A VERy great plotting thread

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  • Might as well have one on this board

    Compared to some of my other characters I don’t have much going on with her. Just that she’s trying to distance herself from her former occupation as a mercenary. So I want to get her more relationships as well as some more plots going for her until I can kick off something big with her.

    So fire away ;))

  • Yesss, she's lowkey going to be so concerned over her and the cubs. I could see her trying to step in to teach the cubs how to be civilized as well as hunting when they're older (she's taught one little freak before so why not the rest)

    But for an interaction thread Ver could be trying to help her out/sooth her by trying to get her to settle into the BHR for a while until she's fully shed and the cubs can move around again because Grace does her a heck of a concern when she just ups and leaves because she thinks she can't take care of herself still sbfbsfuysb, She still sees her more as a kid than y'know an adult who's older than her with kids.

  • omg I love Gramillion so much!

    It's fully because Grace trusts Ver and considers her apart of her Wyer. Like she sees Ver as her mother XD

    Who makes?

  • ver is just out here, stealing everyone's kids, giving them the best life -

    also,,, we need a thread,,,, i think i offered to make one but i wanted to be sure u still wanted it

  • it’s free real estate

    They definitely do! I feel so bad for trashy-boy because there’s gonna be some thinly veiled angst ehehehe. I’d really appreciate if you could make it but I have no problem making it if you are short on time c:


    Yess please, they need to delinquent friends for sure. I’m chill with a regular interaction thread, who’s should make.