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  • It had taken a while, and yet the child had finally made the decision to come see his mother's other home and learn about the people here, as well as what the place was like. He had ventured onto the territory without much hesitation, having decided that since this was one of his mother's homes, he was welcome here without question. Now, there was no way for him to know if that was true or not, though he didn't seem to be all too concerned with the possibility of being confronted by someone who lived here. The wolf paused for a moment, sniffing at the ground as he tried to figure out exactly which way he should actually be going right now to find his way to the more populated areas of the territory.

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    It was quite unusual for Nana to come across any faces around here. Of course there had been some few joiners little here and there but none of them seemed to stick around for long. How come he in the first place was here himself was because of the birds. The prince had a huge love for wings to be more exact and since all sort of birds lived here had this fantastic opportunity to watch this birds wings whenever he wanted to. However if there would exist some other sort of reason for sticking around here then perhaps it was because the freedom he felt whenever he was here. Out here he was just Nana something he not normally could allow himself to be. Out on his daily flight though the catsune happend to spot the white wolf further down on the ground. Wondering what had brought this guest to Volary flights territory the prince would fly himself down there so he could land right in front of this young pup. " Well hello there little one, what brings you to Volary flights today hmh?." he asked sweetly as he took in his wings. Nathaniel wasn't that special fond of children founding them to be more troublesome then actually helpful but that was not something he openly would let others know about.

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