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    "I've given you so many chances, but you've really done it now boy." Those very the words that led to his current situation. The words that meant that he had truly fucked up this time. Taking place in the skies of Heaven was a scenario that appeared as though a father was yelling at his troublesome son. Though, in this case, the one that was scolding the "son" was God, while the child was an angel. A nervous sigh escaped from the winged creature's lips as he refused to meet the bright deity's fiery gaze. He could practically feel them scorching into his body as they were as hotter than the sun. Rather than defending his case, he helplessly shuffled his forepaws together. He knew that he had been given a lot of opportunities to redeem himself; he knew that he was in the wrong and had this coming. There was no way to save his case since he had been the one that had gotten himself into this mess. He was the one that had ignored the cries of a mortal and failed to save them in time. Rather than staying within the vicinity of the area like he had been instructed to do, the angel had chosen to stray away to mess around with his other co-workers. Not only had he proved to his creator that he was not mature enough to take on his own responsibilities but he had also disappointed his God. That had been the last strike for the powerful being as he already had a past of multiple offenses. Unlike the other times he had messed up, he genuinely felt guilty this time. The reckless youth knew that he was at fault but dared to ask his creator for another chance. He promised the powerful entity that this was going to be his last offense and that he was going to do his best to make them proud. Bowing his head low to the ground, he begged the older creature to forgive him one last time. They could count on him to not screw up anymore. He promised them this. Though unfortunately for him, his promises were nothing but spoken words to God. It was as they were used to hearing the same thing over and over again from the wildcat. Rather than giving him a pass, the Lord decided to give him a punishment. That said punishment was to strip the male of his rank as an archangel, one of the highest classes in the hierarchy of angels. Although the entity had done nothing to physically hurt him, it felt as if they had punched him hard in the gut. They were demoting him? Did they not realize how much effort he had put into being an archangel? He had worked his ass off to become one so why had it come to this? Before he could give them his opinion about the sentence, God had already made up their mind. "From now on, you will no longer have your position as an archangel as you have proved to be unworthy to be a part of my team." the mysterious being growled out. They stomped a forepaw onto the arm of their golden throne as they resumed their proclamation. "Your name, Cassiel, shall be changed to something of little importance as you have done nothing but harm." they continued on. It was as if each word was crashing down on top of his body, stacking onto each other before they eventually crushed his body into tiny pieces. "Picayune, shall be your new name." The name was a stab to the heart. Surely they were not being serious. Picayune was a word that meant petty, worthless, and inferior. It certainly fit the situation he was in as that was what he felt about the guardian angels. They had no use and were just low-grade angels. Now, he was one of them and was unable to do anything about it. He had went from an archangel to a guardian angel in just a mere second. It had happened so quickly that the newly named boy was unable to wrap his head around it. All he knew, at the moment, was that he as fucked.

    The winged angel was not able to utter a single word as God and a few other angles made the arrangements of his punishment. His thoughts were blank and he was just barely able to hear what they were muttering to themselves. Apparently, they planned on sending him down to the mortal world so that he could have found a creature to serve as soon as possible. The thought was frustrating to the male. He had to serve someone that was an animal other than God. How shameful. Having one master was bad enough and now he needed to babysit some brat. What a pain in the ass. After God made their preparations with their advisers, they eventually turned to stare down at him in dismay. He was not able to tell, since he could not look up at them, but there was a hint of sympathy in their mighty gaze. They might have been pitying him a little as they uttered in the softest tone, "If you are able to successfully assist this mortal, I will grant you your name and rank back." Although they did not directly say it, Picayune knew that it was their way of giving him a second chance. They had a tiny ounce of faith left in them and that was more than enough for the desperate angel. He figured he should have been grateful that he was not sharing the same fate as the mortal he had accidentally killed. Nodding his head in response to God's remark, he seated himself in front of the beautiful entity and waited for them to send him off to the mortal world. God stared at him for a moment longer before they blew a gust of wind at him, resulting in him being engulfed by the clouds. As his body began to disappear, he could have sworn he had heard his Lord wish him good luck. His pale silver eyes subconsciously closed and before he could get some rest, he had already arrived at the unknown territory. He let out a gasp of air as his paws landed onto the hard solid ground. A few things he had already noticed in the span of five minutes was that he could really feel the environment, meaning that all of his senses were enhanced here. There was certainly a difference between this world and Heaven as he was used to living up in the skies. Here, everything was so...strong. It was too the point where he wanted to throw up. Glancing over to the left side of his body, he saw that God had sent his sword with him. At least that was one advantage he had here. He supposed it was so that he would not have gotten himself killed out here. Nonetheless, he still had his angel powers as his super senses had been activated the moment he had gotten here. The long haired feline bit the bottom of his lip as he looked down at his paws. Another note he took was that he was no longer a lion anymore, at least he did not think so as his paws were a completely different hue from his past body. They had gone from a pure white to a charcoal black color. He was only able to get a look at himself when he found a pond that was close by. Peering into the water, he let out a small gasp as he stumbled back in surprise. Looking back at him was the face of the mortal that had been murdered thanks to him. There was no doubt about it. It was the same black cat that had been wearing that stupid looking hat. This had been the body of the boy that had once been alive, Craig Tucker. A shiver ran down his body as he analyzed his surroundings. Dammit. What the hell was he supposed to do now? He had no food, no one he knew, and no home. Picayune was all alone.

