get attacked by this blizzclanner?

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • With pippa going to BlizzardClan and dropping them like she did, Fadedcolors is pissed. He wants to make her regret that by stirring up as much shit as he can. He's honestly too angry with her and the veil to care what Aleksei's going to say/if he doesn't want this to happen, and faded is going to just do his own thing.

    So Fadedcolors is looking for a cartelian or a few to attack, and will get dirty to do so. He's a dragon/cat hybrid a bit bigger than a maine coon, but he has telekinesis. He will go to lengths like poison/sedatives/etc in order to put him in a place of power so he actually can beat them up. He isn't going to listen to reason, and an attempted attack that ends in failure is definitely an option. Right now he's mad enough to try most of anything tbh, just shoot it at me!



    male + cat/dragon hybrid + BlizzardClan + Paladin Trainee