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  • Since he'd joined WindClan, Wolfsbane had become increasing comfortable with sleeping under the stars. Although there were perfectly good dens, few of the warriors and apprentices chose to use them. When he'd questioned the tradition, a rather snooty elder had explained that being as WindClan was closest to StarClan, they slept with nothing between them and the stars. (Wolfsbane's opinion on this answer had been influenced by his opinion on StarClan in general: starry ancestors were fine and all, but he spent enough time worshipping Liverpool when the tom was alive. He didn't plan on worshipping him after he died, too.) On the colder nights, the Clan would sometimes huddle for warmth, and no matter his opinion on sleeping outdoors, Wolfsbane had to reluctantly admit that he enjoyed being part of a fur-pile.

    It had started snowing the previous night, and fur-pile or no fur-pile, the chocolate and white tom didn't intend on sleeping in the snow. The rest of the warriors were free to continue being batty, but he intended to rest in the warrior den. A few others had agreed with him, and as he'd curled up, Wolfsbane had silently breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that he and Flint had spent the previous morning repairing the roof of the warrior's den.

    The night passed uneventfully. Outside, the snow glittered, and as it grew heavier, a few other warriors joined Wolfsbane in the cramped den. The sun was just starting to rise, heralding a new day, when the roof of the warrior den gave a loud groan. Wolfs shifted in his sleep, uncomfortable, only to spring awake when the groaning increased and the roof gave way under the weight of the snow.

    As snow and sticks tumbled down, Wolfsbane bent his head, only rising when the air had stilled. Only half of the roof had caved in, he noticed—the half he'd been working on. Letting out a loud sigh, he surveyed the wreckage and asked, "Everyone okay?" No one would be buried beneath the snow, right? It wasn't deep enough for that, unless they were as short as Tort. Oh. Where had the tortie chosen to sleep?



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    Sleep wasn't always easiest to come by, having grown used to sleeping with his kits at his belly in the nursery. Moving back to the warriors' den when they'd grown to be apprentices was hard, but Cowspots was managing. He kept close to his friends, fidgeted in his sleep, missing their warmth and the feeling of keeping them safe. When the sun began peeking through the roof overhead, he stirred as though he'd slept lightly. However, an unearthly moan caused him to wake more quickly than normal, eyes widening as the sky overhead began to cave in and collapse into the den. He gasped, leaping out of the way though still finding his fur splashed with snow. Shaking off the cold feeling, the warrior glanced to Wolfsbane, offering a quick, "I'm fine," before feeling his gut wrench for his best friends, needing to know they were safe with a ferocity he hadn't quite expected. "Morningfrost? Ivynose? Are you safe?"

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  • With his new position came a new den, and he wasn't so sure how he felt about that. Sure, he always slept either alongside Sparrowsong or later, by himself, but he hadn't lived in a true den since he was a child. It reminded him of the city, of the stone rooms they lived in, and the fear and pain that came with those memories.

    Not good to be remembering them now. With the new information that the two toms were stolen from their real family, he wasn't sure if it made those long past memories worse or better.

    It was no matter, as he was lying down, just barely starting to nod off when he heard a loud sound, jolting him awake. Getting up to go out and look around, his blood froze as he saw the warrior's den caved in from the snow. Granted, not that many warriors used it, but there was enough that he feared. He crossed the camp and dug, quickly freeing NPC from the snow and watching as she turned to help him. "Is everyone alright? Who's all in here?" He called from the outside, digging the snow and branches off another NPC warrior with his powerful paws.



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    He was actually at peace for once, no longer thinking one of these giant horse-cats were going to kill him in his sleep. His dreams were filled with vibrant grass, happy trilling birds, a squirrel had actually with no fear handed him an acorn, he was about to stutter out a ‘thanks’ -

    When suddenly he was rudely awakened by a mountain load of snow burying him completely. Panic insued, and he kicked and thrashed trying to find his way out. The small tom’s heart hammered in his chest, feeling as if it leaped into his throat. I don’t want to die! Moon help me!



