Plot With Schneeps V2

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  • So I'm finally getting around to these plotting threads, I haven't had one in quite a while. I'm to lazy to label everything so he's open to everything except for permanent death,romance/litters.

    I'm all for angst and that sort of stuff but also love to get a few positive threads here and there.


    Tagging you just in case you wanted to plot for the future where he tries to kill Henrik.

  • Henrik's gonna let Helios beat the shit out of him......seeing as he deserves it. He'll only start to fight back when things go severe.....and even then it won't be like a true fight to him.

  • YES

    I mean it was originally jealously/misunderstanding but that sorta changed with recent predicaments. He's still like super jealous on how Bo was such a better father then him and all that. But schneeps is gonna feel slightly uncomfortable as they never really sat down and had a proper chat.