my human au headcanons for your character ?

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    yeh so yeet ur character in here to find out my human au headcanons for your character !!

    for reference, sao is probs a 30-something year old librarian juggling single motherhood and also takes night classes in the local community college to finish her degree ;0

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    i mainly just wanna see the hcs for everyone else.

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  • oh boy here we go

    Since there were 12 replies, I'm going to do 6 today, and 6 tomorrow <3(along with anyone else that might put their character in)

    Hang tight !

    Saturnpaw - A twenty something year old that's fresh out of college where she studied to become a high school teacher. Since she's of a closer age to the students than most of the teachers at the school, she struggles a bit to simultaneously get on with the teenagers there without appearing too friendly and losing the authority/respect she has from them. She's definitely a workaholic, and I can see her sitting on the patio of cafes on weekends, typing away on her laptop to get some work done with three or four empty mugs of coffee around her. She's just ordered a fifth coffee.

    Boseph - Friendly dad!! He's just turned thirty, and he enjoys going to the park with his triplets and pushing them them on the swingset(and you can bet your ass that he also makes sure he gets his turn on the slide too). At home, he likes to unwind by playing some retro games on a Raspberry Pi, from the OG legend of zelda to mario kart 64. He also likes to try making various meals he finds on pinterest for his husband and kids, but ends up messing them up most of the time :/// oh well, you gotta admire his spirit, right?

    Seamus - An 11 year old boy that is very big into sketching things on his notepad, from his sleeping pet cat to the big oak tree in his back yard. Because of this, he often likes to spend his free time walking through forests and sketch anything that catches his eye. He usually wears a button-up tshirt and shorts held up by suspenders, and shin-high socks. Very smartly but cutely dressed.

    Helios - Oh boy. This guy. So Helios is an interesting character, because he's ringleader of the local gang of teenage delinquents, but he's also a real big try-hard at school? But like, in the way that he'll make sure he gets the top grades, so that he can brag to everyone that he got the top grades. However when he's not in school, he's out with his cronies graffiti-ing the local skate park and breaking girl's hearts.

    Ver - Just finished High School and is currently taking a year out to find out what her passion in life is. At the moment, she's keeping her head down and working in a cutesy bakery, contrary to her serious personality, but she's taken an interest in photography as it turns out. After work, she likes to head down to the local marina and take some pictures of the seagulls there, trying out various lenses and angles and settings on her camera.

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  • tbh when you said he would push his triplets on the swings, i imagine him running back and forth, giving each one a big shove before speeding off to the next, and the next, and so on. good dad