plot with a small boy

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  • if anyone wants some threads or plots with this small boy!! im open to pretty much anything save for the obvious no death or major injury etc

    they're a simple ferret who loves reading and wants to be a romanticized pirate tbh

  • i feel like ?? these two could bond over reading ??

    but also there's that whole "i don't believe in god" "yeah well i do so stfu" thing

    so,, interaction thread for starters? :0

    no matter how hard I pray --------------------- SIGNS OF WARNING STILL REMAIN

    - -

    made by checkers

  • sorry im so late to reply ahh but yes i'd lov that! i can definitely see them getting along, or at least loch trying to make them get along even if they dont lmao

    they know nothing of what's happened in the BHR lately so they're just watching everyone like 'bruv, lighten up, the world's great if u let it be'

    who shld make the thread! im good either way :]

  • mark would totally let him ride on his back and go on an adventure