shallows | meeting 4/1/19

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  • It seemed like just last week she was announcing the birth of her children and now, today, she would be announcing the death of her brother. Filled with bitterness, she would take her place at the altar in the church's main hall, staring at the haphazardly scribbled notes before her. She.. She didn't have the mental clarity these past couple days to think properly. It was like a thick fog had descended upon her thoughts, and trying to get a coherent idea out was as fruitless as swimming through mud. But whatever, she just.. Had to get through this one meeting. Then she could go back to her nest. First though, she had something important to announce. Something she needed to share.

    "We've been abandoned by God." Saoirse's voice was bitter as she spoke, though she made no effort to project it. "He has turned his back on the Blackheart Rogues, so you can stop with whatever prayers you keep sending Him. It's useless. And how do I know this? Four days ago, he took away a Practioner, a friend, a brother and a father. Rockfox Weaver-Alexandrov was taken from us, and for what? God's plan? I ask you, what part of God's plan did his passing benefit? What part could it possibly play?" Her nose wrinkled at the vile sentiment, pungent like bile on her tongue. "None. So now we can stop wasting our time on meaningless prayers and Sunday sermons. Just... stop it all. It's worthless."

    She glanced at her notes again, begrudgingly moving onwards, "On the topic of abandonment - the week the Blackheart Rogues said goodbye to Roguevirus. She's been with us for months now, but seemingly found one reason or another to move on. We don't know where she went, or why, but her scent went across the border so we stopped our investigation there." Things like that must've ran in the family, huh? No wonder.

    "Moving on, Dr. Schneeplestein, as per our discussion in the high position meeting, you will now be appointed as our Practioner due to your experience in the field. Bear in mind, however - you are on probation. Your activity needs to be pulled up if you wish to arrive on time to save lives. You will be training Azamael, who has volunteered to reclaim his spot of Practioner's Student. A medic try-out will also be hosted by the two to find a second Student.

    Staying on the topic of promotions, we have three people stepping up to Blackstep this week - Zenon, Diarmuid and Krymson." Her heart swelled momentarily at the thought of her son's promotion. If there was one positive thing that remained, it was her children. Her sweet, beautiful children. She held them so high on her pedestal, but damnit, why shouldn't she. "Narcissus. I would like you to step up to Heartkeeper of Enemies. If you have any questions regarding the role, ask Nico. Speaking of - Nico, thank you for pulling up your activity. It's been noted and appreciated.

    Lastly - titles. Beleg, Zenon and Diego, you've earned the Keen titles. Narcisus and Krymson, you've earned the Socialite titles. Upstarts titles are going to Seamus, Narcisus and Diarmuid."

    Thankful that she had reached the end of her list, she was quick to crumple it up, not wanting to see its contents any longer than she had to, "And if no one has anything else to say, this meeting is dismissed."

    / [TLDR;

    - Formal announcement of Ro's death :c

    - Formal announcement of Vi's departure </3

    - Samuel~ is promoted to Practioner, with a probation period to pull up his activity, and azamael is now his student !! medic try-outs will be hosted soon to choose a second student !!

    - zenon g.d.   DIARMUID.   Krymson are promoted to Blackstep !

    - NARCISSUS. is promoted to Heartkeeper of Enemies

    - NICO S. 's effort to raise their activity has been noted and is greatly appreciated <3 u go dreami

    - F. BAUGLIRION , Zenon and DIEGO. have earned the keen titles, narci and krym get the socialite titles and finally, shay, narci and diarmuid have earned the upstart titles !!!

    - Sidenote: sao's opinions are ic opinions ! ily all, nd hope yall have a great weekend <3]

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  • Narcissus wasn't religious. He never had and he probably never would be. So Saoirse's introduction to the meeting was mostly lost on him. Sure, they had been abandoned, whatever-- he knew the drill at this point. He didn't pray, at least not with conviction. He would occasionally send up some sort of plea to whatever was watching over them-- if anything-- in hopes of something halfway decent happening to him, but he mostly gave up on it. Didn't do anything most of the time anyways. What was the point then?

    But the bitterness in Saoirse's voice made him hurt. He wanted to help her, be there for her, as best as he could. If that meant being a good nephew, or stepping up another rank, or just being there for her when she needed someone, then so be it. He'd do it. She was some of the only family he had left (that he trusted, at least), besides her two children, so he wasn't going to take their closeness for granted. Not for a second. He wanted to step towards her and tell her than everything was going to be okay. He had to hold back a crooked smile at that thought. Wouldn't it be funny for him to try and say that?

    As if by some sort of premonition, the boy's thoughts had come true. She wanted him to step up a rank again. This was, what, the third promotion? In as many meetings? Well, he shouldn't complain. It kept him active. It gave him things to do to distract himself. Heartkeeper of Enemies. So that just left him with two charges, then. The Exiles and BlizzardClan. Well, he better brush up on the current events of the two places if he was going to be doing that. He needed to get to know the places so he could understand what their moves might be. At least, he hoped there wouldn't be any moves being made, since he wasn't exactly a fighter himself, but if the time came, he wasn't going to be diplomatic about it. No. If he was in charge of keeping enemies in check, then keep them in check he would.

