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  • — So what was on young Wheatpaw's agenda today? Well. She didn't know, so she just figured once again the first cat she laid eyes on she would talk to. So as she began to walk out of the den, she wondered what lucky soul would be blessed with a conversation with her.

    Then she seen Butterflydawn around the nursery, her bright green eyes glowed. Yes, dad! Maybe if he wasn't busy they could hang out! She wanted to speak to him for a bit either way, she wondered if he happened to be watching over a kit or anything.

    She hoped not, she wanted her dad to talk to her right now. Just for a little....

    So she ran over, calling his name. "Dad! Dad! Are you busy? I hope not, I wanna talk for a bit if you're alright with that!" She called, her voice quieting down as she approached him.

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    she/her | apprentice | 8 moons | skyclan | bio | penned by myth

  • Butterflydawn was gentle as he ushered the kits back to their mother, a kind smile on his face. Truly, out of all the tasks he'd ever done in his life this was the one he found most love and enjoyment in. It wasn't something that required him to get stuck in a loop, to do the things he'd done forever.

    And, well, it meant he got a lot of chances to give the little ones a helping hand in life.

    He'd never verbally admit that he was sad the kits were apprentices now, that he couldn't stay with them.

    Ah, so was the life of a warrior.

    he was ever so proud of them all.

    Drawn from his wistful thoughts by his daughter's voice Butterflydawn perked up, smile on his maw.

    "Hello, dear," he purred, greeting her with a happy rumble and nuzzle.

    Oh? Talk?

    Goodness he hoped it wasn't something serious. Or...oh goodness please Starclan don't tell him it's about boys or girl.

    Tail neatly over his paws Butterfly nodded.

    "About anything you like, Wheat."