Call of the wild // Leaving - Disappearance

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Skelter thought his sickness was a common cold, he believed it was nothing. A simple illness that would pass, but that wasn’t the case his syntomns had disappeared yet he felt a strange yearning in his chest. As if he was being pulled by a kind of magnet. It called out to him begged him, and he listened. Because as civilized as he was he had to listen to his instincts. His pencil dropped from his talon as he shook, biting his lip as he stared down at the words. He hoped mom would understand, he hoped she wouldn’t be made. He hoped no one would hate him, he may not be an adult but he had a destiny elsewhere. A dragon wasn’t meant to love in closed quarters, he’d outgrown the place and needed to find territory elsewhere. To make a name for himself. He’d never forget anyone here, never forget how they raised him. Burn hw couldn’t stay.

    He would always remember them, even when he was old and wizened. He would name countless dragonets after them, tell them stories of his childhood and the small woman who raised them and his large former tribe filled with all kinds of species. He would smile softly as his grandkids crawled over his massive form, tears twinkling in his eyes as he remembered their faces even centuries into the future. Skelter was young now, he had so much to do, so much to be. He couldn’t be anything here. The dragon stared down at the paper before sighing and leaving the room, trying his best not to cry. He snuck out of the castle until he was in the meadow. And without a second though he flew for the first time, rising into the air higher and higher until he was gone. Leaving everything and everyone behind.

    The last reminded had been a note, scrabbly and messy written on yellowing ancient paper: “Mom thank you so much for raising me but we could never live together. Please don’t cry, I’ll be fine out here so smile for my sake. Maybe one day I’ll visit, but if I don’t I will always remember you. I will remember all of you, so make sure you tell the others I love them to okay?”

    ~ Your dear son Skelter”


  • //oof track I'll reply once Anc sees the note