Demonic angel (male demon needed love story)

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  • Kathrine felt the pressure of kadens wound. She snarled and felt like a bolt of energy hit her. She growled and looked at the shadowy animal and allowed her instinct to take over as her marking began glowing. She attacked the shadowy figure disabling it before taking off to kaden.

  • Kaden felt the teeth rip through his shoulder, the mouth of the beast not opening. His mouth opened to make a sound, but he didn't make any sound. He remained standing however, the walls around him waving back and forth.

  • She snarled in anger seeing kaden being hurt. She felt a surge of power and she leapt forward her eyes glowing white as she slammed into the creature dislodging it from kaden. She glanced at kaden whining before focusing back on his attacker

  • She snarled at the creature as it stalked away “kaden first then tear that thing apart!” She told herself. She limped to kaden whining softly and nudging him “are you ok?” She said gently her big green eyes meeting his genuine concern in them.

  • She whined and shook her massive head “I have to be treated in this form... my human body won’t survive if I shift before that” she said gently “kaden I can feel you hurting talk to me please” she said her voice shook like she was struggling to talk. Her body swayed but she refused to fall until she was one hundred percent sure kaden was ok and the others were safe. She looked at kaden before she cried out as a shadowy figure comped her back leg. She screamed in pain through their bond unable to stop it. She fell as she began getting dragged. She kicked hard trying to dislodge it.

  • She shut her bond to kaden off. She twisted trying to fight the creature. She knew she couldn’t fight in her wolf form. But shifting back to human for could kill her. She braced herself and glanced at kaden “forgive me” she said through the bond before she reverted back to her human form. Pain racked her body but the creature released her in shock and Kathrine grabbed the nearest object stabbing the creature until it whined and disappeared. Kathrine dropped her weapon and felt the full extent of her injuries. She looked at kaden before she dropped to her knees and blacked out.

  • Kaden felt a moment of panic pass through him, but a calm wave washed over him. She Will be okay. He gently picked her up and opened the closest door, and dropped a pebble into the water, signalling the demons could come back.

  • Kathrine whined in pain as she was moved. She couldn’t bring herself to move. She felt heavy her body would respond to her commands she searched for hers and Kadens mental bond and held on to it “kaden.... hurt...” she managed to send.

  • She whimpered. She tried desperately to move. A few demons eyed her in sympathy, even respect. Kathrine wince as she was jostled slightly. She knew she was gonna have to shift back her human body had lost too much blood and taken too much damage. She tried to reach out to Kaden “need... to shift...” she said gently.