    While frantically searching for his friends, heart clenching uncomfortably in his chest, Cowspots caught the struggle of another cat under a patch of snow. Immediately, he began working furiously to uncover Halfeyes, plunging his muzzle in to aim to help haul him out by his scruff. He didn't want to injure him but he didn't want him trapped, so he was careful not to pull too hard. All the while, he couldn't help the sick feeling from not seeing Morningfrost yet. 'Why can't I settle down? Why can't I stop thinking about them?' he shook in his head as he examined his Clanmate, freshly-pulled from the snow. "Are you okay, Halfeyes? Are you injured anywhere?" fretted the tom, concern glistening in his eyes despite his attention pulled elsewhere.

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  • waking up to a heap of cold snow falling on top of him wasn't exactly what ivynose had been expecting, the snow almost suffocating him as he began thrashing around to get out from it. starclan, what happened? why has the snow fallen in here? did something happen to the den? of course this happened the one night that he chose to not bear the cold. ivynose could hear muffled voices - probably those of people outside, surveying everything, and the warriors who, like him, had been buried underneath the snow. the tom wouldn't be under there for much longer, however, as his head soon broke the surface of the snow, wide green eyes looking panicked as he shook the snow off of his head.

    he wormed his way out of the snow, snow sticking to his fur and contrasting greatly against the ebony colour. not even waiting a second to shake the snow off of him, he turned right back to the pile of snow that had now replaced the warrior's den, at least half of it. "oh, no," he murmured worriedly, knowing that there were still several others under there, including morningfrost most likely. "i'm coming, i'm coming," he was saying, mostly to himself as he hurried to start digging at the snow, trying to find other warriors who had been buried.

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    TAGS ☆彡morningfrost was by no means small, but he wasn't exactly a giant, either. he was muscular, but also lean. perhaps he could be considered dainty, when looked at in the right light. he's never really considered himself in such a way, but he felt the height differences the moment that the snow had fallen. it wasn't as though he had been asleep, however, when the incident had happened, but he hadn't had time to react, either. as fate would've had it, he had been going to get up quietly, and sneak out, but he hadn't even moved a muscle when the snow collapsed.

    panic crawled along his spine, doubtful sparks entering his heart. having something be over his head, and all around him, suffocating him, reminded him too clearly of his dip in the water. he's had several dips in the water, actually, and none of them had been pleasant. perhaps psychologically those experiences had scarred him, but not enough to make him useless. he pulls himself out of the snow, throwing himself ungracefully out of the collapse, into the shade of the section that hadn't actually collapsed like the other part had been.

    his mind is still on the snow, and how it had surrounded him. he's still catching his breath now, loosely shaking snow off of his blue pelt. as his senses return to him, he glances carefully around, as if scared to see someone's carcass or someone he cared about harmed. his relief was momentary, as he spotted both ivynose and cowspots. he went to call out to them, but all that came out was a slight sneeze. warily rubbing his nose, he can't help but sigh, giving the snow a testily placed look. who's missing? he'd infer, to nobody in particular.

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  • But I need some sleep

    'Cause I cannot see, what you can see so easily

    Flint had been sleeping peacefully enough on his side of the den - without Mouse or Eagle, he'd been slowly butted to the outside of the den by warriors taking his previous sleeping spot night after night. He typically got back in later than the others did, so that was only to be expected. As were the cold nights cursing Eagle's new rank and the fact that he couldn't go sleep in the nursery by Mouse on account of not being a parent or taking care of kits of his own. It left his shoulder cold and on most nights he pressed it against the bedding beneath him to try to keep it warm. So yes, the cold was to be expected at night.

    What wasn't expected was suddenly being jarringly awoken by it in the morning, but that was exactly what happened. Flint should have been one of the first ones to notice the flaw in the roofing, and he cursed himself while still being buried under piles of snow, clenching his chattering teeth and trying to ignore the suddenly throbbing pain in his shoulder. It still hadn't quite healed from the fire, and it left the skin raw and vulnerable to sudden temperature changes. Should have known, he thought, as he made a choked vocalization in the back of his throat that only sent more snow toppling down on top of him, but he'd been sluggish here lately. Tired more easily, losing track of important objects..

    Those kinds of things.

