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  • Mosspaw looked over at Mistypaw and Softpaw with a smirk on her face, letting out a few soft chuckles as she watched him go back to the other she cat and not saying anything else knowing that she had been able to easily rile up the two younger apprentices. She shifted her gaze slightly from Softpaw to Mistypaw , thinking of what Softpaw had said 'Not from where I'm standing.' She thought to herself. She soon started to shift her gaze around camp at whatever warrior was still in camp and was thinking of what her warrior name might soon become.

  • Mosspaw stood up front where she was laying and although she had just finished sparring practice Mosspaw still felt like she should be up and moving. She took a few steps forward and looked around camp before stretching her back legs, Mosspaw looked over at the fresh kill pile. The older apprentice made her way towards the entrance of camp to gohunt, hoping that her mentor Dawnpelt wouldn't object to her leaving camp without him. She didn't attempt to sneak out because she thought surely she would be fine on her own since she thought her warrior ceremony shouldn't be too far way in the near future.

  • ooc: I think it's because Mosspaw is very competitive and she doesn't like to admit when shes in the wrong and gets too rough in training lol we can have things blow over between the two in a bit if you would like. Oh and by the way I remember in the beginning Mistypaw was pregnant, is she still or will the sparring practice have an affect on the unborn kits?


    female | medicine cat | 67 moons | demisexual | aurorapaw | crush: open | image | interacting with: open

    the medicine cat sat out her den, tail curled around her paws as she watched the clan slowly bloom to life with each cat waking up. marigoldstorm had woken up earlier than anyone else and had left one an early herb hunting spree alone. she had returned with a few extra supplies, not many but enough. her eyes traveled after the other medicine cat and her good friend, snowstep, as he visited the only queen, swanfall.



    female | queen | 24 moons | heterosexual | apprentice: none | crush: open | mother: lizardfang | brothers: elmshade & empyreanpool | image | interacting with: open

    the pregnant female was resting in her nest. when still a warrior, swanfall had been active, an early riser, always one of the first to ask to go on a patrol. since becoming pregnant, the white feline found herself lazing around the nursery more often than not, however being the only queen got lonely at times. swanfall missed being able to leave camp, being able to hunt for her clan or train an apprentice.

    hearing someone speak, the queen lifted her head and spotted snowstep, one of the two medicine cats. "good morning," swanfall replied, pushing herself into a sitting position with a soft grunt. "other than kicking, i feel perfectly fine. i'm just ready to rid myself of the little demons," the queen shook her head with a sigh. despite her initial disgust with being pregnant in the early stages, swanfall had grown quiet fond of her growing belly, ready to meet her kits soon.



    male | apprentice | 8 moons | bisexual | mentor: riverflash | crush: open | parents: lilacstorm & mintshade | siblings: dovepaw, eyteliapaw, & brackenpaw | image | interacting with: riverflash Marshmallow kitten & mousepaw Scarletfox  

    beetlepaw slept soundly in his nest in the apprentice den, his soft snores, while barely audible, reverberating deep from within his chest. he was curled in his nest, which was situated on the left side of his sister, eyteliapaw's, own nest. the tom gave a short grunt when his mentor prodded him in the side with her paw, his body shifting slightly away from her. beetlepaw wasn't much of a morning cat, he preferred sleeping in late unti the sun was at least mid-high. however, with riverflash as a mentor, sleeping in was nearly impossible.

    the brown tabby's eyes open when he heard mousepaw start talking, grateful for the slightly younger apprentice. beetlepaw rose to his paws, stretching out his stiff limbs and giving himself a good shake. "okay, i'm ready," the tom yawned. he nudged mousepaw's shoulder softly in a silent thanks as he padded his way out of the apprentices den.



    male | apprentice | 8 moons | homosexual | mentor: soulwatcher | crush: open | parents: lilacstorm & mintshade | siblings: beetlepaw, eyteliapaw, & brackenpaw | image | interacting with: open




    female | apprentice | 8 moons | demisexual | mentor: freckleriver | crush: open | parents: lilacstorm & mintshade | brothers: beetlepaw, dovepaw, & brackenpaw | image | interacting with: open




    female | warrior | 38 moons | bisexual | apprentice: wolfpaw | crush: open | brothers: stormripple & ivorystar | image | interacting with: wolfpaw GOKU.  

    the warrior was laying silently in her nest. she had been awake for quiet sometime, listening to the other warriors as they slept. applelight was often one of the first to wake, but she never really left the warriors den until she felt other warriors wake and start their day. she knew it was time to get up when she heard riverflash talking quiet loudly from the apprentices den. the smokey warrior silently prayed for her apprentice and with a short yawn, she gathered herself to her feet. the warrior stepped out of the den, giving her eyes a moment to adjust the change in lighting and when they did, her eyes searched the camp, coming to rest of her two brothers, ivorystar and stormripple. applelight didn't understand the silent hatred that her littermate had for their older half brother, and she never bothered to ask . the warrior, herself, had no bad thought about her older brother, she respected bother of her brothers equally and didn't favor one over the other.

    with a soft sigh, applelight made her way to the apprentices den, ready to wake her sleeping apprentice. "wolfpaw?" applelight spoke softly, coming to stop next to the apprentice's nest. "time to wake up."


