A SQUEAK - open; shadowclan hunting patrol

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  • A patrol of two and it wasn't much but at least it was something. Mantishaze had agreed to go with her to find some prey and the molly hadn't thought anything of it. After all Shadowclan needed what it could get and so they were sending out more and more patrols for food. Her eyes glimmered in the dawn light as it began to spill over into the trees, casting everything in bronze lighting. The chill in the air was stark and her own pelt was doing little in the way of keeping her warm. But she was used to it and keeping moving helped to circulate her blood and keep her warm. Her slender frame moved with ease along the area an underneath the thunderpath, through that tunnel of theirs but she maintained her side of the border, shifting her paws along the uneven ground. Her jaws parted as she scented for something, anything and her eyes narrowed a bit as she watched a squirrel on Thunderclan's side of the border. Her head tilted softly as she listened, keeping her stance low as it moved in a path that would slowly take it over the border and on Shadowclan's side. After a moment, a singular pause that meant everything the prey moved its form onto her territory and she lunged forth, snapping it's neck with a hard snap of teeth and reinforced claws dug into the squirrel's spine. A good first catch she supposed but there were still hungry mouths to feed. "Any luck Mantishaze?"



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    Mantishaze was starting to believe Thunderpath was always barren of prey. That was until Eveningshade proved her wrong. She watched the clever molly freeze, watching something bound over from Thunderclan's side and onto Shadowclan's marsh. She dipped her head as Eveningshade looked up from her impressive kill. The wind battered her fur, she couldn't imagine being the lithe molly at this moment.

    "Nothing yet. That was a perfect catch Eveningshade. Absolutely lovely." She purred. Her head swerved trying to scent prey. All she could taste was Thunderpath and Thunderclan. That and the freshly killed squirrel.

    "Where do you think we should go next? I could try frog hunting." She offered. Sometimes she found newts instead but hey, sometimes in life you found newts.

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  • “Thanks.” The senior warrior spoke smoothly as she picked up the squirrel and brought it over to Mantishaze. Her eyes briefly flicked back to the border but she merely looked and then she turned back to the matters at hand. As far as she knew things were going bad for Thunderclan but their confrontations were none of her business to attempt to get into. Instead she moved to bury the squirrel, reinforced breaking apart the ground with ease though she paused when the other suggested frog hunting. Did frogs go to sleep during Leafbare? The oriental didn’t know and she gave a small shrug of her shoulders. A small smile pulled against warm brown lips before she gave a half nod. “We could always give that a try. I’m not the biggest fan of frog but it will have to due. Someone will like it.”


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    "That was an impressive catch."

    The soft voice would come from the other side of the Thunderpath, and a silver she-cat with striking black markings would be seen standing near the Thunderpath with amusement and friendliness in her pale yellow gaze, "I'm glad that Shadowclan is doing well during the leaf-bare." The Deputys' statement had been genuine, just because Thunderclan was in a rough patch right now didn't mean Moonwatcher wanted misfourtane to fall on one of the other clans. The silver she-cats tail would swish behind her as she meowed, "What are your names, if you don't mind me asking?"

    "Remembering through a secondhand sorrow?"

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  • Skypaw, who had scented the squirrel and began to stalk it, popped out of the bushes when she realized her attempts were in vain, seeing the creature take its last breath of life under the ShadowClan warrior's teeth and claws. She bristled in annoyance, flexing her claws into the frosty ground. She noticed Moonwatcher and couldn't help but stiffen in protest at the deputy's remark. Redstripe was pregnant! They needed all the food they could get! She couldn't fathom the silver molly's friendliness. Skypaw was still young and gentle, but the particularly harsh leafbare that she was born into was all she had ever known, and it was fashioning her to have a strong survivalist mindset. She dragged her feet as she trotted over to Moonwatcher's side, unable to look at the ShadowClan warriors.


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    The fluffy cat turned from her friend to the side of the thunderpath. She was on her side, they stayed on their side. She blinked slowly with haunting dark eyes. Hopefully this wasn't a trick. "Mantishaze and Eveningshade. How goes it?" Mantishaze answered then greeted. She sat down, letting her body rest for a moment. She glanced up and down thunderpath, anxiously. She hated monsters.