feliks / name short enough to justify no nicknames

    male / he/him / born a male

    birthday: 22/07/2013 / creation day: 04/10/2014

    6 years old / cancer horoscope

    thunderlands / skychief [leader]

    former leader of blizzardclan & boneclan
    former deputy of cartel / ex-hp of shadow veil / ex-hp of dark dynasty

    titles: tempest


    estj / slytherin / chaotic neutral

    has a black and white plush cat called Daryl

    has a flock of birds / mainly uses them for messages/intel

    has a crippling fear of restraints

    tends to shift between holding loyalties to individuals and groups

    has a very raspy voice due to multiple throat injuries

    english is his second language (polish is his first) but he's very comfortable speaking it


    bisexual & biromantic / partner of deathstroke / taken, in an open relationship

    platonic relationships are fairly easy since he's often very chilled out around clanmates. romantic ones... not so much. years of uncertainty about the legitimacy of his partners has left him rather cynical of those wishing to pursue a romantic relationship with him. plus, he's not exactly the most flirtatious guy in the world, he's rather awkward when it comes to that.

    npc xx npc, has several children


    [CURRENT BODY:] a small, fallow brown wolf with green eyes

    ↳ feliks has always had somewhat of a subjective attractiveness. to some he is a twisted beast, scarred beyond reasonable prettiness and smiling like a snarling dog, but to others his roguish and rugged look inspires oohs and ahs. the truth lies between these two extremes, for it's undeniable that without his wounds he would be a rather unremarkable animal. small for his species, in-shape but constantly bordering on being underweight and lacking mutations, he's about as run-as-the-mill as an animal can get. his fur's a mixture of different browns, though most are quite pale across his entire body, with his throat and belly almost cream in colour. most dark patches are across his back and tail. his eyes are green in colour, and veer towards being slightly more almond-shaped then other wolf's eyes.

    as a eurasian wolf, his fur tends to be quite thick and depending on his mood can either be seen being well-groomed or somewhat tussled. it tends to vary day to day, however what doesn't vary is the positioning of his scars - which he has plenty of. the current list are: a long scar on his cheek (self-inflicted), missing half of his left ear (caused by deathstroke), severe fur loss and scarring around the 'knee' joint in his hind leg (caused by deathstroke), scar on his shoulder (ambush), a 'b' branded into his chest (torture), a scar on his front pawpad (ambush), bite marks on his flank (torture), scars on muzzle (porcupine attack), bite mark above right eye (fight) and a scar across his neck (fight). attempts at shapeshifting tend to display these exact same scars, though they may shift about somewhat depending on the creature he morphs into.

    — INJURIES/ILLNESSES: permanent stiffness to his hind leg, shortsighted, sunburn, fractured rib, black eye


    ☾ [EXTERIOR TRAITS] outgoing, talkative, hot-tempered, arrogant, unfaithful

    ☾ [INTERIOR TRAITS] vengeful, vindictive, self-loathing, frustrated, intelligent

    ↳ A wolf who often tangled with the AntiClans of old, Feliks has learned his ruthlessness and cunning from living among them and battle them. He's a rebellious spirit, despising the 'norm' and the power that leaders often flex over their underlings. Whilst he considers himself a paragon of justice, often doing just enough to enemies to make up for the crimes they committed against him or his clan, his underhanded methods of attacking lone clanners instead of facing them head on has led to criticisms of his style. It's not to say that he isn't a good fighter however, six years of practice has given him a keen mind for strategy and pragmatism when on the battlefield - he'd just rather not have others getting hurt under his watch.

    Though he often speaks of his beliefs in a grandiose manner, they are unfortunately hypocritical. He loathes those who torture for fun and murder innocents, but he finds no issues in doing the same so long as the creature supports a clan that has wronged him. He speaks out against suspicious leaders, yet hides many secrets about his personal life from the Thunderlands. He wants to see evil neutered, yet is willingly in love with someone who represents everything he fought against. Feliks' history with the clans is so complex that it's far too easy for him to make assumptions about them, but he believes it to be fair given a point in his life where they made the same assumptions back. It's an unhealthy relationship he shares with the groups on Agrelos, he needs them due to his struggles with hunting and his extroverted nature but he will constantly run them down for 'failing' to do what he believes to be right.