  • Mosspaw stood up front where she was laying and although she had just finished sparring practice Mosspaw still felt like she should be up and moving. She took a few steps forward and looked around camp before stretching her back legs, Mosspaw looked over at the fresh kill pile. The older apprentice made her way towards the entrance of camp to gohunt, hoping that her mentor Dawnpelt wouldn't object to her leaving camp without him. She didn't attempt to sneak out because she thought surely she would be fine on her own since she thought her warrior ceremony shouldn't be too far way in the near future.

  • ?thumbnail=1

    Lionflight | Male | Deputy | 39 moons | Gay | Apprentice: None | Crush: Open | Mate: N/A | Interacting with: Ivorystar NEBBY. , Palethorn Larchstorm

    The tinniest prickle of annoyance sparked in the tom as cats started to come up to him and talk to him about patrols. However, he gave nothing of his annoyance away in his calm posture and simply blinked at the cats around him. He nodded to Palethorn, "Yes, actually. Would you please lead a hunting patrol with-" The bright ginger tom twisted around so he could survey the camp for cats who could accompany Palethorn. He was about to call to Dawnpelt, but she was already leaving. A slight frown curled on his lips as he watched her go, but he supposed it would be fine for today to let it slide. Green orbs scanned the camp again and he decided who to send with Palethorn. "Take Violetsky, Empyreanpool, and Mousepaw." He meowed decisively. The fluffy cat then turned back to his leader and dipped his head politely. "I'll be back, I just have to talk to Freckleriver." Lionflight told him, and with that he started to pad towards the she-cat and her adopted kit.

    "Good morning, Freckleriver." Lionflight greeted her politely, his tone neither happy nor unhappy. "Would you mind leading a border patrol with your apprentice, Stormripple, Breezepaw, and..." He paused for a moment to give it more thought. He was going to send someone else with her but perhaps it would be nice for Fierypaw to spend sometime with Freckleriver. "Fierypaw, and Elmshade as well." He instructed the she-cat. A six cat border patrol was quite a big one, but he liked to keep mentors and apprentices together, and besides if trouble came about them they would be able to handle it easier.

    "If you stay calm, you can do anything."


    Riverflash | Female | Warrior | 28 moons | Pan | Apprentice: Beetlepaw | Crush: Open Mate: N/A | Interacting with: Beetlepaw @M A Y C I E, Mousepaw Scarletfox

    Riverflash's fur spiked ever so slightly as she heard the voice of Mousepaw, who was annoyingly enough asking her how she had slept. She didn't say it out loud, but she was quite surely thinking "Oh yes! Just wonderfully until my dream was interrupted by the stupid sun!" Her icy gaze darted towards the small apprentice and she just curled her lips in a snarl as her reply. Riverflash was never in a good mood, but today seemed to be worst than most. "Lazy apprentice." She thought to herself as she watched beetlepaw slowly get up.

    "Finally," she growled with annoyance. She made sure to keep her eyes on the young cat as he left, and then she padded after him. Once out of the den, she swiftly cut in front of him to lead the way out of camp. Riverflash narrowed her eyes at anyone who looked at her, as her paws carried her towards the exit. "We'll be doing battle training today," She informed him once she had slipped through the exit and started padding through the woods. "There's a couple things that you need to work on." As she spoke her tone absolutely dripped with irritation. That wasn't anything new though, the silver she-cat hardly said anything that showed an ounce of politeness or anything but a fowl mood anymore.

    The warrior lead her apprentice to a small clearing where she often lead him to train. She stopped and swiveled around on her paws so she could face him, her striped tail tip flicking side to side impatiently. "Charge me, try and knock me over." Riverflash growled commandingly.

    "If you don't love at all then you can't be hurt."


    Twistedpaw | Male | Apprentice | 11 moons | Straight | Mentor: Palethorn | Crush: Open | Mate: N/A | Disability: Twisted right paw | Interacting with: Palethorn Larchstorm , Lionflight

    Waiting for a response from Palethorn to Lionflight before responding

    "I'm here if you need me."


    Breezepaw | Male | Apprentoce | 10 moons | Bi | Mentor: Stormripple | Crush: Open | Mate: N/A | Interacting with: Stormripple Scarletfox

    Waiting for a response from Stormripple

    "They say that I am the sick boy, easy to say when you don't take the risk, boy."

