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  • Territory


    Every morning Meadowclan sends its first patrol out at dawn.

    Meadowclans predators are



    Also, Meadowclan try's to stay away from the wild horses goats and sheep... Meadowclan cats never go into the tall mountains because there have been rumors of Sharp tooths


    Meadowclan often hunts fish, so this is their main hunting grounds. The prey that Meadowclan catches usually consists of-











    And sometimes kits will catch large bugs like grahonflys


    This is where all of Meadowclans dens are. Meadowclan lives in old rabbit hole that the Warriors have dug out making a small hole for the entrance and once entered, is much wider and deeper. All the dens are filled with moss, dry flowers, and leaves. Every den is underground in Meadowclan, and all of them except for the Nursery has a tunnel that leads to the other dens.




    [34 cats]

    Leader: Blossomstar  WhiteTailTheWarrior  

    Deputy: Cherrydawn  Lava  

    Medicine cat 1/3:

    Tansyfern  WhiteTailTheWarrior  

    Maplespots Insanityflame  

    Medicine cat Apprentices 0/3:



    Lavafluff  Lava  

    Silverfrost broken-feather  

    Sycamorewhisker ~~~Dusk~~~  

    Honeystream Larchstorm

    ShimmeringLake CantSleep

    Morningcry NEBBY.  

    Darkstone  NEBBY.  

    Sandthroat Rontu  

    Missingecho Thehowlingwolf  

    Pineshadow Insanityflame  

    Crowmask cataclysm!  

    Wolfcry Scarletfox  


    Smokepaw Larchstorm

    CrystalPaw WhiteTailTheWarrior  

    Dovepaw WhiteTailTheWarrior  

    Branchpaw Jayfrost  

    Shiningpaw  broken-feather  

    Frostpaw broken-feather  

    Goatpaw tanglefire3000

    Valerainpaw Insanityflame  

    Coyotepaw Fernheart  



    Pebblewhisker Insanityflame  

    Nursery carers:

    Heatherblade Smoothpaw  

    Larkthroat cataclysm!  


    LarkKit broken-feather  

    Duskkit Insanityflame  

    Echokit ~~~Dusk~~~  

    Thistlekit Fernheart  

    Fernkit Fernheart  

    Nightkit cataclysm!  



    Acorn: mother to Coyotepaw Thorn Lily and mate to Salt

    Thorn: brother to Coyotepaw Lily and son to Salt and Acorn

    Salt:Father to Coyotepaw Thorn Lily and mate to Acorn

    Silverclaw: Tansyferns brother

    Dawnface: Blossomstar and Maplespots sister

    Oakpaws: Cherrydawn and Pineshadows brother

    Shadepaw: brother to Crowpaw and son to Featherfern

    Crowpaw: brother to Shadepaw and son to Featherfern

    Moth: Father to Heatherblade Sunberry Stripeface Specklefawn and mate to Lavenderpelt

    Lavenderpelt: mother to Heatherblade Sunberry Stripeface Specklefawn and mate to Moth

    Sunberry: brother to Specklefawn Stripeface Heatherblade and son to Lavapenderpelt and Moth


    current name

    past name(s)

    future name(s)




    desired rank




    love interest



    other kin





    = means mother or father of kits

    < means left cat likes right cat

    > means right cat likes left cat

    & means right and left cat both like each other

    + means mates

    ~ means mentor

    Mothers & fathers:

    Shimmeringlake=Dovepaw Crystalpaw Branchpaw Shiningpaw

    Featherfrost=Shadepaw Crowpaw Smokepaw

    Lavenderpelt=Heatherblade Specklefawn Sunberry Stripeface
    Pebblewhisker=Duskkit Nightkit















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    Bordering clans:

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  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…l_from_Gatil_Ragbelas.jpg

    current name Blossomstar

    past name(s) Blosssomkit Blossompaw Blossomheart

    future name(s) none

    gender she-cat

    age 46 moons

    rank Leader

    desired rank none

    personality Blossomstar is a very bold cat and she will risk anything for her clan, she also loves to have meetings and to talk. She often finds it amazing to watch kits grow and play

    history Blossomstar mother was Meadowstar, when Meadowstar died She put Blossomheart as new leader scence she wanted one of her kits to be Leader after her, Blossomheart being the most mature of the three was made leader.

