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  • "CLANWIDE MEET AN' GREET." comes thunderclap call, sharp, sharp upon the crackling of tongue as forth steps creature of flames and battle. a jumble of new faces have come to the lulling of wintry meadow lands in the goings ons of two weeks, and chicagocrimes finds self falling behind in the change as time trickles on at steadying pace. she recognizes few nowadays, each person a figure of interest as the utter and distinct foreigness of them all stands strong.

    idly, she sometimes wonders if they view her the same way- supposed leader, leaving no mark of familiarity upon the others, no real impression and so because of this, she spits the call to gather, "i figured it's time we get a lil bit more familiar wit' one another, since there's a couple o' new faces runnin' about. so! tell us three things about yerself, along wit' yer name an' that." simple enough, right? she puts self into a sitting position, leaning onto haunches with lavender eyes wide and curious, glinting as they sweep across the features of each being pushing forth at her day. "i'll start. 'm chicagocrimes, leader o' this place. i do a lil bit o' whittlin' 'ere an' there, but it's been a hot minute since then. i've been around fer a while, long enough ta help found this very group we're all callin' ourselves. oh an' uh, i was born in volary flights so- that's a thing." chica shrugs at the end of her words, little tidbits of herself thrown out into the world with but half of a care.

    ooc: hey, hi, hello! i figured with all the new faces and the winter break and cetera, we could kind of sit around and get to know each other a little bit more ahh. so why don't we all tell each other something about ourselves? i'm pure and i play chica here, who can be really terrible if given the chance agdhs i'm sorry about her. she's the only character i'm actively playing at the moment, though. i tend to hide around in my storage or my friends storages on the site because whoops, i'm shy. off the site, i'm on my last year of high school! i like to draw in my spare time and hopefully, i'll be accepted into a certain art institute that i've set my sights on!


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  • Chica's call draws forth the pale green deputy whose eyes are oft half-lidded with an tiredness that seeped into his soul and marrow. Her calling usually meant it was time for an meeting but none of the sort is the reason she calls. She calls to have the clan gather to introduce themselves and to get to know one another - an healthy little gathering to bond somewhat and the attempt is appreciated somewhere in Val even though he doesn't look too enthusiastic as of this current moment. He settles near, the Newt listening quietly as Chicagocrimes starts off with herself and lists of tidbits of information about herself that Val may or may not have known previously... He learned the last time something like this was held that Chica was the founder of the Sanctuary. To think the hellish woman has been around since then... Wow.

    He blinks slowly in awe, learning something new. Chica's home is with HawkClan, now Volary Flights. He hadn't thought that... Oh, suddenly it was his turn to speak. The doberman stands, stub of a tail twitching faintly as he bumbled through his own introduction. "I'm Val, and I'm the deputy here. I'm an adventurer, so I've seen a whole lot of places in recent months. If you want to hear any good stories, uh... come to me, I guess. I have... twelve sisters, no brothers - and I'm the eldest. I'm from an island off of the north-east coast of Asia back on Earth, Japan, so I guess that makes me Japanese." The matcha colored doberman manages a smile near the end, an customary sort of smile - the kind that doesn't quite reach his eyes - as his introduction comes to an end. He sits down promptly afterward, pierced ears giving an flutter as he looks for the next person to introduce themselves.

    / legit forgot that this was an ooc meet and greet as well hh, i'm tired and dumb.

    anyway hello, i'm yakan! i play val in the sanctuary while i have characters in just about every other clan in the main game. i love animals, so i'm going to study to be an wildlife biologist when i get to college! i also draw, dance, and write short-stories about my original characters! as you can see, i'm pretty forgetful and sleepy but i swear i'm usually more organized than this lmao. i've been on the site for several years now, so if you're confused about something i guess it's alright to ask me - reminder: i'm pretty dumb though, haha

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  • Finn was new, but not too new. He'd been around from time to time for several moons. He just hadn't been a member of general society, or so it seemed. Perhaps he'd paid too much attention to his kale in the long run. It was Phineas' way of doing things, to dedicate all of his time to them and ignore just about everything else. The only hinge of his plan to not socialize with the Sanctuary being his kale's ultimate demise in the winter blizzards. It was that very accident that led him to meeting their leader, Chica. And now, the rest of the notable members of the Sanctuary.

    Chica whittled, that was a new one. Then again this Val was an entirely new person. A person from Earth.


    Finn hadn't met anyone from Earth that he'd known of. Nobody ever really spoke of it. Finn was Agrelos born-and-raised. A traveller, just as this Val guy, but never an explorer of what Fnn could only call some kind of alternate dimension. What even was Japan? Or Asia? The knowledge never served the little winged serval, so it'd never came up. Perhaps he could interrogate Val to learn more about Earth. Ya, that'd be cool. Like, astronaut kind of cool.

