Plots With TigerMoon

  • Born in a loner group far beyond the mountains, TigerMoon had lived a pretty normal life. A Happy Life. But her world would turn upside down when The NewComers arrived. At first they had seemed peaceful, wanting only to fairly share the land with her group. But soon their true intentions had been made clear. Her friends, her family, had been picked off until only a few remained and were drived out of their old home. So with nothing left for her there, she caught rumors of the forest clans and traveled the far distance to meet them. To Join them, so now she lived in Darkclan, trying her best to learn the ways of these clan cats and make a new home for herself.

    Please let me know if you would like a plot with the babe, she is open to anything except death, kidnapping, and major injury.

    Don't you ever tame your demons

    ( But always keep 'em on a leash )

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