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    Muse A is a fun-loving college student who is a carefree, thrill-seeker with one tiny secret. He's a vampire. Usually, to remain undetected, the vampire population will purchase blood packets, or supplements, but Muse A manages to slip up. He, while intoxicated, entices a young female who's also drunk, and asks her to follow him into the alley. Just as he is about to chomp down on her jugular vein, he hears a sound coming from the end of the alley. It's Muse B. Muse B is the complete opposite of Muse A, a straight-laced rule follower who just so happens to go down that alleyway at that specific time.

    Optional: Muse B goes to the same college, or he's out of college.

    Muse B was originally Muse A's secret admirer.

    You can choose Muse A or B

    my character

    (I'll post this when you pick which muse you would like to be!)


    PLEASE! Don't kiss and diss. If you happen to lose interest, at least tell me, I won't be mad or anything!

    Try to write 8+ lines, I understand low muse, though.

    I'd prefer faceclaims instead of drawings, but whichever works. I'm good with descriptions, too!


    I write (usualy) 8+ sentences, but I tend to match the amount my partner writes.

  • hope my boy is okay, if anything needs changing don't hesitate to inform me! By the way, I would love if he could be your character's secret admirer!

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Yeah! He's good ))

    Alfie stumbled out of the bar, laughing his ass off for no reason. A beautiful woman was linking arms with him, giggling and hiccuping. Alfie grinned, pointing towards the dimly lit alleyway. She smiled in reply, nodding. He tripped over his own feet and nearly pulled them both down but she managed to steady him, breaking the heel of her tall shoes in the process. "You so siiiiiilly," She snickered, gazing at him with deep pools of blue, eyes so reflective he could seem himself in that. "God, you're hot," He drawled, ignoring her comment. He pulled her in to the alley and pinned her against the wall, still grinning like an idiot. "How are you," He smiled, his canines showing, gleaming a pearly white in the moon light. "With pain?" He finished slowly, in a deep voice. In her intoxicated state, she couldn't even comprehend what he was saying, so she leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his neck as she gripped his collar. "Hurt me," She whispered, words dripping with sarcasm. She had assumed it was a joke.

    By now he had already pressed her even further into the wall and unbuttoned her shirt just far enough so that he cloud reveal her neck even more. He licked his lips, and opened his mouth, preparing to bite down. She soon realized what was going on and started to push him away, but he didn't even budge with his inhuman strength. He still wasn't in the right state of mind, obviously. Even though by now she was saying 'Stop,' he only gripped her wrists hard enough to bruise any mortal, and started to pierce her delicate skin with his teeth. In that split second as he started to clamp down, he heard a gasping noise and a scuffling from the end of the alley. He let out a disgusted sigh and stepped back, tossing her to the ground. She quickly fixed her shirt, tears starting to stream down her face. "Aw, come on now, babe, it wasn't that bad," He teased, and by this time, he was beginning to sober up. He crammed his hands down into his pockets and started towards the noise.

    Alfie turned the corner and his hand instantly shot out, latching onto a skinny, paper thin arm. He glared down at the kid, scowling. "Hey, whatcha doin', watchin' someone like that, pervert?" He hissed, slurring his words lightly. Behind him, the girl ran past, limping towards the bar that they had come out of with a hand clutched to her chest.

  • Aleksandr had decided to take the short way home, just wanting to get to his bed again so he could curl up under the warm covers after a busy day of sculpting and dancing. His footsteps down the alley were nearly silent, but he froze and softly gasped in surprise when he spotted a clearly drunk couple.

    The woman was saying stop as the man was… sucking her neck. Okay, not creepy at all- shit. The man heard him. A lump formed inside Aleksandr's throat. He nervously attempted to walk back out the alley and pretend he didn't see anything when he felt a firm and cold grasp on his already bruised arm. He attempted to yank his arm out but stopped when he heard the slurred voice. Okay, admittedly this is one of those moments where he really regretted not listening to his friends and staying away from the bar's alley.

    Aleksandr silently watched the woman as she limped out the alley before he focused on the grip on his arm once again. He looked up at the man through long lashes, his eyes showing a mix of fear and curiosity while his lips curled into a scowl. “Excuse me? I'm not the one attempting to assault women inside alleyways. I'm just trying to walk to my apartment.” He scoffed, using his free hand to adjust his high neck top so it covered more of his neck. No need for Mr. Neck-fetish here to try to bite it. Aleksandr examined the taller figure for a while, eyes widening in realization. Mr Neck-fetish was actually Alfie. The person he admired, Alfie.

