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  • I'm not new to FF! I have been around to WCRPG, since 2013; I just need help on getting myself acclimated to the new site. Like, where should I rp (clans?? groups?? help me pls) what should I rp (animals? are we still doing cats?) and what everyone still finds fun around here. Also, I see that there's a new 'power' drop down slot thing and I have no idea how to navigate anything.

    I haven't actively roleplayed in a really long time but I want to get back into it!

  • Hey, welcome back! We're so glad you're here. :)

    1. The site is split into three categories. Traditional, Agrelos, and Free RP. Free RP has not changed - humans, anime, werewolves, etc. No Clans, just assorted threads. Agrelos is the former Main Game, aka the Extended Game - all the Clans and groups that used to be called ThunderClan, SunClan, DarkClan, etc. Some of them just now have new names - the Sanguine Ruins, Shadow Veil, etc. If you want to know what happened to a specific group you should ask by name. Any real-world species is allowed here, plus a few others. Check out this article for more on the animals you can play (and yes, many people still do cats). I recommend reading the whole Codex for all information on Agrelos. Finally, Traditional is Warriors RP; it's Clans from the books (plus DarkClan and the Tribe). It is strictly limited to cats, and if it didn't happen in the books, it can't happen in Trad. People find Agrelos, Free RP, and Trad fun!

    2. The Power dropdown menu comes from "using" powers when you "buy" them from the Inventory Store. They're free, but you need to 'buy' and then click 'use' to show that they don't total over 100%. Every power has a percentage attached; your total numbers of powers can't add up to more than 100%.

    3. Subaccounts are now called linked accounts, and you'll need an admin to help with that! Frostsoul   Alakritous

    If you have any more questions, please let me know! I'd be happy to help you. :D

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  • Popping in to say welcome back & also Traditional is my personal favorite place to roleplay! If you were a fan of the Warriors books, I highly recommend giving it a shot - most who try it out absolutely love it.

    & on the topic of linked accounts, the creation for them is now different, too. We have a wonderful guide HERE for your reference.

    ( welcome to wonderland )

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    PM me for any help-related questions, including aid navigating the site, wondering how to join the main game, or if you just need a friend! My PM box is always open to newcomers! :)


  • Welcome back! It is neat when older members return. I'd recommend DarkClan or WindClan as of traditional! For the technical things, Any and Mer have already covered that. All I can do now is give you a warm welcome and


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  • Thank you!! It seems like the “extended game” or where I used to rp has gone kind of inactive, but I was here when traditional was first introduced and it kind of reminded me of 2013 and before WCRPG so I think I’ll give that a try. Thank you!

  • I think I knew you back in those 2013-2014 days in ThunderClan, Rylie. Your name sounds familiar ... I played Skydreamer back then. I currently rebooted her in traditional ThunderClan as Skypaw. I like the traditional rp a lot, so you should definitely check it out.

  • Hey! Welcome back (:

    I had Cryptidstudy in thunderclan, I remember Solitary!

    If you go to trad, I recommend thunderclan! Theres a plot going on with riverclan about taking sunningrocks, and the forest is burned down so there is tons of angst


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