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  • hwang jaehyun

    Welcome to the panic room where all your darkest fears are gonna


    full nameHwang (황) Jaehyun (재현)







    healthfourty percent.

    nationalitysouth korean.

    personalityskittish, stubborn, hates asking for help when he needs it, sarcastic, antisocial, kind, gentle, observant, intelligent, over works himself, all caution out the window when it comes to his body, sensitive, protective, funny, all caution out the window when it comes to other people, tends to try and make others happy than himself, hates it when people hate him, worries a lot, attentive, flexible, reckless, adorable, loveable, sweet.

    disorderssevere anxiety, chronic depression, anorexia.

    parentshwang taemin (father; murdered), hwang moonbin (mother; suicide).

    siblingshwang jaekun (older brother; hit and run), hwang jaemoon (younger sister; cancer), and hwang jaesun (older brother; beaten to death).


    significant othernone.


    best friendmoon minsung and kim taeyong.

    fun factscan speak both english and south korean.

    is able to write in Hangul.

    loves peaches and cherries.


    horror movies.

    loves big dogs (german shepherds and labs are his favorite).

    — loves to sing and dance (often posts videos online without showing his face).

    — is a dancing king (often in the dance studios by himself).

    — is a huge nerd for roaman and greek mythology.

    — his outfits ( X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X )

  • o r i o n ★

    - oh shiitake mushrooms, why did it have to be zombies! -


    name orion lennox.

    age twenty.

    gender male.

    sexuality pansexual.

    role muse b.

    fun facts

    - dying is hair a lot, often strange colors like bright blue or a bright red.

    - he love fashion.

    - sleeping in late.

    - greek and roman mythology.

    - knows english and french.

    - artist.

    - loves the smell of fallen rain.

    - chicken, he loves chicken.

    - he's more of a dog person than a cat person.

    ★ ★ ★

  • r e e s e ★

    - welcome to the panic room -


    name reese maddox.

    nickname reese's pieces or peanut.

    age twenty-three.

    gender male.

    sexuality homosexual.

    role muse a.

    personality sensitive, loyal, shows emotion, brave, blunt, intelligent, calm, caring, trustworthy, supportive, curious, artistic, creative, imaginative, cheerful, considerate, funny, hard-working, loveable, open-minded, patient, quiet, sane, serious, tactful, thoughtful, unbiased, clever, loving, kind, determined, protective, playful, innocent, stubborn, sarcastic, shy, disorganized, extroverted, insecure, reckless, childish, carefree, skittish.

    theme song panic room by au/ra.

    fun facts

    • reese stands at five foot six.

    • loves baggy sweaters, often stealing them or as he calls "borrowing" them.

    • loves cherry blossoms and sunflowers.

    • is a major bookworm.

    • suffers from anorexia and mild depression.

    • has an amazing singing voice.

    • he can play guitar and piano.

    • often ignores his own problems to make other people happy.

    • hates being yelled at.

    ★ ★ ★

  • s ò l ★

    - mother -


    name sòl nesryn banks.

    name meaning sòl is a norse solar goddess, nesryn is wild rose, and banks from hillside or riverbanks.

    age twenty-seven.

    gender female.

    sexuality heterosexual.

    role muse a.


    reckless, sarcastic, stubborn, un-cooperative, rude, blunt, mysterious, emotionally unstable, pessimistic, logical, observant, emotionally distant, sly, short-temper, protective, intelligent, caring, sensitive, unfriendly, passionate, selfless, loyal, trustworthy, reliable, curious, adaptive, flexible, empathetic, creative, cautious, alert, calculative, adventurous, rebellious, organized, self-critical, absentminded, quiet, antisocial, hard-working, lazy, destructive, clumsy, shy, skittish, anxiety, alcoholic, shy, neuroticism, a INTP.

    family her husband was murdered, he had protected her and Aria by a gang while walking home from the movies.

    theme song big girls don't cry by fergie.

    fun facts

    • loves animals.

    • is a huge geek for stories.

    • loves greek and roman mythology.

    • cherry blossoms are her favorite.

    • the color blue is one of her favorite.

    • enjoys cold weather.

    • stands at five foot two.

    ★ ★ ★

    a r i a ★

    - child -


    name aria savannah banks.

    name meaning aria is air, song, melody.

    age four.

    gender female.

    sexuality heterosexual.

    role muse a's child.

    personality goofy, kind, creative, smart for her age, mature, tomboyish, adaptive, patient, intelligent.

    family doesn't know who her father is except for photos.

    theme song don't stop by the east light.

    fun facts

    • tom boy.

    • loves transformers.

    • loves getting in the mud.

    • is interested in how cars work and how to repair them.