    With a long sigh through his nose, Aleksandr shut his eyes as of he was a disappointed parent. “Alfie, I think it's time for you to get sober and go home.” He quietly said, attempting to yank back his arm. Aleksandr's nose scrunched up in confusion as he attempted to move out of the bruising grip once again. How could someone be so strong? The human cleared his throat. “If you wanted to hold someone's hand so badly you should have just said so. Many of the college girls would want to hold your hand.” He awkwardly muttered, not even trying to hide the soft giggle that he let out because of his own bad joke.

    “Seriously though, let go or I'll call the police. I really do need to go back to my apartment.” He snapped, no longer finding anything funny in this situation. He knew he shouldn't leave Alfie here though. He could easily hurt another person or himself. Aleksandr's face softened slightly at the thought. “Would you like to accompany me to my apartment until you're sober enough to leave?” He asked hesitantly, awkwardly shifting from foot to foot. Aleksandr figured that it wouldn't take long for the man to become sober and that once he was indeed sober, Alex could ask the man about why the hell was he going around biting people's necks.

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Sorry I'm on mobile at the moment and I can't tell how much I'm posting lol ))

    Alfie furrowed his eyebrows and he loosened his grip. Why was his arm already bruised? He only became more confused as Aleksander tried to make a joke? Was it even a joke? His drunken mind couldn't comprehend it. Well, that wouldn't be a problem, since vampires are less affected by alchohol, he should sober up soon. Call the police? No one has ever threatened that before. He let go, not wanting to start even more of a fight and draw more attention. "Alright baaabe, you gotta invite me in though, I don't just walk into people's houses," He stated, assuming the kid already knew why.

    He turned on his heels, lightly grabbed the other male's hand, and started down the alleyway. Even though he thought he was holding hands loosely, he was most likely holding it pretty hard. He honestly couldn't control his strength in this state. "What's your name by the way? You know mine for some weird reason, so I guess we're both creepy," He chuckled, nearly losing his balance as he walked.

  • (Don't worry about it!)

    Aleksandr's brows knitted together in confusion as the taller man said something about not going into other people's houses. He supposed that Alfie was just being polite? That... Hardly made any sense, but Aleksandr brushed it off, figuring that the man was just speaking nonsense at this point.

    His pale gray gaze focused on the ground as he slowly led the way to his apartment, only flickering up when he heard Alfie speaking up again. His expression had turned from sympathetic to a more colder one. He supposed he should've expected the other not knowing his name but it still hurt that the person he admired didn't know anything about him. "I'm not the creepy one in this situation. We go to the same college. It's kind of hard not to hear about you." He borderline bitterly muttered, moving so he could try to help support the other.

    It didn't take long for the duo to reach an apartment complex, when they arrive, they had to walk up a few flights of stairs until they reached the apartment that had a red door and the number 62 on it.

    Aleksandr moved so he was facing the other man, his back now pressing against the cold door. He stared up at the man, forcing himself to smile politely. "Please, come inside." He warmly invited the other inside his apartment before shifting so he could unlock the door and push it open.

    The apartment itself wasn't all that great, in fact one might say it was mediocre at best. It was a studio apartment with what looked like concrete flooring and brick walls covered with Aleksandr's art of different people- one sketch pinned on the wall even looked like Alfie. The overall apartment had an open plan, and the only nice thing about it was that it was overlooking the city.

    The lounge had a black couch inside it along with a small wooden table where Aleksandr would usually sit and eat dinner. The kitchen was in a similar bare state, only really consisting of small dark counter, a mini fridge, microwave and a hardly ever used oven and dishwasher. If one would go inside his bedroom they would find only a daybed inside a corner of the room, a wooden closet and a little black rug. His bedroom led to a small bathroom which only had the needed supplies.

    The most eye-catching thing inside the apartment was a sculpture of a naked man inside the middle of the studio apartment that Aleksandr was still working on. The sculpture was already taller than him even though he was still working on it (it stood at a approximately six feet).

    Aleksandr spent most of his money on creating his art so he didn't have much to spent on a nice apartment. That was fine though, he was quite happy here.

    "Home sweet home." Aleksandr muttered under his breath. "Have a seat. The bathroom is through my bedroom. I'll put some pizza inside the oven and get you a drink." He said, forcefully shaking off the other's hand. He warningly glared at Alfie when he was about to head for the kitchen. "Don't touch my naked man." He warned, gesturing to his unmissable statue.

    With that warning out of the way, Aleksandr headed for the kitchen, putting on the oven and the coffee machine before he poured the two of them each a glass of water. Afterwards he trotted over to the small table inside the lounge, setting the two glasses on the small coffee table there. "Drink your water." He ordered before disappearing inside his bedroom, coming out again with multiple spare blankets. "Here. You'll need this if you're staying for the night. It gets cold inside the lounge." He hummed, brushing his blonde hair out his face to watch the dark haired man for a moment.

