Demonic angel (male demon needed love story)

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  • Kaden chuckled. "Well, you haven't seen me among my own kind." His smile faltered, and then fell. "I'm kind of an anomaly. I don't have the humanity to truly fit in amongst your kind, as hard as I try, and my emotions are too human to truly belong to my world." He sat on the desk next to her. "I'm walking the thin grey line."

  • She felt the smile slip from her face “you must fit somewhere, I mean your men seem to respect you” she said honestly. She gently placed a hand on his in a comforting jester “I know I’m only human but if you ever need anything I’m here Kaden.” She said honestly

  • Kaden shook his head. "That's not because of me. We are physically unable to disobey or disrespect anyone higher than us." He smiled a bit. "Think about us as wolves with Alphas. You obey, or you leave."

  • She nodded and with drew her hand “well it looks like you’re alpha for a reason.” She said and slid off the desk her feet silent on the floor “well if you’ll excuse me I will be going to dinner with the others.” She smiled at him and gave him a mock bow “farewell alpha.” She smiled before turning to the door her hair swing softly behind her.

  • Kaden shook his head and smiled. "Farewell young doe." He said, putting it together that if he was a wolf, she was, of course, the deer. He got up and left the study, closing the doors behind him, and tiredly began climbing the spiral staircase to his room, located in the highest tower.

  • She turned and looked at him one last time. The little die comment sparking something in her chest that made a faint blush spread across her cheeks and to her ears. She made her way to the lower quarters managing to avoid the demons. The room was already in full swing servers were cooking and joking. Some danced. The melancholy mood they had at work was gone. She walked around the room and grabbed some food. She sat and watched them wishing it were like this all the time.

  • Kaden sat on his bed a long time with his eyes closed. A soft knock at the door made his eyes snap open. The door opened, revealing an old friend. The female demon sighed at him. "Hey, looks like there's a party downstairs, want to come with me?" He chuckled. "Sure Aysa." He got up and followed her down the stairs.

  • Kathrine watched the party. She picked up a drink sipping. A few demons mulled around. Kathrine shrugged sitting in a far corner watching the party. She preferred to keep alert in case something happened. Slowly a demon walked over to her and began flirting. Kathrine remained polite but her posture stayed ridged

  • Kaden and Aysa entered, their mostly human forms blending fairly well into the crowd. Kaden chatted with a few humans and demons alike, till he noticed Katherine with a demon, and noticing her rigid posture, approached. He seemed to apparate from the crowd, sliding next to the other demon. "Bothering my maid, eh Alastor?" He said lightly, but his green eyes flashed orange.

  • Kathrine barely noticed kaden until his voice cut through the air. She blew out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. The demon chuckled his breath washing her Kathrine reeking of alcohol “just having a bit of fun with her huh gorgeous” he said sliding an arm possessively around her. Kathrine felt light headed suddenly she glanced at kaden her eyes wide in shock when she noticed the flash of orange “help” she whimpered as the demons nails cut through her shirt and into her skin.

  • Kaden stiffened when he smelled blood, and he felt his eyes fully shift. "Let go of her." When the demon hesitated, Kaden felt a growl come out out of his throat, almost too low for human ears.

  • The demon immediately released her. Kathrine felt the light headed feeling leave her. She let out a soft groan and held her head. The demon quickly left throwing a glare at Kathrine. Kathrine attempted to move and hissed as the puncture wounds began hurting. She looked at kaden “I need help” she said softly trying not to cause a scene.

  • The male clenched his jaw. "A*****e." He sighed and scooped the girl up bridal style. Aysa followed him out as they climbed the stairs to his room, where he lay the girl down. Aysa disappeared to get a medical kit while Kaden sat on the bed.

  • Kathrine groaned with the movement part of her shirt stained red. She sat up and tore off her shirt tearing a piece off the staunch the wound. Scaring littered kathrines back and stomach. Some looked like clear marks, others knife or whip marks. Kathrine didnt meet kadens gaze, she mumbled a soft thank you and tied the rest of her shirt around the pad she had made so she wouldn’t get blood on kadens bed.

  • Kaden watched as she bandaged herself, his eyes seeming to flicker like flames. "I'm sorry." He said after a long while, his gaze shifting to the ground.

  • Kathrine looked at him then herself shame filled her face. She turned away from him curling her knees to her chest “you don’t need to be sorry,” she mumbled “you’re not the one who put them there.” She said gently. She undid her hair letting it fall past her shoulders trying to cover some of the marks, not many people knew about her scars. She hadn’t even told her family she knew they’d have felt badly for her and trying to get her free. She didn’t want that. She sighed softly “I can leave” she offered softly

  • He watched her curl up and frowned. "Don't leave." He said. "I'm sorry he did that to you. I doubt it would've escalated to that if I didn't show up." He said, shaking his brown hair over his eyes, looking back at the floor.

  • She laughed softly “you think yours did this” she said standing. She walked to him “this was done to me by my father.” She said her eyes hardening “I’m the bastard child of a bastard child.” She said “ my great grandad was a demon. Somehow my father was able to tap into his gifts” she said “he became demon and stuck around, unfortunately I wasn’t a boy.” She smirked humorlessly. She looked at kaden and gently pressed her forehead to his then took his hand answers led it to the largest scar on her back. Suddenly the scenery changed a little girl obviously a younger version of Kathrine was wide eyed with fear. A Mann ran at her picking her up by the throat “Daddy please” she choked out. The man just snarled in response husband eyes a deep ruby red. Kathrine wiggled and somehow managed to slip from the demon she grasp. When she turned to run he scratched her back.

    Kathrine moved her head away from kadens the scene fading. She sat down her body pale “after that I was able to do that, the memory thing” she explained looking at him “he gave me that scar... and I quickly started collecting more” she said with a shrug