    "Alright Cassiel---." before he could resume speaking, he caught himself. Shit, he had forgotten that Cassiel was not his name anymore. It was Picayune now. He tried to let his new alias role off his tongue but no matter how hard he tried, he could not get himself to say it. "---er, uh, Yune." He decided that was good enough. In times like these, he found it helpful to talk to himself as it calmed his nerves. "All you have to do is find a contractor that can take you in as their guardian angel. After that, they can provide you with everything you need to live for the time being." the siberian cat mewed to himself in a reassuring tone. Hah, if only it were that easy. The rules of the contract was that he could not just choose any fool to be his contractor. They had to be someone "special" or some shit like that. It was a bond that was formed through the compatibility of an angel and a mortal, which meant that he had to search carefully for his future master. He let out a sigh before he grabbed the small sword by the handle and carried it in his jaws. For now, he figured he might as well search for that said contractor. Whoever the creature was should not have been too far from here, right? Surely God would not have been cruel enough to make him walk all the way to the other side of the world. Actually, there was a possibility that might have been the case. His porcelain whiskers twitched up and down in frustration as he sauntered around the terrain. It felt as though he were on a deserted island as there did not seem to be anyone around. There were just some woodland creatures scurrying about, some returning to their homes. His light blue luminaries narrowed into icy slits when the word crossed his mind again. Home. This place was never going to be that for him, not even in a million years. Even if this had once been his past life's home, he still felt uneasy here. His mortal self might have found solace here but he was now the spirit of an angel. Now that he had lived as an angel for so long, he had nearly forgotten the memories of his past form. If only there was something he could use to help him right now. An example would have been the layout of the world. What was this world called? What sort of animals lived here? The intuitive wildcat carefully made his way up a steep grassy hill as he thought to himself. Breathing in the cool, misty air and listening to the rhythmic chirps of the birds in the sky was helping him get a grasp of the area. Something he appreciated about this place was that it was quiet and peaceful. It almost reminded him of Heaven, aside from the lack of clouds and winged beings. It was also a lot less bright here. He took one more step forward and eventually found himself standing at the top of the hill. It was not a big accomplishment but for some reason, he felt a rush of energy flow through his body. It had nothing to do with his powers; it was just an emotion he felt. He was not sure to think of it but the feeling was as if he was one step closer to his goal, like everything was going to be okay somehow. The ex-archangel almost let out a snort at how cheesy the idea was. And just was he was about to take another step further, his sharp senses immediately spotted the obvious trap on the ground. It looked like an ordinary patch of grass on the outside but it was clear to him that there was a ditch beneath it. Someone was obviously trying to trap a creature, whether it was prey or another being.

    Picayune huffed as he eyed the shitty trap in disdain. Only a moron would have fallen for something so stupid. He shook his head and simply went around the trap, avoiding it with ease. The chullo hat wearing tom resumed his trek through the territory until something caught him off guard. Out of nowhere, a large creature pushed him with so much force that it nearly sucked the life out of him. It's large paws managed to push him onto the ground, resulting in a trap going off. By the time he had regained his focus, he realized he was stuck in a net that was hanging from a branch. The trap must have been activated after the creature he had pushed him onto it. Perhaps they had not been expecting for him to avoid their previous trap. Dammit. As he tried to see through the holes in the net, the loud cackling noises of three animals caught his eye. They were a couple of loners that consisted of a fox and two raccoons. The annoying trio was rolling on the floor laughing as if it was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their lives. "Hey! Get me out of here, you assholes." he growled out, his voice oozing with venom. Instead of feeling scared or worried about the state he was in, he was furious for falling into their trap. This was so stupid. Had he really been caught by these imbeciles? He let out a hiss as he tried to use his claws to rip the net. The tight ropes did not seem to be budging. If only he had his lion body right now. His current form made him feel so helpless and weak compared to the other one. "Fucking hell..." Judging from their sizes, he assumed the fox was the one that had pushed him into the net. They seemed to be the biggest out of the three and gave off the vibe that he was their head. "Don't bother trying to escape. A meek little kitty like you can't do shit on our net. The only way you'll be able to get out is for someone else to help you. Though...I guess that isn't plausible right now since there isn't anyone around to save your weak ass! Bwahaha!" The red and white fox giggled hysterically, his minions laughing along with them at their boss' joke. Picayune rolled his pale blue orbs in irritation while he searched around for his sword. It did not appear to be here with him. He had probably dropped it during the fall he had taken. The siberian cat surveyed the terrain until he saw that one of the raccoons had something in their hands. Was that his sword? The fuck? The fox seemed to have caught on to what he was looking at as a smirk crossed their lips. "What? Ya lookin' for this bad boy? It's quite the beauty, huh? I decided to add it to my collection of treasures. Get a good look at it since it'll be the last time you'll see it." Picayune clenched his teeth together as he watched the fox wave the sword around while it was in their jaws. "Anyways, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm afraid the date's over. Toodaloo~" Waving a paw in the air, the mischievous creature winked at the domestic feline before it sprinted away from the crime scene with the raccoons. He sighed as he watched them run off like the cowards that they were, more ashamed in himself than anything else. The mission had only just started and he had already messed up. "Just wait till I get my claws on you, you jerks." he muttered under his breath. The angel planned on getting his revenge but there was a huge obstacle blocking his way. How the hell was he going to get himself out of here?