    "So do you want to tell me why you were attacking a woman inside the alleyway?" He asked, sitting on the concrete floor to let Alfie sit on the couch. He took one of the two glasses of water he had set earlier on the table, half heartedly sipping it while he waited for an answer.

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Alfie noted the bitterness in his tone as he replied. What was he so mad about? Was it because he had asked for the name? Perhaps that was impolite in this day and age, and he had just not noticed before? Unlikely.

    Alfie hesitated when they reached the door, glancing to the other male for an invite. He let out a sigh as he was allowed in, his eyes immediately drawn to the large statue. He shot over to it, having to tilt his head slightly downwards to look at the face. He was only taller by a couple of inches, but the statue seemed huge compared to the little runt he had just met. He had just started to lift his hand to touch the statue when the bossy runt told him not to. He chuckled quietly. 'Don't touch my naked man' was now the strangest thing he had ever heard. He did as he was instructed to, and sat down. By now the fuzziness from the alcohol had worn off. Yet for some reason, he didn't feel especially worried. That woman wouldn't dare to tell anyone, and this new witness seemed like his silence could easily be bought, judging by the state of his home.

    Alfie's eyes scanned the room, and landed on a certain sketch. Anyone could easily tell it was him, judging from the distinct facial features. He wasn't too worried though, seeing as the kid had so many other people sketched out anyway. He picked up the glass of water that was set on the table and sipped it. Oddly enough, it felt as if a little mouse was scurrying around, frantically grabbing stuff to bring it back to Alfie. It was sort of cute, in a way.

    He raised a brow at the blankets. It's not like he would need them, his whole body was as cold as ice anyway, but he didn't turn them down. One of the perks to being un-dead, is that you don't need to worry about maintaining body temperature. He set them to the side. His blank expression turned sour at the question. How was he supposed to answer this? Truth or lie, it wouldn't be believable.

    Alfie set the glass of water down. "I was drunk and I watched a vampire movie last night," He said, very seriously. That part was true enough. He loved watching shows like that and noting all the inaccuracies. "So I did something stupid," That part was also true, but now it was obvious that he was dancing around the truth. How are you supposed to tell a human, who has lived all of their life thinking that they were the only race on the entire planet, that vampires exist? Usually, he would never do something so foolish. He was prepared to offer the kid a large sum of money in exchange for his silence, but only if he continued to question. In order to avoid discussing it further, he gave the other male a charming, warm smile. "Now, I don't believe I ever caught your name?"

  • Aleksandr raised a brow when he heard the explanation, setting the side of his head on the couch near Alfie so it was almost on the lap. "Yeah, sure, if you say so." He muttered, Aleksandr was not about to confront the man about the lie with nowhere to run off too. The boy straightened up again once the other spoke again. He was silent for a while he stared up at Alfie from where he was sitting on the floor.

    Was the man seriously going to act all polite after acting like a dick not even an hour earlier? Unbelievable.

    "Aleksandr. Call me Alex." He finally shrugged, pushing himself so he was standing up. He flashed the other a hesitant smile as he walked to the kitchen. He poured two cups of coffe, grabbed the bottle of milk from yhe fridge and sugar before walking back to the small coffee table.

    Aleksandr set the items on the table with shaky, bruised hands. He sat on the floor near the couch once again, picking up a cup full of coffee and adding some milk. The dancer gave a brief, self conscious look towards Alfie before dumping a bunch of sugar into his cup. He attempted to meet the other's gaze as he stirred his cup of coffee. "What was the movie you were watching called?" He asked, not hiding the amusement leaking into his voice as he licked the coffee off his teaspoon when he finished stirring. His head tilted to the side as he carefully tracked the other's movements, setting the teaspoon on the table next to him.

    Aleksandr suddenly step his cup on the table and stood up. He silently walked to his bedroom, leaving the door open so he could hear what was going on inside the lounge.

    As if the other wasn't able to see him, he stripped down to his underwear. His body was covered in cuts and bruises, but the most obvious bruise was a hand shaped bruise around his neck, which would explain why he was wearing a shirt with such a high neckline. He quickly dug up a comfortable, baggy white shirt, pulling it on quickly before trotting out into the lounge inside his shirt and underwear.

    Aleksandr went back to his spot on the floor as if he didn't just get dressed in view of the other man like an obedient puppy. He lazily sipped his coffee, staring at the man through long blonde lashes. "You've seemed to be quite sober for someone who was drunk out their minds a few minutes ago- drunk enough to suck a person's blood." He casually commented before sipping his coffee. He set his cup of coffee on the table, hesitantly crawling closer to the couch so he was able to rest his chin and arms on the couch instead of actually sitting next to the strange man. He stared up at the taller man with a tired expression, not saying anything for a minute or two.

