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  • With all of the changes that were coming to the Circle, Lethe found it relaxing to take a seat and knit. She was by no means actually good at knitting, though... in fact she was quite the opposite. While she told everyone that her hobby was knitting, and she did knit, she was far from the best. Like... really far. In fact, the margay was deep in concentration with some red yarn and two knitting needles. It didn't look like she had made any progress - or that she knew how to knit in general - but she seemed pleased with her progress, smiling every now and then as the thread passed through the needles. But that was all. She didn't actually knit the thread into anything substantial, it just stayed the same.

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  • Champagne hadn’t relaxed since the change, hadn’t sat down to do anything other than prepare. Rather that be gathering with NPC’s to prepare them from war or hosting training sessions and discussions. He’d been doing more than he had to, but he had to pull the weight that others had been letting fall. The wolf was sore, his paws were languid and his head hung low drowsily. He made his way back to camp entering through until he reached the common room. He smelt of the woods, of limber and faintly of animal blood. He hadn’t been training today, much rather he’d been feeding. Secluding himself to one of the lesser known areas of the forest and drinking his fill without prying eyes watching him.

    It disturbed him immensely and he was on his way to hide in his room. To try and forget but instead he spotted Lethe who seemed to be fiddling with a red thread. It had to be red didn’t it? Out of curiosity he went up to her, standing in front of the chair. ”afternoon Lethe. What are you making?” he figured she just started as it didn’t look like anything. Just unshapen string.




  • While Magi's past times consisted of painting, and string instrumental, he found Lethe's rather... rather unbelievable. He was no good at knitting himself, and didn't want to prove himself any better than her, however Lethe's "skill" was well, questionable. The shepherd at first was eyeing what she was doing at a distance, but upon Champagne approaching her, he thought he'd pop in and join as well. His eyes still lingering on her... knitting... he came over and took a sit, cocking a brow as he watched. "I see you are quite enjoying zhat... string." He'd say, his lips curled in slight amusement. She didn't even look like she was making anything, and that was quite sad.



  • Champagne's appearance made Lethe tense at first, but she quickly attempted to relax. It wasn't his fault he was sticking with his sister. Even if they didn't agree on how things were going... he was still her friend. She still trusted him. And he didn't seem to harbor any ill-will towards her so far. Maybe she was being too biased, to the point she was even holding it against the others. The thought disheartened her. "I'm knitting a scarf, of course! I'm halfway done," Lethe would say to Cham, her voice bright and betraying none of the animosity that she felt. At Magi's comment, she scowled a bit. "It's not just a string, you know! It's a scarf! It'll keep you warm during this winter," she continued, picking up the half of the string that she considered 'done' and holding it up as if it was more than just one string of red yarn.

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  • — rapier couldn’t see how that piece of string was in any way supposed to resemble a scarf. he’d never even seen a scarf, he wouldn’t know what to compare it to. "er... knitting? you sure you know what you’re doing there?" his skepticism was clear as he took a seat beside magi, watching the margay as she enthusiastically continued her task. he couldn’t quite understand how everyone seemed to be so easy going and laid back around here. he didn’t understand how they could possibly even feel the motivation, or determination to do these types of things. were they really that confident in themselves?



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