personal goal to be at every scene of injury or sickness so he could see what both Fogpaw and Hawkpaw would do and what herbs the use.

    So to finally be made aware that there was someone else who shared his interest in herbs that was around the same age, just a tad older, as him was a bit of a comfort. His oversized black ears twitched as he watched Orchidpaw sort through the herbs. Everyone knew what poppy seeds were, and what they did but chamomile? Adderkit certainly didn't know what chamomile was. Humming softly he stepped in with lanky legs to face the warrior and the apprentice. "What does chamomile do?" He questioned with a slight tilt to his angular head.

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Amberkit despised the medicine cat den. She had seen a warrior vomit up half-digested, rotting rabbit, she had seen cats go in there and never come back. The plants didn't interest her, but they interest somebody close to her; her brother, Adderkit, was intrigued by the plants that could heal, the knowledge behind them making his eyes sparkle and a rare smile form on his stern maw. She couldn't understand what was so mesmerizing about plants, though she could watch and listen to Adderkit jabber on about them for hours on end. Adderkit was smart, smarter than most and she was willing to listen to her brother and nod, pretending to know what he was talking about. She was a good pretender.

    "Cha...chamoimoi?" The voice of Amberkit came from behind the small group of cats gathering in the medicine cat den, the anxious calico kitten coming to stand by her brother, brushing up against him in greeting. All of this herb talk went right over her head, but she wasn't going to be rude about it, especially when Haycloud and Orchidpaw were right in front of her. Orchidpaw was an apprentice and Haycloud was a warrior, just the thought of being in their presence made her nerves flare up in her stomach, a flash of anxiety rushing across her face. She bit her tongue to stop herself from saying much of anything else, opting to listen instead of contributing to the conversation.

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  • The medicine cat den wasn't a place that interested Wolfsbane. The smell of herbs brought back only memories of sickness and wounds. The common factor, when herbs were used, was pain, and strong as he knew he was supposed to be, he didn't like pain. As a child he'd always been happy to leave the learning of herbs to his mothers and sisters. According to his father, healing came naturally to them, and he'd bought the statement hook, line, and sinker.

    No, Wolfsbane didn't like the medicine cat den, but when he spotted Adderkit and Amberkit heading inside, he swallowed his distaste and followed them. So far as he could tell, fatherhood consisted of swallowing a lot of distaste and dealing with pride so intense that he could scarcely believe he was experiencing it. The pride had to mean that he was doing something wrong, he knew: Liverpool and his mothers had not been proud of him often, so such constant pride had to be unnatural. Almost everything in WindClan was unnatural, though, and if he had to pick one unnatural thing to live with, it would be this.

    He made to run his tail gently over Amberkit and Adderkit's backs, gaze slipping across the occupants of the den. The combined scents of all the herbs was already beginning to make his head feel woolly and he let out a small sneeze. Adderkit seemed strangely interested in the herbs, but as Wolfsbane figured that he'd grow out of the interest, he chose to ignore it, instead turning a questioning look toward Orchirdpaw. "Do Fogpaw and Hawkpaw know you're here?"



  • ✦ ✧ ✦ she hated to admit it, but grace had been bored for a while now. of course she watched amberkit and adderkit, taking care of them as a mother would (it was what she was trained to do,) and she enjoyed seeing them grow and mature into fine young felines of their own. yes, she'd been trained to look after kittens and queens, but her real passion was medicine. she'd always been interested in the arts of medicine, so when she'd found out that windclan had a medicine den, she'd spent most of her time helping the two apprentices who ran it, when she wasn't chasing after the kits.

    which was what she was doing now- chasing after amberkit and adderkit as they pattered towards the medic den. she still kept her head low, not interacting with many besides the queens, kits and her brother, but she was getting better at greeting her new 'clanmates' at least. a small smile crossed her face as she saw wolfsbane standing in the doorway of the medicine den. arriving just in time to hear the question asked by adderkit, the pretty dappled molly felt a small lurch in her stomach. now this was what she was good at. brushing her tail slightly over her brother's flank, she dipped her head to him in greeting.

    "chamomile is a c-calming herb, adderkit. it helps s-soothe c-cats after a lot of stress." blinking kindly at the other occupants of the den, she made eye-contact with orchidpaw, nodding. "y-you're doing well there," grace slid all the way into the den, taking a seat to the side of the entrance. "i d-don't think we've met. i'm g-grace, i'm new here." she dipped her head to haycloud in respect. he was a tom after all. "it must have been hard to find that yarrow out there in the snow, s-sir." she blinked at haycloud. "in m-my old group, i l-learned a lot about m-medicine. i w-was kind of like a m-medicine cat's apprentice l-like you have here."



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  • TAGS ☆彡his interest in herbs had faded, along with his general warm nature in his youth. dealing with the loss of his mother had made him go onto the path of the warrior, instead of taking the medicine one. he had originally only wanted to help others, but his bitterness had made him turn his back on that, too. it taken moons to rid him of hatred, and sometimes, he could still feel the faintest ping of bitterness, if he allows himself to truly think about it. perhaps it wasn't all in the past, but just a scar to bare.

    his evergreen oculars slide to the medicine den, confused as to why there's a crowd. his thoughts take an immediate turn, thinking the worst. as he wanders over, however, he only sees his daughter, and a bunch of clanmates gathered. he knows that orchidpaw has it tough, but he also knows she'll eventually make it through. even if she decides to walk the path of medicine cat, should the offer be ever extended, he knows she'll do great. he smiles faintly at his daughter, but he hangs back, as if not to crowd her. instead, he looks curiously into the den, perhaps to see if hawkpaw was around.

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