    Aleksandr guessed he needed to be blunt with his demands. "I will stay quiet about this entire situation as long as you model for my homework assignment." He casually said, lazily stretching out like a cat. "Think about it." With that out the way, Aleksandr stood up, moving to his kitchen to put the pizza inside the oven.

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Alfie paused, unsure of what to say for a split second. He glanced at the coffee, letting out a light laugh as he watched the kid pour enough sugar to put any normal person into a coma into one cup. Diabetic shock apparently looks appetizing to the youth of today. He leaned forward onto his knees. "Dracula," He said, his eyes widening a bit as he said it. The mocking tone was evident in his voice. "You'd think they'd come up with cooler names," He murmured.

    Before he could continue and go on to complain about how inaccurately vampires are portrayed, Alex stood up. Alfie watched as he moved to the bedroom, his movements fluid and swift. Unable to take his eyes of the lanky young male, he simply watched. The cuts and bruises were disturbing to say the least. Not that he cared too much about it, seeing as humans were vile anyway. Within seconds, Aleksander had already changed and Alfie quickly shifted his attention from him to the coffee sitting on the table. He picked up the cup that was placed nearest to him, swirling it around, the liquid following the movement.

    He only ended up being more surprised when the male came out in daringly little clothing. Back in the day, that used to be a clear invite, and now, it was probably just because he didn't feel threatened with the same gender. Or perhaps he was showing off? Alfie stretched a hand out so that he could tuck Alex's long hair behind his ear. He purposefully let his fingers brush against their cheek. "And how do you that I'm not still drunk? I may be playing nice, and in reality I'll just do the same thing that I did before? You don't seem very threatened," He murmured, still smiling sweetly.

    He rolled his eyes at the next comment. "I can't convince you with money? A large sum. You could hire all of the models you wanted," He offered, standing up. Alfred approached the kitchen, using a finger to pull out the neckline of the baggy white t-shit the small, bruised male had put on. The imprint on the neck really looked awful up-close. "And what are these from, Aleksander? I'm guessing they aren't from the sculpture, art student."

  • Aleksandr almost scoffed when the man offered him money, but he stayed silent when the man approached, more to just wait and see what the tall man was about to do about next. Alex would never admit it outloud but it was rather exciting how the man was able to shift his moods so quickly, which was probably why Alfie wasn't kicked out ages ago.

    He felt his body tense up when the other commented on his bruises, the question he had been waiting for yet dreading at the same time.

    A forced smile suddenly on the human's face when he gingerly pushed the other's hand away from his shirt. First, however, he had to reject the offered deal before telling Alfred to stop being nosy.

    "Sorry, my daddy already gives me enough pocket money, I don't need any more of that. I need an attractive model who everyone at the college loves so I can get full marks on my homework assignment." He said, faking a sweet and innocent tone just to mock the taller man.

    "Also, since I didn't call you out on your pathetic attempt at lying, I see no reason why you get to ask me about my bruises." He bluntly said, his previous innocent tone disappearing completely. He supposed it was his own fault that the other saw his bruises since he changed into clothing where the bruises would be extremely visible, but in his defence, the man had looked harmless not even a few minutes ago when he was following all of his orders with little to no hesitation.

    The short human glared up at Alfred for a while longer before turning so he could set the timer for the pizza. Afterwards, he lazily jumped on the counter so he was basically eye level with Alfie. When the dancer noticed that he was almost the same height as Alfred, he grinned like a cat that got the crean.

    "Food will be ready in ten minutes, Mr NeckFetish." He said, grin growing slightly at his own little joke. "May as well tell me more about the movie you were watching last night." He said, half considering to ask the other to carry him back to the couch. After a minute of silently thinking, Aleksandr decided that the cocky man already thought he was flirting and would act even more like he owned the place if he did ask.

    Aleksandr lazily jumped off the counter, awkwardly moving past the man to go back to his sweet cup of coffee that was now lukewarm. He took a seat on the floor, which he usually preferred over the couch whenever he was eating or drinking something. He sipped slowly on his drink while his eyes closed to slits. Aleksandr figured it didn't matter if his guard was down around Alfie. He was like, sixty percent sure that the man wouldn't hurt him tonight.

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, I'm too lazy to proof-read. ))

    Alfie laughed softly as his hand was pushed away, trying not to show his irritation. If he was going to put them on full display, why was he so uncomfortable answering the question? People in this day and age tend to be more complicated, anyway.

