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  • hey guys, gonna make this short and sweet as i've had some time to think about it. i've got zero muse for chase and i have no want to work on him right now simply due to the fact i want to move on from how a lot of people felt about him, both IC and OOC. i'm fine, i promise, and i'm sure you guys have heard it all before, lol. i don't feel it is fair for chase to hold a rank when i've got no idea when or if i'm bringing him back. so with that being said, i'm putting him on 'leave'. i'm also sick and just don't want to make a 'missing' or 'leaving' thread. ya boi lazy. c':

    i'll still be on the site, i might pop in riverclan every now and then, i'll still be helping out on discord. so if you guys ever need anything, let me know!

    lastly, if this is allowed, i'd like chase to have promoted [Polynesia] to a full medicine cat if their roleplayer is up to it, and as a replacement apprentice, i suggest BLUEPAW and stormbird .

    once again, i'm fine, just want something new. i'll probably bring chase back sooner than later, and if anyone still wants a private thread with him, just let me know. assume he's been moved to the elders den due to blindness and his illness. <3

    NIGHTSTAR .   wixards

    save a little sunshine for me

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  • assfjk your user title i lov u dan<33

    i will miss chase but i will miss u more.

    pm me if you need:

    -- dawnsky ( trad. darkclan medicine cat )

    -- heatherpaw ( trad. thunderclan mca )

    -- briarthorn ( trad. shadowclan senior warrior )

    hub / plot

  • DAN!!! oh I'm going to miss you :( (i'm only really in RC and a bit in WC maybe you have another boi for me to rp with >.>)

    ChasingLegs will live on in occ&ic like it has since they became partners. "Root will come and visit Chase and couples argue with him in the elders den" ^.^

    Take care <33 and come chat!!

    You'll blow us all away. Someday... someday.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ sorry to see chase go :( i love him so much. but take your time, dan. we all love you and we'll be here if you decide to return. irl is more important than catsite, and loss of muse is totally understandable. <33


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  • dittoing everyone else in the sentiment that real life is more important than catsite! I hope things work out for you, dan<3


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    pm box is always open for members old and new who need a hand with something<3

  • :( aw man I'm really sad to see you go, but I understand lack of muse. I hope to see you around here again sometime <3



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  • ahh my heart <3

    I love you Dan, your writing style and your doechild have been huge inspirations to me since I joined Riverfam.

    Any time I needed help or had a question you always helped me and never made me feel like a bother or obnoxious.

    The bond that poly has with chase will last forever. She loves him even if she's a little sore rn

    Ilu4ever Dan!


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  • You've been such a sweet friend, Dan <3 Take care and hope to see you and Chase someday! Raven will visit him everyday in the elder's den ♥



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