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  • Introduction:


    Technology had always seemed like a stepping stone to something great and imaginative. It would fix every woe and every hurt that humanity could ever have or invent for itself. Authors depicted utopian landscapes, films told of the wonders that it would bring, and even great philosophers believed that it would not only be the groundwork for a new society, but also for the emergence of new human beings reconnected to nature and themselves.

    They were half right. It did create a new form of humanity, but one that was bitter and neglected by all those past promises. By the year 2097, while technology did deliver on advanced weaponry and aircraft, it became clear that humanity would never develop a truly self-reliant AI or create a way to leave or renew the planet. Resources began to become scarce, it was rare to live anywhere near a city and breathe clean air and drink completely purified water, but rare earth metals became basically nonexistent in 2060. Computers that ran quickly and could perform complex tasks and smooth-running engines in cars became status symbols of the upper echelons of society, while those in the lower class were lucky to have a car at any given time.

    Cities swelled to grotesque proportions, the outskirts of each surrounded by shanty towns of poverty, the house made from scraps of once building-grade aluminum and dark earthen walls. Low income housing and single-family homes were constantly torn down and their parts recycled to make jilted skyscrapers where those that were barely making it were clumped together and forced to coexist. Police forces and jailhouses couldn’t compete with the crime of nearly a hundred million people, no matter how many men they threw at it, so safety was normally only protected in the heart of the city that the wealthy called home. Gang activity was rampant everywhere else, and most everyone payed some kind of fee to these gangs to make sure their businesses or homes wouldn’t be robbed.

    Medicine was the thing that was aided the most by what brief technological advancements there were, and gene splicing became popular around 2065. It wasn’t uncommon to see people with ram’s horns, cat eyes or zebra stripes, although these modifications were often associated with slums, the poor, and criminal activity. On incredibly rare occasions, splicing would lead to someone developing “gifts” of a sort. Telekinesis and telepathy were the most common, but improved strength and agility, and stranger abilities had also been catalogued. These genetically modified humans became known as “Sylas,” and most often were swiped up the government for the police force.

    Government had truly become confined to cities, and but even then, money held more sway. Hunger was felt by billions all around the globe, but humanity still managed to putter on, clinging to their dying planet and some brief flickering of hope. Sometimes that hope materialized in strange ways.

    Brief Plot:

    ~Shanghai, 2097, Population: 85 million, Lower East side of the City~

    The red and blue of police lights lit up the early morning sky, tangling with the smog that tended to sit low in the colder months. It quickly became clear to the small crowd that had gathered that this was yet another round up of gang members belonging to the Blue Crosses, whose beaten bodies had been dragged in from the slums to the edge of the “protective line,” the area that marked where police began to have influence in the city.

    Each of them had two blood red copies of the letter C spray-painted onto their clothing, which had become a rather common occurrence in this area of Shanghai. While vigilantes were not uncommon by any means, none had been successful for more than a couple months, either for being eventually bribed out by the gangs, or, more commonly, executed by them. This one, however, dubbed the “Crimson Crane,” by investigators, had been running their charade for nearly half a year, and nothing seemed to be able to corral them.

    The masked figure had been seen by only four people, or by four people that agreed to allow the police to take their statement. Few in the community were willing to give up someone that was truly doing good for them, since such little aid came their way. Still, the most recent report dictated that there was two of the rebel rousers now, one accented with red, and the other yellow.

    The police, many bought out or undermined by criminal kingpins, were being pressured into finding answers and bringing someone to “justice”, but few wanted to cross the line into areas where they were truly not welcome. The gangs began to travel in larger groups, and a few decided to bring in more unsavory, hired help. More concerning, however, darker eyes began to watch the Crimson Crane from the shadows, biding their time until they could strike. The danger was now officially mounting on all sides for the someone that Shanghai as a whole saw only as a scourge.


    -The Vigilante (Taken by Knox): Driven by a need to help their community, this character becomes the Crimson Crane through the aid of a robotic suit given to them by the Tech Guru.

    Sidekick (reserved for heather chandler): Either inspired by stories of the Crimson Crane, or a small time Vigilante, this character spent nights running around in costume until they find CC and ask for a team up.

    -The Tech Guru (reserved for Ms. Coffee): Still a believer in the power of technology, this character is brilliant when it comes to robotics, and creates a robotic suit capable of enhancing the speed, strength, and durability of its wearer.

    The Syla (reserved for eden.): A super powered character that joins the team and aides with what abilities they have at their disposal. Remember that sylas are very sought after by the government and using powers in public will create more of a law enforcement presence.

    -The Lover/Friend: (Taken by Cain the Innocent)


    1. General Feral Front rules apply to this thread

    2. Your characters are very flexible here, please add more to the fancy if you desire to do so, and LGBTQIA+ characters are of course welcome.

    3. This is an advanced thread, so multiple paragraphs per post, pretty please. (^_^)

    4. Knox and I did the plotting together, so they have veto rights and plot driving responsibilities.

    5. If there are no more spots available and you'd like to join, please send Knox or I a PM.

    6. Realistic face claims, please

    ~With Cain go wander through shades of night

    And never show thy head by day nor light.

    Lords, I protest, my soul is full of woe,

    That blood should sprinkle me to make me grow.~

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  • So happy to see so many amazing people, it makes me super excited to start! Thank you again Cain for writing the starter!

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  • ~With Cain go wander through shades of night

    And never show thy head by day nor light.

    Lords, I protest, my soul is full of woe,

    That blood should sprinkle me to make me grow.~

  • reserve syla please?

    & just want to make sure i'm understanding this right, genetically modified people are pretty common and the syla would only arouse suspicion if they use their power publicly? or would having ram horns be enough to cause the government to take interest?

  • Yes, you're correct. Genetically modified people are common in the poorer areas especially, but sylas are very rare. So it would only be suspicious if a syla used their powers openly.

    ~With Cain go wander through shades of night

    And never show thy head by day nor light.

    Lords, I protest, my soul is full of woe,

    That blood should sprinkle me to make me grow.~

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