    "You're rather stingy, aren't you. First you threaten to call the cops, then you tell me not to touch your naked man, and now you won't even let me ask a question? How cruel," He drawled. This human was just so full of surprise twists and turns. The plot just kept thickening. "So I'm supposed to ignore the countless bruises on a young mans body?" He grinned now, his canines threatening to show. "Come on now, I'm not that heartless," He clicked his tongue, shaking his head. Honestly, he was beginning to grow more intrigued by the minute. Although, if he was going to even begin to court the younger male, those bruises had to be completely gone.

    "What's the answer you're looking for? I'm secretly count Dracula, prowling the night for unsuspecting victims, my hunger for blood grows by the second," He growled playfully, glancing at the oven. " I hope that's not Italian, I'm terribly weak to garlic! Oh no, is that a cross in the corner!? I'm melting, save me, human," He pleaded over dramatically, getting on to one knee. After he was done with his little skit, he stood up, following the male into the small, cramped living room.

    "How mean, calling me Mr. Neckfetish. It's more of a hobby anyway," Alfred dropped down onto the couch. "So now you're sitting on the concrete floor in your underwear? That's got to be cold," He stated, although he didn't invite the other male onto the couch, he just propped his legs up on it, effectively taking up the whole couch. Without asking for permission, he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, put one in his mouth and offered one to Alex. He pulled out a lighter and lit it, again, without even asking. Alfie then blew a puff of smoke at the kid sitting across from him with a small smirk. He let out a sigh, smoke blowing out of his mouth and nose. "Are you sure you don't want the money, kid? We aren't talking pocket change here. You could get a nice condo, and put a couple payments into a car, whatever you wanted to do."

  • Aleksandr raised a blonde brow then the other lit a cigarette, an amused smirk playing on his lips at the childish behavior. "You're right, it is quite cold on the floor" He set his now empty cup on the table, standing up and walking over to the couch. He didn't ask the man to move, instead he took a seat on one of the other's thighs, more to shut the man up. He hummed softly, smiling at the offered ciggerette pack. Slowly with a delicate looking hand he took the pack of cigarettes, looking at how many were still inside before promptly hurling it across the room. "No smoking inside my apartment." He half heartedly explained with a small shrug.

    Aleksandr straightened up when the man spoke again about money, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. "Don't have a car. I like my shitty apartment and I don't

    need, or want, any of your money." He smoothly said, carefully shifting so he could sit more comfortably on the older man. He was silent for a moment, mischevious smile appearing on his plump lips. He felt around, lazily grabbing the other's free hand and moving it close to his messy blonde hair and neck, a silent command for attention.

    Aleksandr knew it sounded crazy but he was halfway to believing this man really was a vampire or some shit. "Do you know there is one way to find out if you're telling the truth about being Count Dracula." He said quietly. He pulled down his baggy shirt, his free hand immedietly going for a freshly stitched up cut located just below his collarbone. With quick movements he pulled the stitches out. Almost immediately, blood slowly started dripping out the reopened cut, staining his shirt. His pale gray eyes sparkled with curiousity as he watched the other.

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    Alfie was a little surprised at the daring behavior once again. "That was my last pack, you know," He said, drawing in puffs of smoke as he talked. "Don't come back to me begging once you need money to pay the bills, love," He breathed, smoke billowing out of his mouth.

    He let out a soft laugh as the other pulled his free hand closer. "You really believe in vampires? At your age? Come on, kid," He murmured. "Oh yeah? What's that, hope you don't have a cross hanging around," He teased, taking a drag from his cigarette. Just as he actually started to feel comfortable around the human, he heard the ripping sounds of the stitches coming undone. His body immediately stiffened, and a pang of hunger at the sight of blood ran through him. As quickly as he could he shoved Alex off of him and frantically stood up, placing himself in the corner of the room, just next to the door. He smothered his nose and mouth into the crook of his elbow and held the cigarette limply by his side. "Are you crazy!? What the hell are you doing!?" He yelled, muffled by the cloth of his shirt. The door was only just a few steps away...

    Alfie couldn't just leave a human here to bleed out, but what could he do? He dropped the burning cigarette onto the concrete floor and extinguished it with his foot. He hadn't even drank from the girl earlier, which only contributed to his animalistic instinct to attack the other male. "Bandage that back up, Aleksander and we can get you to a hospital," He ordered sternly. He pressed his back into the wall, trying to get as far away as possible within the room. He didn't particularly want to create another situation with another human that he had to deal with. This one obviously had a screw loose, seeing as he willingly injured himself without even flinching. It was an even bigger concern that he could not be solved with money. "Seriously, Aleksander. Clean that up, it's not funny."

  • (Quite short, sorry)

    Aleksandr grinned smugly at the other's actions, though it quickly disappeared when the other man tried to tell him to bandage it up so they could take him to the hospital. Aleksandr didn't really know why the man was freaking out so much. The cut wasn't that bad in his opinion, but Aleksandr just rolled with it. The taller man was close to revealing... Something. So he was going to continue.