    • carries around a stuffed optimus prime.

    ★ ★ ★

  • _galatier__auction__closed__by_yukibuns_db8sqdk-pre.png

    name: lennox king.

    rank: the fourth generation of kings but he is still a prince.

    species: athens are a proud race with advancing technology that has passed Earth based tech. a kingdom of peace and great warriors who have blue-grey skin and a multitude of colored hair and wings. each athen as the ability to manipulate or control something but they are only granted one power by their gods and goddesses.

    age: is around a few thousand years old but roughly looks to be twenty-five in human years.

    fun facts:

    • does enjoy Earth's music.

    • is known for his reckless and rebellious nature in his kingdom.

    • doesn't show much emotion.

    • is protective over what is his.

    • sarcasm.

    • stubbornness.

    • loves the looking at the stars.

    • ears are sensitive but he'll start purring if you scratch them.

    • wings can be overly sensitive to touch and or pain.

  • 15b60169744391a60aff4b075782aec5.jpg

    Name: kai maddox.

    Age: twenty-one.

    Gender: male.

    Other Facts:

    - photography is his favorite pastime.

    - loves dying his hair different colors.

    - dark clothes are a thing for him.

    - often seen wearing big fake need glasses and headphones.

    - always listening to music.

    - enjoys the winter seasons.

    - knows sign language, korean, japanese, german, and russian.

  • 6de3382f5b9bcf3237bba9dcf2b79dde.gif


    ♔ Melinoe Polaris.

    ♔ Melinoe [ghosts, nightmares] Polaris [north star].

    ♔ Most call her Mel, Polaris, or Polar.

    ♔ Twenty.

    ♔ Bisexual.

    ♔ Oldest heir to the throne.

    ♔ Quiet.

    ♔ Expressionless.

    ♔ Rather shy around others.

    ♔ Artistic.

    ♔ Loves riding dragons bareback.

    ♔ Reckless.

    ♔ Sarcastic.

    ♔ Tomboy.

    ♔ Hates dresses, often wears regular clothing mostly leather.

    ♔ Owns two dragons [both male] Ragnar and Thantos.

    ♔ Loves animals and nature.

  • 99C55F3C5C15F8FA2B

    ♕ Reese Maddox.

    ♕ Twenty-Three.

    ♕ Pansexual.

    ♕ Isn't close with his family nor does he have anyone.

    ♕ Kidnapped and murdered but police haven't found the culprit.

    ♕ Used to be a dance instructor.

    ♕ Was eighteen when he died.

    ♕ Optimistic.

    ♕ Clumsy.

    ♕ Self-Critical.

    ♕ Heart condition; extreme pain when overly stressed.

    ♕ Patient.

    ♕ Dancing machine.

    ♕ Creative.

    ♕ Artistic.

    ♕ Tattoo on the right side of his ribcage, inner side of his right wrist, outside of his left thigh.

    ♕ Is able to play the guitar, piano, and drums.

    ♕ Jimin from BTS is his faceclaim and voice.

  • k a k i a ★

    - bad girl -


    Name: Kakia Sól Khil.

    Nickname: Kiki.

    Name Meaning: Kakia means "goddess vice and moral badness" // Sól means "Norse solar goddess" // Khil is a Korean surename.

    Age: Eighteen.

    Personality: Rude, blunt, mysterious, sarcastic, stubborn, unfriendly, uncooperative, reckless, rebellious, sly, secretive, pessimistic, logical, short-temper, adventurous, organized, observant, curious, loyal, protective, trustworthy, cautious, alert, calculative, clumsy, destructive, lazy, emotionally unstable, antisocial, absentminded, quiet, adaptive, flexible, hardworking (when she likes what's she's doing), passionate (dancing and street fighting), empathetic, selfless, reliable, cold, creative, emotionally distant, caring, sensitive, self-critical, neuroticism, considered an INTP, bold.

    FaceClaim: Kim Jennie from BLACKPINK.

    ★ ★ ★



    name ✘ rhys cosmo.

    alias ✘ the black phantom.

    age ✘ twenty-four.

    height ✘ six foot, not counting his wings or extremely long ears.

    weaponssword, scythe, staff.

    fun facts ✘ sarcastic little ass

    ✘ funny drunk.

    ✘ alcoholic.

    ✘ blue-fire manipulation.

    ✘ lunar manipulation.

    ✘ his ears are weak point, pet them and he'll start purring.

    ✘ music lover.

    ✘ loves to sing when he's alone.

    ✘ yes, he sings in the shower.

    ✘ don't screw with his kiwi or he'll end you.

    ✘ wings are very sensitive to touch.

    ✘ doesn't want to admit it but he loves cuddles.