    mate open

    love interest open

    sexuality heterosexual

    family Maplespots-brother-adoptable


    Meadowstar-mother- deceased

    other kin Cherrydawn-cousin- Smoothpaw  

    friends Cherrydawn and Dovepaw

    enemies none


  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…otic_Shorthair_Kitten.jpg

    current name Tansyfern

    past name(s) Tansy

    future name(s) none

    gender she-cat

    age 56 moons

    rank Medicine cat

    desired rank none

    personality Tansyfern can be stern and grumpy but she is also very serious. Whenever a cat is injured or something wrong she is the perfect cat to have around.

    history Tansyfern used to be a rogue called Tansy, she had a kitty-pet mate, and when she had her two kits, one died at birth, the other disappeared one day when she was around 6 moons old. (One of you guys can make Tansyferns daughter and let her join the clan)

    mate Clover

    love interest none

    sexuality heterosexual

    family Dawn-kit-deceased




    other kin none

    friends none

    enemies none


  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…a/File%3ASnowyandHazy.jpg (Crystalpaw is the white one, but she has blue eyes.)

    current name Crystalpaw

    past name(s)Crystalkit

    future name(s) Crystalcloud

    gender she-cat

    age 6 moons

    rank apprentice

    desired rank warrior

    personality Crystalpaw is very adventurous and curious. She can also be a tad shy at first, but once she gets to know the cat a bit better she instantly starts to talk to them.

    history When Crystalpaw was a kit she was born in Flameclan, but her mother and father split up, so her mother was taking her and her sibling to Meadowclan but she got lost on the way and WhiteTail her half brother found her and brought her back. Eventually she left Flameclan to join her kin in Meadowclan and was made a apprentice there.

    mate none

    love interest open

    sexuality heterosexual

    family Shimmeringlake-mother-adoptable

    Dovepaw-sister- WhiteTailTheWarrior

    Shiningpaw-sister- @Brokenfeather

    Branchpaw-brother- Jayfrost  

    other kin

    RavenWing-father-used to be a warrior left to be a kitty pet

    WhiteTail-half brother- Flameclan warrior

    Fawnpaw-half sister-deceased

    Bumblepaw-half brother-deceased

    Clover-half sister- kitty pet

    Swan-half sister-kitty pet

    friends Dovepaw

    enemies none



    current name Dovepaw

    past name(s) Dovekit

    future name(s) Dovesplash

    gender she-cat

    age 6 moons

    rank apprentice

    desired rank Deputy

    personality Dovepaw is shy and keeps to herself a lot, except for when she is by her best friend Crystalpaw the sisters are always together doing stuff. And Dovepaw personality changed a bit from being by Crystalpaw to a bit of curiousness.

    history Dovepaw was taken to Meadowclan when she was a kit.

    mate none

    love interest small crush on Goatpaw

    sexuality heterosexual

    family Crystalpaw-sister- WhiteTailTheWarrior  

    Shiningpaw-sister- broken-feather

    Branchpaw-brother- Jayfrost

    other kin

    RavenWing-father-used to be a warrior left to be a kitty pet

    WhiteTail-half brother- Flameclan warrior

    Fawnpaw-half sister-deceased

    Bumblepaw-half brother-deceased

    Clover-half sister- kitty pet

    Swan-half sister-kitty pet

    friends Crystalpaw

    enemies none


  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…ile%3ABex_Arabian_Mau.jpg

    current name Lavafluff

    past name(s) Lavakit Lavapaw

    future name(s) none

    gender tom

    age 27 moons

    rank warrior

    desired rank none

    personality Lavafluff is very serious and can be strict at times but he cares for his apprentice deeply and wants to see her become the best warrior she can

    history Lavafluff was born in the clan. Pretty normal

    mate open

    love interest open

    sexuality heterosexual

    family Sparkflame-mother-deceased


    other kin none

    friends none

    enemies none


  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…3A20050922AmarilloRes.jpg

    current name Cherrydawn

    past name(s) Cherrykit Cherrypaw

    future name(s) Cherrystar

    gender she-cat

    age 45 moons

    rank deputy

    desired rank leader

    personality Cherrydawn is a very bright and cheery cat, she always loves to encourage other cats and lift their spirits.

    history Cherrydawns father died by a Sharptooth before she was born, and her mother went out on a patrol one day and never came back.

    mate open

    love interest open

    sexuality heterosexual


    Mothpelt-mother-unknown if dead or alive




    other kin Blossomstar-cousin-Whitetailthewarrior

    friends Everyone in the clan

    enemies none


  • :-\~~~WillSomebody_LetMeSeeTheLightWithinTheDarkTreesShadowing?_What'sHappenin'?~~~:-\



