Lucifer's Children [birthing]

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    Away from her territory. Away from her Wyer. Away from the food supply of the river and her traps. The fact that she has traps shows she isn't 100% feral. More like.... 95%. Anyways! The pantheric dragon has made a nest somewhere in the BlizzardClan territory. Grace was in pain, and it made her body scratch at her stomach. The pain reminded her of the pain she once had in her face... WHEN she had a face. The scratching has caused an open wound on her belly, staining her pearly white claws of her hind legs.

    She moved through the trees to her nest she built within a bramble thicket, blood trailing behind her. She kept growling in her panther/gator hiss and cooed every now and then. Pregnancy was strange for her, she felt bloated and tired and felt more mature. She was more protective. More... Assertive. She now knows what she wants, and thanks to a certain winged and horned canine, she can hunt too. A hunting mother of soon to be four ferals. A soon to be feral Wyer. And that would lead to more ferals and that will lead to an expanding territory of her. Grace will soon become Chieftain of a feral dragon group. Unless... Unless Lucifer came and joined her and lead them. If Lucifer was this new Wyer's Chieftain, they might not end up a target of the Black Heart Rouges and BlizzardClan.

    Another searing pain erupted inside of the galactic dragon and she fell to the ground, clawing up guess and earth in pawfuls. Practically crawling, the dug up grass and dirt mixed with her open wounds on her belly and sides, causing her more pain. Tears ran down the yellowed skull of the beast, following the claw marks carved into the bone from long ago. It ran along these crevasses until it reached the end of her skull and fell to the ground. Blood pooled around her as she paused for breath. This was by far the worst pain she felt in her life.

    Ten minutes pass and a moment of calm washes over Grace. She picks herself up and walks into the thicket where soft leaves and pliable branches woven together to form a soft nest. A blanket of sorts lined the inner parts of the branch, as so no harm will come to the cublings as they crawl around. No branches stabbing out their closed eyes! The stary pink maned dragon curled up and began grooming herself until finally, four eggs come out of her one by one. Now how long until the eggs hatch? Well considering she carried the eggs for a few months the children should be pretty developed. Now, if the father was also a dragon, these eggs would have came out of her months go and today would be hatching as an actual dragon and not some half lion half genetically modified dragon.



    ─ It seemed as if Kôkhabîêl was going to be the first one to emerge from one of the eggs. It wasn't a slow process, as might be expected, but instead was rather sudden. Ko burst forth from the egg, having used horns to crack the shell before turning around to escape from the confining structure. Within moments, the hybrid cub had crawled from the remains of the egg towards the injured dragon that would be known as the mother to four children as soon as she was discovered. The starry child was already at Grace's side, curling up near her in an attempt to draw as much heat to stay warm as possible.



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    an explosion happened. The sound of an egg cracking and tearing apart startled the new mom. Her rounded ears perked as her first child emerged from the eggs she has carried for a few months. Hence why her activity was so low.

    So with the sudden hatching, the drained mother flinched. But laying her stary purple eyes with her white ringed pupils, she gazed upon her stary child. A soft coo came from her throat and her tongue slithered out of her throat and licked the currently maneless neck of the blue child. Their small ram horns peaked her interest but, she didn't mine. She herself had JUST been beginning to grow HER horns and spikes. Just little nubs at the moment. The skull faced mother reached down to her first of four and nuzzled their face. There was no feeling in her face, but her eyes and ears could feel the oncoming heat of the tiny feral. Grace lifted her back leg and hissed in pain, but she pulled her child who Lucifer would name Kôkhabîêl close to her belly so they would get more heat from the soft scaled and furry dragon queen.


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ The egg was impossibly big, it envelopes him in darkness and he felt so small so insignificant. He’d felt something change, as if some impulse had begun to awake in his new mind. It told him to escape to burst out and make his debut. The little creature had things to do, prey to hunt, fun to be had. His time in the egg was done and though his languid small paws were weak and limp he managed to push him through. His tiny claws slicing through the egg shell as he pushed his bone like head through. Light flooded his senses and he squeaked his weak Hearn jerking backwards as the egg rolled onto its side. He slumped forward his mid section out ornament the egg as more clicking chirps came from the newborn. Northstar was born. He tried to pick himself up but his body was to large and he was so heavy. He began to crawl slowly to his sisters side, pushing with all his might with his paws.


    [ penned by Kedamono ]

  • Quick Note: Grace is about to go through Shedding which will introduce her dragon features. If you want your child to inherit this feature then your cubling will look like a normal cub until they reach 2 years! O.o


    by rhybbear / TAGS UNFINISHED

    another cracking came and she merely opened her eyes and turned her ears in the direction. Upon seeing the child was like looking into a mirror. The dragon blinked her eyes tightly to make sure she wasn't seeing things.




    No, he knew full well that his 'mate' was due. He had been keeping an eye on her from a distance. Not wanting her to be scared or get aggressive. But, now there was eggs and hatching and he slipped over slowly. Ears twitching a bit as she was still likely on edge. He would offer a soft coo to her before lowering his head to look over the two that seemed to be here.

    Then it clicked that she would not be able to name him. So, he decided to do so. Keeping a soft, and calm, tone. "Welcome to the world Kôkhabîêl. You as well, Northstar." Those names seemed fitting and he offered a warm look to both kids and mother. Waiting with baited breath for the other two to hatch.


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    ✧✧✧ — the queen heard pawsteps and a threatening growl erupted from her. Around her paws, purple fire began to grow. Pink fur... The fire faded and she stood up, causing both of her children to flop onto the ground. Grace pushed through the brambles and looked up at Lucifer. She doesn't know him. She met him and mated with him. But something about him made her feel powerful. He made her feel strong. With a soft gaze, she thought with a soft and clear voice. Hello... Our children, they're beautiful! When she thought of the word beautiful, a purr came from her. Closing the galactic eyes, she nuzzled him arched her back so that his neck fluff would mix with hers. As she did so, it rubbed off a patch of her own fur to reveal soft, leathery scales. It was true. Grace was a dragon. And she was due to shed her baby skin finally at the mark of two years. Once she fully sheds, her dragon features will come.

    Grace let the length of her body press against him. Not only to show her affection for the male, but to begin to strip her fur off so she could shed. Moving back inside the brambles, she flopped down and pulled the two newly named children to her body.


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    So she was an Aunt now? A proper Aunt? The seraphinus family was growing each month now and it filled Kady's heart with joy. While she didn't know who Lucifer's partner was, she was still excited about the children nevertheless. "Congrats to you both." Kady says gently while keeping her distance from the pair. She wanted to give them their privacy. Especially since she did not know this feral female. Instead she'll just properly congratulate Lucifer privately when given the chance.

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    -- With two of the people he cared about in the same place, of course Gabriel would show up rather quickly. As he came closer, however, he noticed the mother, as well as two young hybrids and a couple of unhatched eggs. Seeing the way Lucifer was sitting close to watch over the children, he connected the pieces in his mind. "Congratulations," he said softly to his brother, though the sentiment was extended to Grace as well.



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