in a blaze of glory | ASAO headquarters

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  • The island was very quiet. Tuesdaygrace appreciated that, appreciated the freedom from the Clans. Having once been part of five at at time, and now spending the majority of her time thinking about them and visiting them and speaking with their members, was a relief to be somewhere no Clan had claimed, to settle her limber, soft-furred body upon the silver sands and gaze out at the water, her sun-soaked blue eyes taking in the expanse of sea and her heart glorying in the freedom and the stillness. Certainly, she was not the only one on the island - it was a public space, and not without its own dangers - and she would not be away from the Clans for long, but she had made this her home and the home of the ASAO, so she was quite content to be here, and simply enjoy the moments of peace as they came.

    Delicate legs which darkened to slate at the paws stretched out into a sunbeam as the Chairman, ex-Clanner, and orphan sat, a low purr rumbling in her throat.

    i'm a disappearing act done poorly

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