    Sitting amongst his elders Phineas projected a large grin as he stated, "Hi, I'm Phineas, but you call can call me Finn. I'm an apprentice here, but I also live in the Cartel and ColouredClan with my dad and a few siblings. Ah, I like swimming and eating chicken".

    'Yet you have no talent.'

    Well, that was harsh. Nevertheless, Finn kept up his happy demeanor, much unlike his neighbor doberman. Finn didn't always have the highest self confidence. But, he was sure that his dreamless and talentless self would find something they'd love to do eventually. It was only a matter of time.

    [ooc; yo, i'm grace. sorta new to the sanctuary, but i'm glad to be here. phineas is one of my two currently active characters, the other of which is lycus in the dark dynasty. i've had many characters here over the years but i always leave the site... just to come back later i cant escape. i actually plan to play at least 1 character for the entirety of 2019 and then kill them off next january, just so i can finally complete one character arc and be done w/it. we'll see if lycus or phineas survives xD. i'm in my freshman year of college studying international affairs & political science -- minoring in asian studies & mandarin chinese. i wanna be an american foreign service officer. i love kpop and am a relatively okay dancer, i also draw. also, finally got my photoshop fixed so i maaaay be drawin' some of ya'lls characters soon.]

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  • Poison had been a member of the Sanctuary for some time before his kids started toddling in after him. It was the first Clan he joined of the three that he was now presently in, but it was probably the one that he spent the least amount of time in. He went to the Cartel when he wanted to be with the majority of his children, or when he needed to do business with clients, and in ColouredClan he had just knocked up the leader and had to fend off her angry son while also cleaning up from the blizzard. So the Sanctuary had fallen low on the list, but that didn't mean that he didn't give a shit. He just had a lot to handle, but he loved being busy. He loved feeling important.

    "The name's Partypoison, but you can call me Party, or Poison, or if you wanna make up some other nickname for me, knock yourself out," the somali greeted as he rested beside his son. "And I'm this kiddo's dad. You can call me a he or a they, whatever makes you more comfortable, but despite my reputation as a cassanova, I am not in fact a man." He shrugged off the idea casually. "I'm also a Blueblood in ColouredClan and an Executor in the Cartel, so if I'm not here, I'm probably in one of those two places. I was born in some no man's land in the desert by the Sanguine Ruins, but I just kinda wandered till I wound up here. Pleasure to meet ya."

    //hello!! I'm singingmousai, or riley if you know me from any of the millions of catsite discords I'm in lmao. I have a total of eight other active characters besides party right now, inc. narcissus in the bhr and zeppelin in the dark dynasty and valhalla. I'm in my last year of high school and I'm hearing back from all of the art schools I applied to right now! I've been on and off on catsite since like the eighth grade but I think the time between my last stint and my return has been the longest break I've taken. not ashamed to say that I'm still very emo/alternative in the year of our lord 2019, and I kinda have a concert addiction. also if you don't know how to refer to me, I use they/them and he/him pronouns! happy to be here with yall <33



  • The star-lover grinned as she heard about the meet and greet. It was always lovely to know your peers better, she thought. Besides, she adored being here, why not try and get a little closer to her dear pals? Or, heck, even make some of them an actual pal!

    With large paws to the ground the purple dragon greeted everyone with a small chirp, settling to listen to everyone's introductions. She was careful not to knock anyone or anything as she waited her own turn.

    She wasn't half as interesting as some of these guys, but, what was wrong with that? She was content just being her! Plus, it meant she could be ever prouder of them all! And, goodness, was she ever proud.

    Perking up the furred dragon smiled.

    "Hi, hello! I'm Dreaming Skies, or Dream if you want! I'm...technically pretty old! Uhm... I was born far off from here, but, I'm really glad I wandered here when I did!" she wasn't sure what to say, now that it came down to it.

    "I... love the stars and the sky, they sort to me, I guess! Uhh... I'm a good swimmer, but I'm super bad at running! I look all awkward like a stone arch with legs!"

    Not much else about her.

    //Hewwo!! I'm Tallow! I'm here there and nowhere sometimes! I've got a lotta characters and have no self control when it comes to making more so at least i can fill up litters i guess! I'm mostly active with Therion in the Veil and Josh in Solaris! my two asshole sons.

    Umm! Well, I like drawin' writin' and the Vibeo Games! And I'm full of love, I'll have you know! So if you ever need someone to just say theyre proud of you I'm always here!!! I love you guys !!! I'm not the most interesting person!