Meadowclan|RP thread|

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  • Honeystream lifted her head from her nest in the warriors den as the sun peaked into the den's entrance, she started to stand up and let out a large yawn. The light ginger she cat stretched her legs before padding forward towards the entrance of the den, she peaked her head out of the entrance to look around the clan's camp. Honeystream smiled as she looked at the snow that lightly covered the ground of the camp, some may not like the very cold liquid but she loved how pretty it looked out in the territory. The young warrior padded out of the den, her tail swishing back and forth on the ground to make a bit of a path to the fresh kill pile so the others wouldn't get cold paws.

  • Blossomstar padded out of the Leaders den

    The dawn sunlight slid throught the few members of

    Pine trees around the camp.

    Blossomstar searched around camp checking

    For any other cats, she saw Honeystream

    At the prey pile, Blossomstar scuffled

    The small pile of snow in front of her underground

    Den. She padded over to the prey pile

    And grabbed a frosted fish from the pile

    "Good morning, Honeystream."

    Blossomstar greeted

  • Goatpaw stepped out of the apprentice den and into the dawn sunlight. He cast a shy but admiring glance towards Blossomstar and Honeystream as he headed towards a quiet space to groom himself a bit. The tom, seeing that Honeystream had cleared away a bit of the snow, tried to do the same from the apprentice’s den. He admired his mentor’s forward thinking and hoped to make her (and Blossomstar) proud.

  • Honeystream looked up at Blossomstar with a small smile and gave a nod "Good morning Blossomstar, sleep well I presume?" she meowed warmly to the leader. She grabbed a skinny and small mole from the pile and took a few bites of it, leaving the plumper of the prey for her clan mates that need it to keep their strength up. She quickly finished the small piece of prey and looked over to the apprentices den and noticed her apprentice Goatpaw was up and had copied her movements for a path to the prey pile, she looked back at Blossomstar "Thank you for giving me an apprentice Blossomstar, I know I'm still a young warrior but I appreciate it." she meowed, gaze moving back to her apprentice talking with the other apprentices.

  • Goatpaw mewed, “You can if you want to. I’m just about done, but I thought that the other apprentices would appreciate the gesture, and -“ he glanced over at his mentor and leader, but went silent. He had cleared away a moderate amount of snow, but it would not be pleasant for most cats to walk through.

  • Shimmeringlake woke in the warriors den, and heaved herself to her feet. The she-cat sat on her nest, and smiled. It wasn't so long ago when she was in the nursery with her kits. The she-cat felt a warmth go through her chest when she thought of them. They were her whole world, and even though their father was a mouse-brain, they were worth everything she had been though. After sitting for a while, she got up and left the den, finding Blossomstar and Honeystream talking by the prey pile, and Goatpaw and Dovepaw digging away snow. She padded over to the prey pile. "Well you seem cheerful this morning." She purred to Blossomstar

  • "why wouldn't I? It's a beautiful day

    With light sparkling snow on the ground,

    Light blue skies, everywhere I look I see

    Smiling faces." Blossomstar purred

    Biting into the frozen fish

    "The only thing that could make

    The day any better is if

    I had a mate and kits

    Of my own to celebrate it

    With" Blossomstar added in a happy

    And slightly jokeful way,

    Even though deep down

    She did want those things

  • Honeystream gave a nod as she turned her attention back to her apprentice "Well, if you don't mind Blossomstar I think I will take Goatpaw hunting today to replenish the pile, probably to the pond." she meowed. She stood up and made her way over to the young tom with a warm smile "Good morning Goatpaw, how about hunting today? Does that sound good to you?" she meowed to her apprentice. Though she was the mentor she did consider her apprentice's opinion too and what he thought he needed to work on personally. She did though want to catch a few fresh, non frozen fish though that day, she thought that could brighten cats spirits.

  • Goatpaw nodded eagerly, “Yes! I’ve been working on my creeping skills, and I think I’ve improved in fishing as well! The fresh kill pile could use some more prey, and...” his rapid speaking slowed to a halt, “Sorry, I didn’t meant to go on a tirade like that, Honeystream.”

  • Shimmeringlake smiled at the leader. "Let's not forget that leaf-bare is ending." She said, trying to hide her cringe at the word mate. She grabbed a frozen fish from the pile and lay down in the snow. The short-tailed she-cat then began attempting to gnaw through the icy carcass.

  • Honeystream grinned and let out a chuckle "It's alright Goatpaw, I'm sure we'll catch plenty of prey then!" she meowed before looking over at Dovepaw, a grin still on her face "You do that then Dovepaw," she started off when she saw the young she cat run off to find her mentor ", we'll feed the clan for days on end if we end up with both of you on the patrol!" she meowed happily and encouragingly to the two apprentices. She enjoyed being around the two younger cats and watching them grow into fantastic members of the clan.