    "It'd be an honor, Saoirse," the boy replied to her offer. It seemed like that's what he was saying every time now. Except the situations kept getting more grim. "And thank you for the titles. Congratulations to everyone else on the promotions and the titles as well."

    He sounded like a little adult when he talked already. Had his childhood been cut short so soon? Maybe so.





  • like narcissus, saturnpaw wasn't religious. at the mention of "god leaving them", however, hear ears pinned flat against her head, eyes widening. she knew saoirse and she knew saoirse well. this? this was not a saoirse thing do do. but the enforcer stayed silent, simply letting the overseer update the clan on everything, heart falling slightly at the mention of vi and rockfox.




  • Helios had never believed in any sort of god or goddess despite his and Selene's name origins. He refused to believe that there was someone watching down on them. Especially with how much they'd all been suffering so much. Even if there was a god, Saoirse had been right, he or she turned their back on the BHR. Taking a seat, shoulders tensed to go along with the atmosphere. Things had been getting worse and worse, was there no way back from this pit they had dug themselves into? Were things going to get so bad that they eventually descended to hell?

    Without a sound the strategist listened carefully to Saoirse's words. He could hear the anger and sadness in her voice. Eyes locked onto the ground so void of emotion. He could hardly muster up the pride for everyone who got a promotion. So he could only murmur out a pair of words, "Congratulations, everyone."

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  • ★ — Nico had never given the idea of religion much thought, not for any particular reason, but just because it'd never really come to mind. The religious aspect of what Saoirse was saying wasn't what worried him though, it was more that she seemed to be acting.. off. It was understandable, of course, as he had been going through tough times as well; with Rockfox's death, then the reappearance of Bo, a lot was happening, a lot of anger was circulating throughout the rogues. He just hoped they would make it out without someone doing something really dumb; himself included, of course.

    Nico listened to the meeting silently, expression solemn as his emerald gaze focused on their leader. He was pleased to see his efforts in activity had been acknowledged, giving off a momentary smirk. There were a lot of promotions and titles being handed out this meeting, but that didn't come off as surprising to him, as they had really begun to pick up activity this week; even if it was mostly due to the.. unfortunate events. "Congrats, you guys."

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    She wasn't devoted to religion, the philosophies and codes that accompanied it made it so she was incapable of ever following it. If there was a god out there, if his verses and stories were true than Ver was damned from the start. A sinner in a flock of sheep, at one point she hoped it would give her life meaning but quickly discovered that it wasn't for her. but even with these opinions Saoirse's proclamation surprised her, it sounded so wrong flying from her lips. Had she lapsed so far into grief that she'd begun to lose her own mind? Or had she always believed "god had abandoned" them? Ver didn't care to psychoanalyze her overseer, whatever the case was she'd still follow her. It was her job.

    The meeting went on from that note, leading to Roguevirus and finally to the meat of every meeting. The promotions; the only celebration they'd have in these hard times. This meeting was one for the children, Diarmuid and Krymson finally got their chance to climb the ladder and of course Narcissus again rose up a rank. She felt a swell of pride as she shot a glance towards the young Lupurca, grinning at him. She never expected to grow as fond of him as she did, but recently she was really looking forward to the day he'd become an official apprentice. He already had proved himself to her long ago, and she was happy to see him flourish against the death of his father. She cleared her throat before yelling ”Congratulations!”





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  • ACT Azamael didn't really believe in god - he believed in prophecy and destiny, but not really a god or any specific pantheon. Yet, he felt most of Saoirse's anguish - because they had been abandoned after everything. As much as Azamael was rather excited to take up the practitioner's shoes again, the fact he was taking Rockfox' - filled his heart with dread. " * Thank you... congratulations everyone." Azamael said softly, unsure, as he glanced to the others. Gently bowing his head, he'd stand aside, not quite willing to leave.



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  • the mention of god leaving them wasn't something that made zenon's heart quicken with panic, it didn't do much to him at all. of course, it did make worry buzz under his fur, but zenon didn't quite believe in a higher power. he didn't pray, he didn't attend anything dedicated to god, hadn't ever in his whole life. immortalkisses would sometimes tell them tales of greek gods - it was where zenon got his name, after all - but zenon had seen it more as a wonderful fiction story than something that had actually happened, somewhere where deities were true things.

    joining the crowd that had formed to listen to saoirse, her talking about rockfox's death - that made zenon glance downwards a bit sadly, despite not even having known rockfox - and then mentioning the departure of someone named roguevirus- another person that zenon had never met before they were gone.

    he had brightened up as the topic of promotions and titles came up, feeling happy for the others that had good come to them. his ears perked up when his name was mentioned. twice. twice? he blinked a little with surprise: he'd been promoted, and had received a title. "thank you," zenon called out almost shyly now. "and congratulations to everyone else!" he then added, louder than before, even sounding more excited.

