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  • Validehi looked at Yukin with a displeasing look, "There is no buts Yukin, what you did was stupid. Doesn't matter if it peaked your interest, it was an unknown thing and could've been dangerous...and you saying it talking is not good!" She got onto him like a mom would before furrowing her eyebrows. "What did It say?" She asked.

    Atticus watched in amusement, he found it funny when Validehi got mad.

  • Yukin blinked and his ears went down sadly as he was being yelled at by Vaidehi and it reminded him of when Lexia was mad about something. But what was it oddly enough he couldn't remember Wat it was about 'how odd... I usually can remember it.. ' he thought to himself and then heard her and blinked "what... What did it say... I uh.. Don't know... Or more like I cant remember.. Uh.. I should go back to the palace and get patched up.. "he winced as he got up "and I know it was a stupid idea.. I sorry... I'm just glad you two didn't get hurt.. "

  • Validehi growled, and forced Yukin back down, holding his head and babying him. She saw how sad he got when she got on to him, and that was not good to her. "I can patch you up myself, sorry. I worry about my friends." She said before rubbing his head.

    Atticus growled at Validehi. 'stop flirting with him god damit!" he thought to himself as he walked over. "Can't remember, think it will come back to you later?" He asked, raising a brow at the boy. Oddly enough. he never heard anything himself, and he was pretty close too...weird. He decided not to say anything, just to get Validehi off his back later on. She was already on Yukin's and planned to stay on it for a bit.

  • Yukin blushed a little and looked down sighing "I'm sorry Vaidehi... You really don't have to do this.. But thank you anyway... I owe you one.. " he said he then glanced at her "and I understand wanting to take care of your friends.. Hell if something happened to you two I would be acting the same.. " he looked down and closed his eyes and let her take care of it, his ears twitched again as he started hearing things. Only he was able to here it 'finally a new host.. A fun one indeed.. ' he blinked opened his eyes and looked around

  • Validehi looked over at Atticus, bickering with him about what magic to use on his head. Finally, Validehi remembered something and used a magic spell to heal him up. Once she was done, she held his head close, petting his head when he opened his eyes. Atticus was the first to notice and spoke up. "You ok?" He asked. Valdehi looked back down, quickly becoming worried."Did you hear something?" She asked.

  • Yukin blushed as she held his head and his ears turned red again then heard the question "what.. Yeah.. I fine I thought I heard something maybe.. " and he was quiet again as he stated hearing whispering and his ears twitched more "do you guys not hear that... It sounds like whispering.. " he pulled away and stood up looking around

  • Atticus stood up as well, getting in front of his sister. Something was off. Very off. "Yukin, no we don't hear anything. What are the voices saying?" He asked.

    Validehi knew something was up, and she did not like it one bit. She stood up and peaked her head from behind Atticus, looking at Yukin. "It's that damn orb, it has to be. Yukin, I told you not to touch it!" She said.

  • Yukin looked at them "what... You guys are kidding everyone right.. That you don't hear the whispering... Like it's pretty much yelling now.. " and then he felt a sharp pain in his head and held it yelling, he stumbling back

  • Atticus growled, and yelled at Yukin. "C'mon Yukon, stop the foolery. You aren't funny right now, we are worried for you. NO we don't hear shit at all! Now stop!" He said.

    Valiedehi ran over, and grabbed ahold of Yukins arm. "Atticus stop, Yukin is not the type to mess around this long. Lets get him to his palace!" She said.

    Atticus shook his head no. "Not until he spills what the hell the voices he's imagining are screaming about!" He said.

  • he suddenly stopped as he was looking down a shadow covered his face so you couldn't see his expression. Suddenly his hair started changing to black, and the air around them started picking up and the trees started to loom over them "I'm afraid... Your friend is mine now.. " said a different voice that wasn't Yukins

  • Atticus quickly cooped Validehi into his arms and backed away. His main propriety was keeping his sister safe. Valideihs eyes grew big as she watched Yukin vanish. "Stupid orb! Get off of him, now!" She shouted. Atticus covered his sisters mouth. "Were you in that globe thing orb thing?"He asked.

  • Yukin looked at the his usual green and blue eye were now a bright red and he smirked "awe what's wrong.. You worried about your dear little elf friend... Well don't you worry about him... We are going to have some fun and I will take good care of him... Now let's test out what he has to do. " he smirked and his eyes glowed and he raised a hand and giant vines sprouted up from the ground and Alameda down near the twins.

  • Atticus put Validehi, and looked at her. "Go find Salem now. He needs to know somethings got ahold of his son. I'll handle this asshole." He said before looked at Yukin. "Sorry, we don't like you, we want Yukin back and he probably doesn't like you." He said as his hands set on fire, and he shot a few fireballs toward the vines, burning them up. "C'mon try harder!" He teased. smirking.

    Valoehis ran off, and bursted into the palace asking around for Salem. One of the guards told her he was in his study, so she ran into it. Out of breath when she got in there, it took her a second to finally say anything. "SALEM!...oh gosh....Yukin...he's been possessed or something." She said.

  • Yukin smirked "oh oh the big bad fire brother wants to be the hero... " his eyes flashed admit started drizljng at first before pouring down raining. He smirked and he'd out his hand and summoned a blade and smirked "let's fight.. "

    Salem was working on something and jumped a little as she busted through the door "wait what... " HR got up and was worried "take me to him now.. "

  • Validehi knew if they did not hurry, Atticus would lose his temper and transform. Theres no telling how far he'd go then to kill Yukin if he pissed Atticus off enough. While she lead Salem out, she explained what had happened.

    Atticus smirked, "I've always been the hero for my sister, what do you mean? This is nothing new." He said as his body lit into blue flames. ''lets dance indeed.'' he said.

  • the evil Yukin smirked and ran forward and went to slash at him with the blade. The rain had picked up and it looked like it was raining curtains and getting hard to see

    Salem noticed "the hell.. It was just nice and sunny.. " he was mumbling to himself as he continued followjng after the female twin. And listened to her

  • Atticus squinted his eyes as the rain picked up. it could hardly see. as he moved around. he soon felt a blade cut the side of his arm and he screamed out.

    Validehi got to them and pointed to the two. ''they are fighting.." she said

  • Yukin laughed at that and continued aiming his slashes at the male. 'why don't you just stand in one spot so I can slit your throat easier... "

    Salem stopped and looked at the scene "Yukin.. Yukin snap out of it..! " and he raised his hand and a vine caught him and held him in place

  • Once Yukin was in place, Atticus stopped himself from blowing fire into his friends face. He then looked at Salem, "thanks." he said.

    Validehi frowned. "He is not going to snap out of it Salem. Something got a hold of him. I need to see whats goin on inside his head..when he is tied down." She said.

  • Salem wasn't listening to the two at the moment as he looked at his son "Yukin.. " Yukin laughed and glared at them and his eyes glowed as the plants started to decay "you think this will stop me... Not a chance.." he was soon free and leaped up onto a tree "our fight will continue... " he smirked and left on a giant leaf