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  • ❧❧ lemonpaw groaned, as his usually soft and chipper expression twisted into a frustrated scowl. he was hopeless at hunting. hopeless. so much so that he dreaded the days he would have to work on his crouch or anything of that sort. sparring was much more fun. sparring was much more natural. and yeah, perhaps that was moons of experience speaking, but the tomcat had always just enjoyed the struggle for victory and gaining the upper paw. in hunting it was just landing on some lousy frog and dragging its slimy slick hide back to camp.

    sniffing the air once again, lemonpaw wasn’t sure if he was hopeful or dismayed to have caught whiff of an actual rodent. he glanced around, and pinpointed the location a small brown mouse. there. his blue eyes narrowed to slits, and he eased into a crouch as he crept forward. his wiry tail twitched, and the apprentice opened his jaws in anticipation. determination took hold of the seal point, and without wasting a second, he sprung forward.

    .. much too early.

    the oriental landed clumsily with his paws mere inches from the mouse, which tore off with frantic squeals of alarm.

    lemonpaw gave chase, but the small thing was smart and hadn’t strayed too far from its home. it ducked away into a small burrow in the ground, leaving a panting and fuming lemonpaw to glare at the too-small entrance. great stars, he just couldn’t get this right..!!





    shadowclan + apprentice + 9 moons + 1/3 of the three muskaqueers + storage + penned by aurenh

  • owlflight

    shadowclan - deputy - male - 15 moons - tags

    Owlflight had watched as the apprentice struggled. A scowl on his lips as he leaped forward too soon, the mouse getting away in the end. A familiar memory of his own apprenticeship had stuck in his mind. The days before everything had gone...awry. From what the chocolate tabby could tell, Lemonpaw was definitely a scrappy tom. One that would could end up wanting in your corner if things went wrong. The deputy padded forward, his rustic gaze resting on the oriental feline. His soft cobalt irises held a sadness, an anger.

    The bengal padded forward, a soft smile resting on his maw. His mate, Briarthorn, was his mentor. However, this was just a guiding paw. He had taken Percy's life and in return felt a responsibility to help guide Lemonpaw and his siblings. A life for a life. "You almost had it. Mice are fast. Sometimes I can't even catch them." A little white lie never hurt anyone, right? "I will say you jumped a little too soon, but hey. Better than I was when I was starting as an apprentice. Fell down and watched the frog get away." That had been when he was training himself before he had been given Sorrelstar as a mentor. A delicate laugh escaped him, calm and cheerful. "Now, what do you say to having a little bit of help? Maybe we could go on a hunting patrol together?"