    ✘ stoic little butt.

    ✘ australian voice.

    ✘ says bloody way to many times.

    ✘ deep ass voice.

    ✘ do not pull his tail or he'll bite you, literally.

    ✘ expressionless.

    ✘ is a INTP person.

    ✘ wears mostly all black besides whites or blues.

  • hwang taemin

    legends never die when the world is calling you


    Name: Hwang Taemin.

    Nickname: Tae.

    Age: Twenty-Three.

    Specialty: Scythe.

    Sexuality: Bisexual.

    Role: Muse B.

    Genre: Romance.

    Faceclaim: Lee Taemin from SHINee.



    NAME ♕ Daesyn Kim but most often refer him as Dae.

    AGE ♕ Twenty-Five.

    NATIONALITY ♕ Australian-Korean.

    APPEARANCE ♕ Daesyn stands at five foot nine with a muscular build and tattoos littering his body because he wanted to piss off his parents. Short black hair that often curls at the ends because he never seems blow-dry his hair after a shower. Dark brown, almost black colored eyes. He is often seen wearing jeans and a tank-top, sometimes basketball shorts when he's lazy about his appearance. Daesyn often wears sweaters (he's got a huge collect of them and he's very proud of it). He is known for wearing diamond piercings and a lip piercing that's a forest green color.

    PERSONALITY ♕ goofy, passionate, serious, funny, humble, sarcastic, childish, caring, hardworking, observant, reckless, friendly, protective, observant, shyness, patient, gentle, honest, selfless, cooperative, clueless, naive, absentminded, flexible, adaptive, pessimistic, creative, quirky, lazy, antisocial, stubborn.

    HISTORY ♕ Daesyn didn't have the most normal upbringing as his parents were rather abusive, burning him or slitting his wrists for the joy of it. This all started when his older brother died, the one who was loves by all, the one who was the star of the show. His older brother had it all, from his parents love to the public. Sadly, Daesyn was only three when his brother was killed by a drunken driver on the way from picking Daesyn up from school. His parents blamed him for that and he'll never forget it. Day after day he was tortured for something he had no control over and it left both external and internal scars. He was left broken and scarred. He completed school online as he couldn't leave the house with his swollen and under weight frame or else his parents would be called on. Dropping out of online college after he was locked in the basement and left to die a slow and painful death. He was chained to the floor until a year later was when he finally escaped after countless times trying to breath the silver metal chains that bound him to death.

    FAMILY RELATIONS ♕ Chunha Kim (mother; alive), Hyunjin Kim (father; alive).

    PETS ♕ Felix (German Shepherd; alive), Zombie (Savannah: alive).

    SKILLS & TALENTS ♕ Dancing, boxing, songwriting, quick at learning things, fast reflects.

    HOBBIES & INTERESTS ♕ Dancing, singing/rap, producing new music, song writing, listening to music and or watching dance videos, working out.

    PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE ♕ Everyone has a reason in life, both good and bad.

    EDUCATION & SPECIAL TRAINING ♕ When to highschool in Australia while making it half-witted through college to pursue his music career. He does know how to box purely because he thought it looked cool and has been training ever since he was eleven.

    OCCUPATION ♕ Street dancing which isn't considered a job but it makes a few bucks when he performes on the streets.


    — this video represents his voice and how he can be clueless about things.

    — if he could do anything else, he'd be a professional boxer.

    — loves the colder seasons, perfect time to wear his collect of sweaters.

    — takes a shower every day.

    — hates being sticky.

    — afraid of the dark.

    — hugs.

    — the sight of broken bones.

    — afraid of being forgotten.

    — clastrophobia.

    — loves peaches, apples, cherries, and kiwi.

    — can be considered an old grampa to most with how out to day he is.

    — technology hates him, seems to always crash the system.

    — loves to say his an artist but let's be honest, he can barely draw a stick figure.

    — handwriting can be considered like that of a doctor's but if he takes the time then it looks better.

    — loves his dark corner, can be antisocial and very lazy.

    — major panic attacks.

    — depression.

    — is a happy drunk; really funny to witness.

    — theme song would be outcasts and panic room by au/ra and most of ruelle's songs.

    OTHER ♕ I actually had fun creating him but if you want me to change or add anything, let me know!




    ✯ jasper cross.

    ✯ most call him jazz.

    ✯ he looks roughly around twenty-five maybe younger.

    ✯ jazz is a tall male, standing roughly at six feet without his wings and or ears.

    ✯ is a bright and bubbly ball of sunshine with a laid back attitude.

    ✯ light manipulation and healing factor.

    ✯ I imagine Jimin [BTS] voicing him.

    ✯ loves icecubes or anything ice related.