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  • 27415805d5faf270ba98df55eaa3142f.jpg

    current name: Honeystream

    past name(s): Honeykit, Honeypaw

    future name(s): TBD

    gender: She cat

    age: 14 moons

    rank: warrior

    desired rank: content, just wants to do the best for the clan

    personality: Honeystream is a level headed and loyal she cat who would do anything for the clan and her brother. She has always been very headstrong and although it takes quite a bit to make her angry she has never been afraid to get in the face of a cat who seems to be disrespectful towards those she is close to and/or senior warriors.

    history: She was born and raised in the clan with her brother, Berrystorm, to two warriors called Roseshade and Redtuft, when she was born she and her brother had another sibling, a little she cat that they had named at the time Amberkit, but she had only survived one short day before she passed away due to lack of oxygen. From the beginning Honeystream, well Honeykit at the time, was a very steadfast she cat who was very motivated and when she became an apprentice that strengthened her steadfast nature. Although she was an apprentice her parents tended to be overprotective over her due to them losing their other daughter while the way they tended to raise Berrypaw they had given him, at least in Honeypaw's eyes and mind, much more leniency and trust than they did with Honeypaw. This had caused Honeypaw to do her best to steer clear of her parents and deceive them whenever she went to practice her battle training, she had considered herself very lucky to still be at least have a relationship with her brother, though it is very strained at the moment. When she and her brother had been made warriors she gained the name Honeystream for her resilient and headstrong nature especially in battle, which the leader made sure to point out much to her parents dismay and shock as they had never seen her fight let alone raise a paw to any cat. Now as a warrior she still tries to distant herself from her parents whenever she gets the chance, though they have backed off slightly, they still try to hover over her at times.

    mate: none at the moment

    love interest: Open

    sexuality: heterosexual


    other kin: very open for anyone who wants a relative!

    friends: Open

    enemies: Open

    Other: none

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…_a_black_domestic_cat.jpg

    current name Larkkit

    past name(s)lark

    future name(s)lakrpaw,larkflight

    gender shecat-

    age 2 moons

    rank kit

    desired rank warrior or deputy

    personality energetic,friendly,ticked off at mid fight,curious,sweet

    history mother and father used to be kitty pets, one day lark was in the backyard with her mother (Lilly)and sister (frosty) stumbled down the stairs lark found a hole in the fence and she was always curious so she went through the hole and because there was a little stream by her house she found a dragonfly and followed it then when it got away she couldn't find her way back to her house so when she was looking for her house she didn't have a clue where she was going and stumbled in the forest and went across the border and a patrol found her.

    mate none (of course)

    love interest open ( of course)

    sexuality heterosexual

    family mother:Lilly sister:frosty father:sliver brother: no name

    other kin sister mother father brother died at birth

    friends Meadowstar

    enemies none

    Other I read the rules


    current name Shiningpaw

    past name(s) Shiningkit

    future name(s) Shiningdawn

    gender she-cat

    age 6 moons

    rank apprentice

    desired rank warrior

    personality sweet talkative and vey interacting

    history same as her sisters

    mate none

    love interest open

    sexuality heterosexual

    family same as her sisters

    other kin same as her sisters

    friends Branchpaw Lavafluff

    enemies none

    Other I read the rules


    current name Silverfrost

    past name(s)sliverkit,silverpaw

    future name(s)

    gender tom

    age 15

    rank warrior

    desired rank deputy or leader

    personality kind,understanding,listening,loving

    history father was rouge mother was kittypet brother died half a moon old and other brother died from a sickness

    mate looking

    love interest gonna wait in till more people join

    sexuality heterosexual

    family mother sugar father stripe brother leaf brother cloud

    other kin grandmother misty

    friends everyone in meadow clan and father

    enemies of Meadowclan

    Other I read the rules


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  • thank you for tagging me!! i’d love to join!! :3

    current name goatpaw

    past name(s) goatkit

    future name(s) Is it okay to just wait and let the leader decide? I’ll change it if it isn’t.

    gender tom (he/him)

    age 10 moons

    rank apprentice

    desired rank warrior (kind of hopes to become leader someday)

    personality Goatpaw is an eager apprentice, but he’s very patient and attentive. Many cats have remarked on his maturity, despite his young age. He also tends to be a bit of a romantic, typically falling head over tail for a variety of cats his own age.

    history Goatpaw was born and raised in MeadowClan.

    mate a little too young for that!

    love interest open for development

    sexuality straight

    family open!!

    other kin open!!

    friends will develop

    enemies may develop?? he is typically very accepting of others.

    Other Meadowstar!!

    edit: forgot the picture!! it’s under the spoiler warning!!