    "Why are you so far away, Alfred? Don't you want to help me?" He whimpered, brushing out some blonde hair out his face so the other man could see his teary eyes. Slowly, he stood up and stepped closer to Alfred, tugging down on his shirt to reveal the bleeding cut again. "I'm offering, Alfie." He teased, taking another step closer.

    Aleksandr was about to take yet another step closer to the taller man when he got interrupted by the oven's alarm. "Ah, that's the alarm. Could you take the pizza out? I'll stitch myself up." He hummed, turning and walking away happily. And with one last glance at Alfie he disappeared inside the bathroom.

    First Aleksandr took off his shirt, wiping up all the blood that spilt over his torso with a few disinfect wipes. He then continued to pull out a medical kit, disinfecting a needle and some thread. Aleksandr hummed softly as he started to stitch himself up. The process didn't take longer than five minutes since he was used to doing things like this.

    Once finished with stitching himself up Aleksandr threw his blood stained shirt in the bin then grabbed a new long sleeve shirt. He lazily pulled on the shirt as he walked out the bedroom, glancing around for Alfred. "Clean up the cigarette off the floor."

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    That's perfectly fine lol ))

    Alfie's teeth ached in an insatiable craving. "Seriously, I have agoraphobia, I'll faint if you get any closer," He threatened, although it wasn't very intimidating since his voice was wavering slightly. All he could do was stare at the cut as the sweet aroma of blood filled his nostrils. His ears pounded with the sound of Alex's heartbeat. Normally, he wouldn't even have heard it, but his senses were heightened by the fragrance of blood.

    The alarm pinged. "Saved by the bell," He muttered resentfully. He gladly shot over to the oven, opening the door quickly. Without even thinking twice about it, Alfie stuck his bare hand in and pulled the pizza out. He didn't exactly feel anything, but burn marks formed on his hand. In an instant, they had already healed, his hand returning to normal without any scarring whatsoever. It was at this point that he realized he had made a huge mistake. Hopefully, just maybe the human had missed it. After all, the male had only just gone into the bathroom.

    Alfie quickly set the pizza down on the counter, drawing his hands back in a fake gesture as if to say 'ouch that's hot.' He snatched a pot holder that was already on the counter and put it next to the pizza. If the human asked, he would just say that he used it. Alfred didn't feel like searching through the cabinets of someone else's kitchen, so he just sat there and waited for Alex to return.

    "You threw my pack of cigarette across the room," He stated plainly, before obediently picking up the butt of the cigarette. He tossed it into a trash bin he found in the corner of the kitchen. As for the ashes, he looked back to Aleksandr.

  • "Yeah, but that's my mess that I made in my apartment. There's a diffrence." Aleksandr snickered softly after the man complained, only to pick up the cigarette and throw it in the bin. He watched silently with a smile but straightened up and frowned when the other looked at him. The ashes didn't really matter to him- he was planning to vacuum tomorrow anyways.

    He slowly approached the other, stopping a good foot away from the other man. Aleksandr's body smelt of blood and rubbing alcohol now- not really a pleasant smell in his opinion but he didn't have enough energy to shower.

    "So you're agoraphobic, huh? Very interesting." He commented, turning to focus on the pizza. "See I don't believe that. As crazy as it sounds, I think you're a vampire. You were trying to drink from a woman when we met in the alley, you had to wait for permission to enter my house and you freaked out at the sight of blood- more than any normal person would. I've noticed, from... Admiring you from afar, you also come up with crazy lies when you're confronted about something." He said with a hint of childlike excitement in his tone, busying himself with rolling up his sleeves as he confronted the other man about his lies. Alex presumed that he was relatively safe now he figured out Alfie wouldn't hurt him. If he had any intention of hurting him, he could have done so when he pulled out his stitches. "But, get, be my guest, deny the obvious."

    With that being said, and out of the way, Aleksandr was silent, waiting for an answer as he moved swiftly inside the kitchen, taking out a pizza cutter then cutting the pizza. He placed a few slices of the cheese pizza on two plates, walking carefully to the coffee table. Aleksandr set one of the plates on the table that clearly had seen better days.

    He sat on one of the arms of the couch, lazily starting to nibble on one of the cheese pizza slices. After finishing only half a slice, he set the plate back on the table, looking uninterested in the greasy food. He yawned lazily, as his, eyes flickered around the room for something else that would entertain him. Alfred.

    He moving some light coloured hair out his face so he was able to watch Alfie as if he was the most interesting thing inside the studio apartment. Not the statue of the naked man he was busy sculpting.

