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  • [ NAME ]


    [ GENDER ]

    Intersex trans male, he was assigned female by a confused mother, and he does have female reproductive organs, despite his sex appearing ambiguous






    Shimmersong is a small lynx point siamese, with a pale gray almost white pelt and silver tabby markings on his legs, face, and tail. His fur is short, apart from his tail, which is long and featherlike. His eyes are blue, and he has a bit of a resting bitch face, despite his sensitive nature. He has large ears, and most of his features are soft and feminine. (Reference image is in my signature). He weaves flowers into his fur, wearing a large, pale blue one on his chest and several others into his tail.

    [ INJURIES ]

    — Stiff hind leg (fox attack during apprenticeship)

    — Long scar along underbelly (Hit by car during apprenticeship


    Shimmersong is a sensitive, gentle cat. He is clever and resourceful, though he tends to often act impulsively when panicking. He is cheerful and bubbly, often becoming excited over small things, such as an interesting flower or a pretty stone, and he has a tendency to pick these things up and hoard them away, going back to look at them when he's feeling down. He started a small flower garden in the ThunderClan camp, and treats his flowers with fastidious care. He has a soft spot for kits, and is fiercely protective of all of ThunderClan's young.


    Shimmersong was a former kittypet. The smallest and youngest of his litter, he was abandoned by his mother when she had trouble distinguishing his gender. She felt he was an ugly stain on her otherwise perfect life, and wanted nothing to do with the kitten, focusing all her attention on his brothers and sister instead. His twoleg owners had to bottle feed him in order for him to survive, and his mother refused to name him. As he got older, he found solace in the stories of an elderly tabby called Dennis, who spoke of wild cats living in the woods beyond his fence. Shimmersong, desperate to escape his mother's coldness and the whispers of his neighbors, chose to venture out into the forest, hoping the wild cats would accept him after his mother had failed to.


    Parents: Belle (abandoned him), Irving (status unknown), Melodyrose (adoptive mother, MIA)

    Siblings: Jingle, Stripes, Ferris

    Friends: Moonstar, Flameseeker, Sunspots, Sunflowerpaw, Cloudpaw

    Mate: Sheepskin, 1/2 of Sheepsong

    Kits: Rosekit, Smokekit, Doekit, Fleecekit, Cottonkit, Beetlekit, Harekit (adopted), Oceanpaw (adopted)


    — Will not attack without reason

    — Will not start fights

    — Will end fights

    — Might run away

    — Ok to powerplay friendly actions

    — Open to minor injury

    — Ask before capture, maim, major injury


    — Mentor at least two apprentices to warriors (0/2)

    — Captured by another clan

    — Adopt an abandoned kit/litter of kits

    — Possibly have a litter of kits (and be V E R Y anxious the entire time)

    [ MISC ]

    — Spotify playlist: Here

    — Pinterest board: Here



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