New Agrelos Power!

  • We've added a new power to Agrelos! It's a healing power. Your character would be capable of healing minor wounds on another character or themselves. They can't bring somebody back from dead and they can't save somebody if the wound is bad enough to kill them. It's set to 50% due to being very powerful.


    7/16: 7am-2pm.

    7/18: 7am-2pm.

    7/19: 7am-2pm.

    7/20: 7am-2pm.

    7/21: 7am-2pm.

    7/22: 7am-12pm.

    7/23: 7am-2pm.

    7/25: 7am-2pm.

    7/26: 7am-2pm.

    7/27: 7am-2pm.