    Aleksandr moved so he was curled up lazily on one of the corners of the couch, taking a blanket Alfie had set aside not too long ago and wrapping it around his small body. He bit his lower lip, briefly wondering if it would be rude if he was to leave to go to bed. "Right, I think I've had enough crazy for one day, I'm going to bed in a few minutes. Don't worry about the mess, I'll clean it up tomorrow morning. What time is your class? Can we meet inside the art room after your class?" He asked, shifting so he was leaning more towards Alfred when he waited for a reply.

    Aleksandr looked almost like he was using puppy-eyes as he stared up into the other's sharp eyes, reaching out with two delicate looking hands and grabbing gently onto the other's shirt to make sure he was paying attention to what he was about to say next. "You just have to sit and look pretty for me. It's only for three days then you never have to see me again. Not a word will be shared about the incident in the alley, either." At this point, if Aleksandr had a tail it would be excitedly wagging side to side as he waited for a reply.

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Alfie chuckled. "I can't tell if you're joking or not, shortie," He replied. Before the other male turned around and shifted his attention to the food, Alfred reached forward and lightly tilted Aleksandr's chin up. "Don't you think if I were, I would've sucked you dry by now? I don't think vampires are the picture perfect creatures that you imagine them as. Isn't trying to seduce an suspected vampire with your blood a bit risky, considering you would have no way of protecting yourself," He murmured, his ice cold hands clashing with the human's warmth. He hadn't ever denied that he was one, and he hadn't even lied yet, he just withheld directly saying it. He wasn't about to give a random person that he had just learned the name of the leverage of knowing for sure that he was a blood-sucker.

    This, in itself, was dancing with death. Alfie didn't know about today's standards, but during his time, if anyone was even accused of being any type of supernatural being, they were chained up and burned in the public square. He hesitantly followed Alex to the couch and sat down, this time on the opposite side of the couch. No chances. If he somehow lost control and attacked the scrawny human, that would cause way too much trouble.

    Alfie grabbed the pizza, aimlessly consuming the food. He honestly didn't like human food that much, it didn't have much flavor, and he didn't need it for nutrients. He sighed and rolled his eyes as he felt a pair of eyes burning into him. He shifted closer to the armrest, pressing himself against the couch as much as he could without looking unnaturally stiff as the kid curled up in a blanket.

    "I have a twelve a.m. history class that I'm currently failing," He replied. How could a vampire be failing history when they were alive and actually there for the event, you ask? Alfie's current excuse is: 'I didn't think it would be that important and how am I supposed to remember what happened over fifty years ago when I cant even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday?'

    He nearly flinched when the other drew close and grabbed his shirt. Seriously, did this kid have no boundaries ever?(Although, Alfred isn't any better.) Luckily, even though the smell of blood was strong, the rubbing alcohol overpowered it and effectively turned his vampire lust off. "Yeah, okay," He answered reluctantly.

  • Hearing the man agree, Aleksandr grinned, removing his hands and shifting so he was laying on the couch with his head on the other's lap. He pulled the pastel pink blanket so it was resting just under his chin, lazily shutting his eyes as he listened to whatever the other was busy doing. It was pretty soothing actually. "Relax, Alfred. I won't pull out more stitches if that's what you're worried about." He muttered, grabbing one of the other's hand with the two of his hands. He lazily traced patterns along the ice cold skin with slim, warm fingers, lazily opening his eyes to stare at the gray ceiling.

    Finally, Aleksandr set the other's hand on his messy mop of blonde hair, gaze shifting over to watch the older man. His blonde brows knitted together when he stared at the other's lips, looking as if he was deep in thought. "You called me shortie earlier. I'm not short, I'm the average height." He declared, frown deepening as he watched the other's reaction. His lips curled into an expression similar to what looked like a pout, a sigh of annoyance leaving his small nose.

    Slowly, Aleksandr sat up from where he was lying, shifting the large, warm pink blanket so it was once again wrapped tightly around his body. He moved so he was standing in front of his guest, a small hand coming out of the fuzzy, warm blanket swallowing his body. He (awkwardly) waved at Alfie, muttering a soft "good night", just wanting to get to bed at this point.

    He was about to leave for his bed but stopped himself when he took a step back. "I'm leaving the house at eight in the morning to get to the dance lessons I teach so you'll be alone. When you wake up make sure you-" Aleksandr cut himself off with a soft yawn, eyes clearly struggling to stay open after he remembered how drained he was. "Make sure to lock the door and eat something before you go." He finished before stumbling away with the grace of an elephant, tripping over the long blanket, narrowly dodging his scultpure.

    Aleksandr crawled into his daybed once he reached his bedroom, not even bothering to get under his covers properly before he was falling into a light sleep.