    Fighting an uphill battle for years against injustices does eventually lead to one to tire, and Feliks has started to show signs of fatigue. He's become more accepting of the fact that he'll never be able to create a crime free paradise and is noticeably less scornful towards authority then he used to be, but at this point he seems to continue trying to push for justice simply because he's too stubborn to quit now. He's uninterested in political power (though he won't outwardly reject having it), believing that high ranks get too much credit for the work that the 'little guy' does. He'll constantly try to be fair with his warriors in this way, never referring to himself as a leader and scorning his mistakes as equally as he'd scorn others'. An equal opportunist cynic, as it were.

    The world he wants to build isn't for him, and it's clear from both his AntiClan methods of brutality and his dealings with morally grey places. He seems aware of this and often questions himself, but continues his rhetoric anyways. Feliks had no problems making compromises with shady individuals (and going as far as to, say, romance one) if it means someone close to him or his clan benefits from it. Even if he doesn't always like going that route (for he has learned to have some honour) and would much prefer something more righteous, the wolf tries to go for options that help instead of the option he 'likes more'. He knows himself that he's a very opinionated creature and isn't often shy with those opinions. Despite this, he is a good listener and tends to take criticisms from non-enemies to heart.

    He's not always serious however, far from it. When he's not sneering at things he disagrees with and being sarcastic, he often displays a laidback nature around his clanmates and those he trusts. Feliks likes to poke fun at a lot of things, once again displaying a grandiose attitude as he proclaims the silliest things to get his friends to laugh. Towards non-Thunderlanders his humour tends to be drier, but this mainly stems from a lack of trust more than anything else. Up to this point his life has been a series of betrayal after betrayal after betrayal, to the point where he's borderline paranoid when talking to allies, even. He wants to know as much as he can about everyone, won't accept food or drink from anyone and always searches for secret motives in even the most innocent of scenarios.

    — DISORDERS: bipolar disorder


    [POWERS:] shapeshifting [30%], smell enhance [10%], fire elemental [60%] [100/100%] super senses, teleportation

    [WEAPONS:] only uses teeth and claws

    physical hard / mentally challenging

    will start fights / will end fights / will run

    peaceful powerplay allowed

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    The world-shift was a chance of a new start for Feliks, with many animals unable to make it across the list of animals horrified by his war-crimes against the Exiles began coming fewer and fewer. Finding himself in Shadow Veil at the time the world changed, the wolf didn't do much of note in the group thanks to his desire to explore and distancing relationship with the leader due to being subject to torture under their rule. After a long time, he attempted to rejoin the Thunderlands, able to get in thanks to the kindness of the leader and friendship he had with the medic. Still fairly skeptical of the clan thanks to being exiled twofold by prior leaders, Feliks had a habit of shirking his duties and acting withdrawn from his clanmates, but despite his problems he was still given a chance, being promoted soon after leading a rescue raid for the same ex-leader that enforced his ban.

    After some time and stagnancy, he found out that two out of three of his close family members survived the shift - Deathstroke, his partner, and Cody, his son. He was given Deathstroke's sword by an Exiler whom he had prior grievances with, and then later saw his mate for the first time in nearly a year when they came to the Thunderland's borders requesting to see his offspring. Feliks, forced to be neutral, presumed the worst for their relationship and began becoming more withdrawn, his extroverted nature also took a hit when finding out that his son had joined the very place Feliks swore to cripple. Feeling betrayed and alone, he found joys in the simpler things of life, including rediscovering some of his powers (though it caused plenty of strain on him to do so). Getting involved in inter-Thunderlands business thanks to losing the things dearest to him, he was soon promoted to Deputy, but with his new rank came the confidence to visit his old friend.

    They tied up any loose ends following a night together on the Cuneus Isle and reestablished that bond lost to time, with Feliks even opting to steal from his clan to make sure his mate could survive on the harsh archipelago. After agreeing to do such a thing, he was faced with another challenge - the return of the Exiles in his life. They attacked his leader, and in retaliation after trying to change his ways and talk it through with the group, he blinded their Deputy Warden (Cyrus) in one eye. This caused further retaliation against his clan and Feliks opted to respond in kind, but not before being promoted to Vice-Leader in place of their newest leader, his friend Julian.