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    formally yiisoo

    *hardly active, probably cranky

    yoyo, i'm lyn (formally yiisoo). i consider myself one of those grumpy college students who never sleeps and is forever studying. i'm currently attending a local community college (bc i'm broke) and majoring in science. the end goal is to become a veterinary surgeon. currently, i'm working as a hostess to pay for my video game addiction. i'm absolutely in love with astronomy along with other things such as ancient egypt, ancient greece, and pretty much anything to do with the 18th and 19th century. outside of my interests, i'm the proud mother of two doggies: a german shepherd/lab mix and a rescue border collie. i also have two cats who have been apart of my family since i was a child. i shall share photographs! just don't tell me how much they look like me. =P

    my lair (the site) and hunting grounds (characters)

    i'm one of the few feline geneticists here on feralfront. come pay us a visit in the genetics board. genetics is a huge passion of mine so if you ever have any questions or want to discuss them, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. i'm also a former staff member here and now apart of the (un)mod squad. I stepped down sometime in 2018 to commit to real-life things (gross). despite that, i'm always happy to help you if ya need it. to my characters! (yay) i don't actively roleplay anymore, but when i have the time: i have two characters! diego, a spanish explorer in the blackheart rogues and branchkit (branchfur) in traditional darkclan. i've played dozens of characters since 2013 (probably even earlier than that). just some honorable mentions:

    - dakota salvum

    - chesspieces

    - chiriacosummit

    - lombardy brides

  • tell them all I know now

    shout it from the roof-tops

    write it on the


    all we had is gone now

    tell them I was happy

    and my heart is broken

  • introduction to storytelling

    khan academy course

    exercise 1: expressing memories

    think of a memory that you remember vividly. why can you think of it so easily? try connecting one or more emotions to that memory. now, express it. tell someone! can you make them feel how you felt? write it down! do the emotions come out in your words? draw it using only lines and shapes.

    the day that comes most vividly to mind is the day my great aunt passed away. i knew the end was coming for her as family had been coming out for months to visit and say their goodbyes. i hadn't really been around much as we had gotten into a fight a few months before she started going downhill. when i think about it, it hurts me even more. we fought over the stupidest thing - something about politics, something my teacher had said, and the mourning of america. i wasn't even in the mood to start talking more about it or expressing how i felt, i had just been speaking my mind on something i had found amusing. she, apparently, didn't find it as funny as i. i remember her pointing at me as she spoke. i still remember feeling butterflies in my stomach and being on the verge of tears even as i walked away. trapped, cornered like a dog who just chewed up the furniture, is really the feeling i felt. she found out later how i felt, she apologized, and we hugged it out, but i was still mad. so mad that i still didn't go visit her even in her final days. my mind was telling me she would die any day, but my heart was screaming she would live for a while. long enough for me to settle my feelings on how she made me feel.

    i remember it like it was yesterday. it was in the middle of night, the day before school. my mom had called me after work and told me she was called to my grandmother's house. she was there forever and i had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something wasn't right. midnight came and went and finally, she called. my mom didn't even have to say anything for me to know what had happened. my aunt was gone. something just overcame me when silence crept over the phone. a heartbeat passed, then another, and then i was just wailing. wailing like i had just lost a piece of my soul. i didn't know her all that well. she had been away for soo long, but i just felt so guilty. guilty for holding onto this anger to her over petty shit. and just like, she was gone. i wanted to scream i was sorry and hold her close. just knowing i wouldn't be able to do that again hurt me in a way i never knew i could be hurt.

    i went to school the next day. or maybe it was a day later, and i just couldn't do it. i went to one of my teacher's classroom for lunch with my best friend and i just sat on his desk, playing with my food and staring at the wall. i broke down crying sometime then. i wasn't able to go to my next class and i just cried in the hallway for much of the period. i thank my friend for coming to check up on me during that time. he didn't say anything to me. he just sat there quietly, patiently, and let me cry on his shoulder. please don't hold petty things so close to your heart. life is short. nil desperandum.

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  • introduction to storytelling

    khan academy course

    exercise 2: your three favorite films

    pick three favorite films you would take to a deserted island. why do you think you connected with these stories? what, if anything, do these three films have in common? how are they different?

    the fast and the furious: i didn't get into the fast and the furious or its corresponding sequels until much later in my life after i had gotten my first car and just started feeling lonely as a woman. while i had these feelings going on, i don't think it was the hot guys and epic cars that pulled me into the film, but the setup of the characters. here were these characters, friends, that grew up together and had this sort of gang that ran through the streets of LA doing as they please. the crime aspect didn't bother me, i just thought: here are these people who are running around in my hometown having parties, eating dinner together like a big, happy family. why did i never get that? i was jealous, most certainly. but the movie also left me with this awe that had me wanting to make friends and have this life were everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along. the idea of my own, perfect family.

    the mummy: my first reaction to seeing the mummy was straight-up fear. i was a child then, so all i thought was that mummies were gross. however, watching this movie later, it instills a certain need for adventure in me. i've always loved to learn about ancient civilizations, especially those of egypt and the movie has made me want to pack my bags and go study the pharaohs of old. older me also learned to value all religions after watching and understanding more of the story. i've always had a hard time calling myself a christian or devoting my faith to the religion i was bought up to. however, i've always accepted there was only ever one God. i've always thought any religion that denied that was ridiculous. but, i've come to realize each religion has its own unique background and they are apart of unique cultures and have interesting counterparts that shouldn't be knocked no matter how strange they are. there's a beauty in every religion that i can respect.