  • Everyone has a Secret ✯

    Timeskip to the morning or after class? ))

    Alfie shook his head with a small huff escaping his lips. "It's not what you've already done that I'm afraid of, it's what you're capable of doing," He corrected, his rigid posture loosening up as he simply gave in to the cuteness. Although he wouldn't dare say it outloud, Alex reminded him vividly of a rabbit. Well, what kind of rabbit acts so daring? Maybe a house-cat? He leaned forward, over Aleksandr and placed the plate back onto the table.

    Already wishing he had another cigarette, he stared down at the overly touchy-feely male. "Average height for a dwarf, maybe," He answered, a small smile on his features. Alfie watched as the male sluggishly got up, using all of his power not a laugh at the feeble attempt at a wave. He nodded in a silent reply.

    Alfie wouldn't bother mentioning that he really only sleeps for a couple of hours, and would probably be up a 6am anyway. He would probably just leave before the younger male got up. It had been a while since he had last consumed a blood packet, so he would need to leave as soon as possible anyway. He really didn't even have to go to the art room after his class, no one would believe the soft-spoken boy over Alfred's word anyway.

  • Timeskip to after class I suppose)

    Aleksandr arrived at the college with a large cup of soda inside his two hands, drinking from the straw as he started to walk to the art room. However, before he could get there a loud obnoxious voice called out his name. He wished he would have just continued to walk towards the art room but curiousity for the better of him and he stopped and turned to see who was calling his name so loudly. Ah, one of his friends named Ross. He was a tall man with curly brown hair, a cute freckled face and shocking blue eyes. They had went on a few dates back in highschool, but they had broken up a after a short while since Aleksandr was "Too high maintenancefor someone like Ross".

    They only recently started to hang out again when Ross had found out they went to the same college. Things were going smoothly so far, so smoothly that Aleksandr had considered asking Ross out a few times. He was ninety percent sure that Ross either just wanted to hook up or he actually was wanting to go out with him again.

    "Aleksandr! Hey! I thought you would ignore me like last time!" The slightly younger man, Ross said, scratching the back of his head and grinning sheepishly. After Alex took a long slurp of his soda he replied with a soft, "Wish I did, I'm a very busy man."

    As usual, Ross took it as a joke and continued to talk. "Were you out teaching dance class again today?" He asked making Aleksandr's eyes widen in surprise. "How did you know that?" He hesitantly asked, shifting from foot to foot nervously. Was he sweating? Did he smell gross? "You're in your dancing clothes and your hair is pinned back. Are you okay? You usually remember these things, not that I'm complaining because it looks really good on you." Ross whistled playfully (awkwardly) with a wink.

    Aleksandr looked down at his clothing. He was indeed inside his dance clothing, a long sleeved and high neckline black leotard with a pair of matching black leggings. He hesitantly reached up to his hair and unsurprisingly it was pinned back out of his face just as Ross said. "Hmm, I guess I just wasn't paying attention." It wasn't really a lie since throughout the entire day his mind kept flashing back to last night inside the alleyway and back at his apartment. He'd be lying if he said that the fangs and cold touches belonging to Alfred weren't a massive turn on- woah, hold the fuck up, where did those thoughts come from?

    "Sorry, I really have to go. I'm meeting up with my model today." Aleksandr distractedly muttered, focusing on sipping his soda as an pathetic attempt to keep his mind off last night. "Oh! Sure, ok! Maybe we could get some coffee when you're finished? Let me walk you to the art room!" Ross exclaimed, grabbing the other's free hand that wasn't holding onto the soda and dragging him towards where the art room was located. "I plan to be busy all day. I will text if I'm free though." Aleksandr bluntly said, allowing himself to be dragged around.

    Once they arrived at the art room Aleksandr unlocked the door with the key that his teacher gave him. Before opening the door he to look at Ross with a somewhat shy smile, wondering how he could politely tell the other man to shove off. He didn't particularly want Ross to meet Alfred for a couple of reasons, one because Ross would probably jump to the incorrect conclusion, and two, because they were both people that Aleksandr had a genuine interest in- the list goes on. "Thanks for walking me here." Alex said politely, standing on his toes, arms wrapping around the other's neck. He pressed a soft kiss against the cheek before pulling away. "Cya tonight, maybe." He said, waiting for the flushed male to walk away before he let out a long sigh, his own cheeks heating up with slight embarrassment when he realized he just kissed his ex boyfriend's cheek.

    Aleksandr set his backpack that contained all of his dancing equipment on the teacher's desk along with the large takeout cup of soda. With that to the side he hastily started to prepare for Alfred's arrival, setting a chair inside the middle of the room before closing all the lace curtains for some privacy and shoving all the desks but one to the side of the room.