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  • Dr Schneeplestein/BlackHeart Rouges

    *:・゚✦ Rockfox had been his student yet the man never fully found himself being able to teach. The recent death of his former student and their practitioner did make the world seem empty. "Of course Saorise.....I wouldn't want to have myself abandon the rouges like so many others"

    He was pressed up into the rank of the practitioner only because of rock's untimely demise and the need to have someone with former medical knowledge. There wasn't any certain emotion crossing the man's face, taking in that azamael was now his student, hopefully he retained prior knowledge to make getting back into the swing a little easier.


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    The midnight Kitsune had been startled by Saoirse’s words but not as much as the knowledge that Rockfox was dead.

    She had barely known them, and yet, she felt their absence in the cascade of emotions rolling off their leader, and Krymson felt her heart ach in her chest. Well, she knew what it was like to be abandoned already. She had never thought of a God—not really. And she had never prayed or been to a sermon… but maybe Saoirse had.

    She was so preoccupied that Krymson started when she heard her own name mentioned and she looked back up, her sapphire eyes wide. A Blackstep? Her ears pricked forward. And Socialite? Her mouth fell open slightly. She didn’t know what to say.

    Then she heard the others starting to give gratitude and she stumbled over her words, “T-Thank you! I—I’ll help however I can. And—And congratulations to everyone else.”

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    Virgil remained silent as he listened to the announcements being made by Saoirse. Despite this having been his home for longer than almost anyone here, he found that none of what she was saying seemed to have an effect on him. Maybe it was because almost everyone he knew was gone; nonetheless, the only thing that moved him in the slightest was the announcement of Roguevirus leaving, spoken with a bitter tone by the leader. His daughter had left? It wasn't surprising to him, and yet he found himself disappointed. It only strengthened his resolve to speak with Trashboat, however, and he decided he would do so at the first given opportunity.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ it physically pained seamus to hear his mother speak with such bitterness and loss of hope. he hadn't been alive all that long, but ever before the death of his uncle he had been raised believing in, well, dia. and though he was still a little bit too youthful to fully understand his religion and beliefs or the significance of them, it felt like a blow to the stomach as his ears caught wind of the angry words saoirse spoke. the russet-furred tom dropped his sad gaze to the ground as he slowly padded over to the gathering group of rogues. gears turned in his mind. had dia really abandoned them in killing rockfox? it didn't feel right. then again, a small voice reminded him, mom isn't in her right state of mind."congratulations everyone," he murmured quietly. "thanks for the title."

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  • Just because Diarmuid didn't believe in something didn't mean it meant nothing. He'd heard his mother speak of this God, knew of prayers, but he supposed he just...had a difficult time believing in what he couldn't see. His mother did, though, and so while this wasn't a direct blow to the boy, hearing her so disillusioned did pain him. Diarmuid couldn't imagine having so much faith in someone, only for later that passion to be poisoned, to be ash in the back of his mouth when he spoke of it. Not for the first time, he knew she deserved better. She deserved better than this God who would disappoint her and abandon her- he wouldn't do that. Not ever. If God was real, Diarmuid didn't understand how he could turn his back on her either.

    Maybe this was just like everything else he learned, like how his uncle was so kind but found a violent end that he didn't deserve. None of it was fair, none of it was just, and he hated that he couldn't do anything about it.

    He didn't know how distracted he was until he heard his name, and he startled a bit, blinking up from the ground he'd been glaring at. What happened? She gave out a promotion to someone else, passed out titles -one of which was to him, so he perked up a bit more knowing that his mother was proud of him- but what had he missed?

    Diarmuid couldn't just ask- she'd know he wasn't listening. He'd have to figure it out eventually, wouldn't he? Instead of congratulating everyone else, though, the child immediately made his way over to Saoirse, by the altar. "I won't let you down, not like he did," he said firmly, voice low for her to hear only, whiskey eyes bright.


  • Diego was a bit late to the meeting, but in all fairness, he had no idea what life was like the Blackheart Rogues yet. Regardless, the golden savannah eventually made his way over and took a spot at the edge of the gathered crowd. It didn't take long for the meeting to conclude and by then, the spaniard was mildly confused and ready to eat.

    Diego wasn't a religious man, by any mans. He was more of the type to believe in the things he could note through his senses. However, he never really knocked the religions of others. Diego had traveled long and wide and had seen many different clans, leaders and their followers, follow any religion their heart desired. Never once had he ever looked upon a leader who would stand and declare such a blunt testimony denouncing a faith. Was it grief that drove her? Or was it the beginning of a dictatorship that warranted such an outbreak? Perhaps he read too far into it, but it did leave him unsettled.

    The savannah was still thinking about it as the apparent Blackheart Rogue leader continued her speech. She announced some promotions and demotions. Some other items of business that seemed foreign to him now. Titles were also mentioned with his name among them. The Spanish feline was no stranger to titles, but he grew curious as to why he had one.

    Tall ears perked forward, Diego glanced around the crowd as if to verify if he had heard correctly. In his stunned silence, the savannah did not raise his voice.


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    She weaves between the others and stops beside Henrik. Offering him a tender nudge with her muzzle before settling in silently. She was sure he would ether scold her for the open display, or be happy she was there for him.


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