    He should have probably checked Wolfsbane's side of the roof - and that was no doubt his fault, as he felt the painful, tingling numbness set into his shoulder scar. It was an ache that spread and made his teeth chatter obviously, fur as on end as it could get as he tried to extract himself in vain from the snowy drift. Breathing in harshly, he groaned as he pulled on his leg, before yelping - yes, yelping - as more snow fell on top of him. It effectively buried him even further and he let his head fall back with a soft crinkling noise against the snow. He probably wasn't going to be able to get out under his own power, and his chest constricted, glassy eyes looking up at the pure darkness surrounding him.

    He was a mess. Flint wasn't even able to get out a snow-drift under his own power, all because what, he was tired? He hadn't slept properly? Eagle probably didn't have that kind of issue, and he grit his teeth. All of his thoughts seemed to go back to the distance between him and Eagle here lately, and it was starting to get on his nerves.

    He got it, okay? He'd not be nearly as strong as Eagle or Wolfsbane, or nearly as smart as Mouse or some of the other cats - but he at least should have been able to get out of the snow-drift on his own. That's why when he saw light pouring in from holes being made in the snow, he tried to rise again under his own power, frozen paws scrabbling in the snow and--

    He was just being over-dramatic, wasn't he? The snow didn't affect others nearly as much, but as the final layer was cleared away, and his glassy eyes looked up at his rescuer, his mouth a little bit open as he panted from exertion, he locked eyes with Rapidfoot. "Quite the way to start the morning, huh?" The other tom asked with a crooked half smile full of confidence, and Flint couldn't help but send him a shaky one back - even though he didn't honestly feel like it. He felt like he'd been hit over the head with a branch again, and standing up was a dizzy affair with lots of sliding on slush and weak legs.

    He felt exhausted and drained and the morning had only just begun. Clearing his throat against the scratchy feeling that had only gotten worse as he stepped out of the way of those trying to dig others out, he rubbed his paws against the bedding left, trying to rub some feeling back into them - when Rapidfoot's paws came on top of his. "Want some help?" He asked, still smiling, and Flint sent him a considering look. Did he really want help from Rapidfoot?

    It looked like he wasn't going to have much of a choice in the matter, because the other was already rubbing feeling back into Flint's scarred paws. "Thanks-" Flint started, before Rapidfoot barreled over his words completely with a whisper. Like he was keeping a secret - like he was asking something forbidden that was literally in the worst possible place to ask. Which, it literally was all of those things, so Flint was at least grateful that he whispered. Flint snapped his paws back and out of the way as soon as he heard the words.

    "Where did these come from?"

    He was not going to open that nest of vipers this morning, thank you very much, and the withering glare he sent Rapidfoot could have roasted the snow if it were a tangible thing. "Thanks, Rapidfoot. I've got it from here," he said before turning back to look at the mess beside Wolfsbane, immune to the eyes on his back as he stepped up beside the larger tom. "Right, once everyone's dug out of the snow, we'll need to clear it away."

    He announced this as he stepped forward to dig out an NPC with his numb paws, ear twitching to get stray snow off of it, before turning to look at the other cats. "If you guys think you feel sick after all this by the way, you should go get checked out at the medicine cat's den. Even though idiots don't tend to catch colds, we don't want to take any chances with as cold as it's been."

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    A heavy breath of relief left his maw at Ivynose's voice. Thank StarClan he was okay, but what about Morningfrost? No later had the thought come across, still helping out Halfeyes, than he caught a glimpse of his familiar blue fur, followed by a strong voice. Cowspots smiled, now feeling better at the knowledge his friends were okay. 'Just friends,' he reminded himself forcefully, trying to wipe the struck look off his face.

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  • I was meant to be yours — tags

    This had been one of the few nights that Wolfheart had not gone on one of her infamous moon high walks. She had been becoming more and more exhausted as the days passed, the weariness form her youth had slowly been creeping back into her concious since her friends had begun to disappear, and for once her paws were too tired to walk. It would appear that this decision would prove to be a bad one. Wolfheart had been deep in sleep, so exhausted that not even the groan from the unstable roof had not stirred her awake. The only thing that kind of woke her up, was the cold that was suddenly splashed onto her from the snow, and then the THUNK of a particularly heavy piece of branch hit her head and knocked her unconcious, buried in the snow. She would make no sound, and her dark gray fur was covered in the coldness of the snow, the only thing cats would see once they started to clear away the brambles and branches would be the very tip of her ear.

    "We were made to be one..."