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    -----> Within the darkness, a semblance of movement. To any creatue foolishly still awake past their bedtime, it'd seem impossible. Nothing could be seen in the shadows upon shadows. But still, a soft pad of tiny paws would ring mutely to only the most strained ears. A whisk of a tail, waving with exitement. An occasional flash of ivory, unmistakably sharp fangs pulled into a devilish grin. But most notably were her eyes. Somehow they glowed. A bright neon gold accompanied by a warm chocolate brown laced with a ring of brimstone. Unique eyes that could only be found on one individual within the Shadow Veil clan.

    Her name was Ambrosiakit.

    Darker than the night the girl stood in the middle of the massive room. One of the few still standing, she squinted in the dark as she turned her gaze around. Despite her lack of sight -or rather especially because of it- she imagined herself surrounded by the gazes of her clan-mates. Eyes wide with respect and adoration. Faces beaming with pride that their figurehead was so great. So honorable. So noble and strong.


    Raising her chin, she puffed out her chest, loving in the adoration. She'd reach this place - that place. She'd make it big, make Lastbastion proud.

    Prove herself to be more than just a kit.

    More than just a bastard child.

    She remembered when she found out.

    When she had tried to practice her hunting skills, following her mother's scent. She had planned on pouncing on the female when, from the shadows. Listening to Nore, so happy and hopeful, a longing she'd never heard before in her voice. She wanted her own little family, she'd said. As if Ambi and Rainkit...hadn't...come from them.

    Ambrosiakit remembered the confusion, an aching sting in her chest. She had run off then, and demanded the nearest elder for information.

    What had happened during her birth?

    Who were her moms?

    Who was she?

    The hugging and cuddling she had once enjoyed with her moms stopped. She looked at Nore more and more with distaste rather than love. She had raised Ambi, loved her, but she was not her daughter. She was not the 'complete' family Nore wanted.

    And when that family was born? Eleven new competitions. Ambi lost one mom, she was...terrified...she'd lose another.

    Standing now in the middle of the meeting room, basking in imaginary cheers and pride, she imagined Lastbastion padding to meet her. Touch her nose to her forehead. Telling her how proud she was.

    Her Ambrosiakit.

    " SPEECH "


  • They did not understand a lot about those who lived short lives, things like empathy and concern often flying over their head more often than not. They did not see things like others did, did not do anything for the benefit of anyone but themselves, not so much because they were actively selfish, simply because they did not see it as a goal worthy of following. Everyone with such short lifespans would die before their impact could make a difference, would die before Lirim could truly establish any sort of connection that would mean anything to them. Small creatures like Ambi were concerned with things that Lirim found petty and unimportant... but it was always so intriguing to watch and observe these emotions.

    It did not bother them that they would not feel these kinds of things, it was only further reason for them to study each minute change that mortal creatures exhibited, to get to know these emotions inside out until they could tell what someone was thinking by nothing more than a subtle twitch of their eye, a small shift in their expression, a clench in their jaw. It was useful information when you did not know how to express anything, yourself. They could use it to pretend, could use it to appear like they cared when, in reality, they could feel no such thing.

    But it was a learning process, even if they already had a vast array of emotions they understood at their disposal. They did not, however, understand what the child was doing, watching her from the shadows, trying to pick up on her emotions but finding they were unable to do so clearly. There was hope... perhaps even a mix of anxiety or the feeling of self-depreciation, but they could not put a finger on it... and so, after a moment of silently observing, they finally spoke up, forgetting that it might spook the child as their presence had not been clearly established before she had closed her eyes.

    "What are you doing?"

    「 I'm a darkness growing, I'm a violent sea 」

    when I come and cut you down, you'll know that it's me — tags

  • It is the first time that Connie has seen the resident cryptid of the Veil - catching the edge of her attention away from Ambi. There's something... Wrong about them, something that sets Connie's nerves on edge as she catches subtle shifts and changes. Their form is a puzzle that her brain cannot solve, trying to draw comparisons and place them firmly within a category but it doesn't work.

    Before long, she is pointedly avoiding trying to look at Lirim. Eldritch beings are not supposed to be regarded by mortals and Connie does not want to fall into that trap. Madness is not a fitting look for a young lady.

    "Are you feeling okay Miss?" She still feels uncomfortable addressing clanmates by their names, perhaps it would probably be better to be less distant here. Unfortunately, Contresixte is not an affectionate or emotional girl, and formal distance was the best that Connie could offer. About on par as Lirim's casual and curious observations maybe.




    -----> //retro to Lirium's attack cus uh, girl's feelings are gon be a lot diffrent with him now ;3

    Being seemingly made of shadow herself, she was often the one scaring other people than the otherway around. When Lirium spoke up from the gloom, though. Ambi would jump into the air, startled. She'd whip around, squinting intot he dark for the darkly monster. " Lirium? Is that you? " she'd puff out her cheeks, feeling them heat up as she registered his inquiry.

    She'd deliberately come out during the night in order to avoid this kind of interaction. She'd had...a tough night, and when she had bad nights she liked to stand here in the great room and pretend she was leader for a bit. But that wasn't something she wanted to tell the morphing creature- or to anyone, really. So she'd mumble a half-answer before exclaiming, What're YOU doing out here? Don't you sleep? " it wasn't meant to be harsh, but it came out sounding as such with her fluster. She'd hesitate, before sighing and apologizing, " Sorry - I just - I was - "

    Before she could finish, out from the shadows came Connie. Was no one sleeping tonight!? Cheeks awash in a red that was thankfully invisible beneath her dark fur, she'd huff loudly. " Yes I'm fine! I was just... " she looked aorund the great room, thoughtful to keep her words from the truth, but realistic. " Playing...? Yeah, I was playing! Haven't you ever played in the dark when you were a kid? IT's to practice nightvision, y'know. "

    " SPEECH "