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    | text here |


    | Female | Warrior | 27 moons | Straight | Apprentice: Etaliapaw | Crush: Open | Adopted Daugher: Fierypaw | image |

    Interacting with: text here

    --- text here


    | Male | Warrior | 27 moons | Straight | Apprentice: Fierypaw | Crush: Open | Mother: Lizardfang | Siblings: Empyreonpool & Swanpool | image |

    Interacting with: text here

    --- Elmshade's eyes drifted away from the vole he was chowing down on and peered over towards his apprentice, Fierypaw. "Ah, good morning, Fierypaw. Have you eaten anything yet?" he asked, still chewing his bite of vole. The tomcat was not about to drop everything that he was doing, eating, and go out for training. Eating and training with a full stomach was Elmshade's rule to live by.

    +Nikita+ ~ Fierypaw


    | Female | Apprentice | 7 moons | Straight | Mentor: Empyreonpool | Crush: Open | Sister: Maplepaw | Aunt: Freckleriver | image |

    Interacting with: Insanityflame ~ Empyreonpool

    Empyreonpool - appearance

    male - warrior - Dawnpelt - no mate - Mousepaw - tags: Mousepaw Scarletfox  


    He sat near the center of the clearning, enjoying the Morning fresh wind, which run past the clearning, moving his whiskers as he looked around when the strong, but short gust was over. He spotted Dawnpelt there talking with Mosspaw and Mistypaw his eyes starring at the tom way too long, when he realised what he was doing and shaked his head embrassedly. Standing up he walked past to the deputy to enter into the fresh kill pile, wondering if he could be a good Brother and give something to his sister Swanfall, who was moved to the nursery, but noticed very soon there was not anything good enought for her. All the preys was too tiny or just to freezed after being the all night out there. Sighing he gived a quick look around the clearning to find his apprentice Mousepaw, luckily the young tom was up already and he was very sure he heared Lionflight made Palethorn to lead a hunting patrol "Mousepaw...are you ready for a hunt?" he called out for his apprentice, flicking his tail as a greeting to him as well.

    --- Mousepaw shuddered when Riverflash replied to her with the curling of her lips. Mousepaw leaped backwards and tangled her foot in the moss bedding, throwing herself onto her back. As she heard Beetlepaw and Riverflash exit the den, Mousepaw didn't hesitant to mew after them, "H-hope your day g-gets b-b-better, R-Riverf-flash!"

    When they were gone, Mousepaw let out a sigh of relief before biting the moss of her bedding that entangled her. Her ears perked up when she heard her mentor call out her name and ask if she was ready to hunt. Panic sparked through the apprentice as she lifted her head to call back to Empyreonpool from the apprentices' den. "Y-yes, Empyreonpool! I'll be out in just a second!" she called, quickly chewing on the threads of moss. When her paw wouldn't come loose, Mousepaw tried yanking her paw and kicking her legs to untangle it but with no prevail. Finally, Mousepaw had run out a patience and darted out of the apprentices' den when the moss dragging behind her, still tangled on her leg. She trotted up to her mentor with her face beating red. "S-sorry for being so tardy, Empyreonpool. I'm ready."


  • - figwing huffed, pushing himself upwards to stand in the vacant den. the empty nests surrounding him seemed to loom over him, an unwanted indicator that he had slept in way too late this time. guilt pricked uncomfortably at his pelt, his ears flattening. he could just hear his clanmates' thoughts, about how lazy and incapable he was, a waste of space. it's probably sunhigh by now, you mousebrain. scrambling out of the den with these thoughts still in the forefront of his mind, he had to force himself to walk calmly over to the golden form of the deputy. "hey, lionflight! how's it going?" he mewed casually, tail swishing behind him. "got anything planned for me today?" | lionflight Marshmallow kitten

    clearpaw groomed down the last bit of his fur, nodding with approval at his pristine white coat. he hadn't been awake for long, which was unusual. the boisterous apprentice was usually the first one up. he had supposed that his sleeping in late was due to the rigorous training session yesterday. but now that he was awake, he trotted out into the main clearing, meowing a cheerful greeting to the cats he passed on his way to the medicine cat's den. it had become a routine of his to check in with his sister every morning. he would be a liar if he said he didn't miss her sometimes, when he went out training or patrolling. he half regretted that she had become the medicine cat apprentice.

    sticking his head in, his eyes brightened at the sight of aurorapaw's white pelt. "aurorapaw!" he called out, stepping into the shadowed den. "hey, sis! how's the herb training?" | aurorapaw Insanityflame

    ratspirit trodded into camp, her mouth crammed full with prey. the freshkill pile had been pitifully low this morning, so the young warrior had decided to go out on a solo hunt at sunrise. she set down the prey on top of the pile, picking out a mouse leftover from last night for herself, and carried it over to a secluded spot to eat. | open for interaction

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