take that sinner from me [sharptooth discussion]

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  • When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

    Stoneteller to-be. Stone-teller-to-be . Stone-teller tobe. There were quite a lot of way of phrasing his title, although none of them ever sounded quite right. Unfortunately, the aesthetic of the name didn’t change the roles it demanded, and thus he found himself searching for a leader-y thing to do in the meantime. Since resuming some Caveguard duties, he’d found himself drifted away from his responsibilities as the second-to-leader, and he figured that perhaps an open discussion about the heavy fog of the Sharptooth would offer both peace of mind and a chance to regain some of his status. Really, there was no reason not to do so.

    The tom made his way to the usual spot and cleared his throat, shaking his shoulders loose not unlike an actor would before a préformante.

    Of course, that was really what he was, was he not?

    Alright everyone, We all know about the Sharptooth, and the Tribe has been a little, well.. tense.. recently, and I think it would be best for us all to just take a bit to group together, and under the safety of the group, discuss what’s going on and perhaps some ideas that might aid the Tribe in the future. Firstly, the Sharptooth has been around long enough that clearly we either kill it before it kills us, or we relocate- which no one wants to do, especially after the first relocation was already to get away from the Sharptooths in the first place. Does anyone have any ideas or commentary?

    [ Comet in Night Sky since this is plot centered ]

    Revelation 9:6

    hell raising, hell raising.

    —— penned by chervani | ToRW Stoneteller | false prophet

  • Sky takes a seat a little ways from Current, rather than by his side as Stoneteller. The leader was curious to see how her To-Be would handle leading a heavy discussion such as this, and so she will hand him the reins. Just close enough to take over if it all hits the fan, so to speak.

    Wrapping her tail around snowy paws, Sky figures she'll at least help by starting the conversation.

    "Back in the old territory, we tried to kill the Sharptooth with deathberries. While it doesn't kill the thing, it does weaken it enough to be able to attack," Sky comments, "Though that won't give us much help if we can't find any in this snow."

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • Whenever Lizard saw Current, it felt as if he were staring at a god. Muscled body, sharp mind, he struggled to form words until the spell broke. [color=228b22]"Maybe all of us should train in fighting so we have a chance against it."[/color] He suggested, "Like what the Stoneteller said, if we can weaken it with deathberries, and we all ambush it at once, it's probably going to get killed." It was a very... messy idea, but the poor tabby didn't want to seem like he was just in the tribe for staring at the tribe's very own stoneteller to-be.

    "speaking in #228b22"

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    to-be of the tribe of the rushing water + avatar by redxpepper + ftm + storage + played by melo-crisis

  • Watching Current sit before the tribe like a distant god waiting to pass judgement on his followers, Robin wondered for the umpteenth time why the tom had been chosen to become the stoneteller to-be. He didn't begrudge Current his position, and he was grateful that the ToEH hadn't seen fit to promote him (Robin was very happy where he was, thanks), but had the inky male been lacking as a cave-guard that he'd become stoneteller to-be? Robin would have felt more comfortable if someone from the prey-hunter team had been chosen for the role. As one of the older cave-guards, he viewed every younger member of team as someone he was, in part, responsible for. It felt almost like a personal affront to have Current be selected for a different position.

    Well aware of how silly his feelings would sound if he shared them, Robin was careful to keep his expression neutral as he joined the trio of cats. Lizard's suggestion didn't fly with him, simply because he was too much of a traditionalist to consider swapping the tribe's neat divisions for the messy way clan cats were trained in all areas. A jack of all trade was a master of none, and a tribemember would outshine a clan cat in his chosen field any day.

    "Where would we find deathberries?" he question, gaze flickering toward Sky. "It might be worthwhile to ask one of the clans. Sharptooths aren't afraid to go after cats, though. How can we be sure it won't ignore the deathberries in favor of trying to find larger prey?"



  • When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

    [dont have time to spellcheck fair warning]

    His ears grew hot as the few NPCs that gathered exchanged glances, clearly thinking the whole thing was a bit odd. It was true, Sky tended to lead by herself, but Current found the easiest way to gain trust as a leader was to make your people feel heard and part of the conversation, especially when it involved possible deaths. The Tribe was definitely smaller than the clans, and could much less easily afford to lose anyone.

    He shuffled his paws a moment when sky made her way over, more curious than judgemental for once, and began the discussion. Although in his heart he knew she probably wasn’t doing it for his sake, it still made him feel an awfully guilty attachment forming with his mentor, one he knew he’d have to break eventually.

    She mentioned something about an herb he’d heard of before, mostly as a warning, and he nodded at the suggestion as he tried to recall what they looked like. Obviously a berry, but were the red? Maybe purple?

    Lizard’s suggestion of fight training piqued his interest, ice gaze landing on the tom with interest. he was suggesting switching to a clan format of training. Current opened his maw to speak, but Robin best him to it, drawing the toms attention away reluctantly.

    The question wasn’t intended for him, but he could answer the last part, and he hastened to do so, as well as respond to Lizard.

    We could stuff prey with deathberries perhaps?” he suggested, although he despised the idea of giving up any prey in winter.

    And Lizard, while I definitely think fight training would be useful, I doubt many of your preyhunter tribe mates would want to become caveguards suddenly, and vice versa. Perhaps we can still teach some strictly defensive stuff? just to ensure if anyone gets caught with only a few caveguards the prey hunters can defend themselves at least, but I don’t think we need to learn to fight quite yet- we haven’t actually seen the thing yet, right?

    Revelation 9:6

    hell raising, hell raising.

    —— penned by chervani | ToRW Stoneteller | false prophet