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  • As she stood at the altar of the church's main room, Saoirse studied the bullet points she had so neatly written on an old piece of parchment, sweeping her eyes over them again and again before looking out and drawing a breath. In that moment, among other things, she felt pride - pride for her fellow rogues. They'd come so far to get to this point and honestly, she couldn't have asked to be part of a better family.

    "Rogues, gather around for this week's meeting." She began, sneaking a glance once more at her piece of paper before turning her eyes back to the crowd. "Now I know that this meeting has come a little early, which is why I'm wondering what days would suit you all best for hosting our weekly meetings. The days I have in mind so far as Tuesdays, Wednesdays or, as you can see, Fridays, but if you feel that another day would suit the Rogues better, feel free to suggest it."

    "Anyways, we'll, er.. We'll get the bad news out of the way first." She sighed, "Archer and Selene are demoted. This.. This doesn't undermine the effort they put in to get up to their former positions, but unfortunately after receiving warnings last week, their inactivity stayed the same.. Nico is also getting a small warning to pick up his activity a bit. I understand that the holidays are a busy time for everyone, and its completely okay to take some time off if needed, but please let us know. Er.. moving on, anyway.." Saoirse looked a little unsure, clearly getting a little uncomfortable at being the bearer of bad news. She never was good at that part. Hopefully the following news would at least bring back a little more cheer to the somber atmosphere that had just been created. "Narcissus," The Overseer searched the crowd until she found her nephew's face, "Your hard work has been recognized. If you'll accept it, you're being offered the position of Blackguard." She looked back to her notes and then searched the crowd again, "And Ver, if you choose to accept the role, I think you'd make a fine Strategist. This next one isn't a promotion, but I'd just like to personally offer both Saturnpaw and Helios a big thank-you for their activity and contributions to this group. Day after day, they're always there, doing what needs to be done, all without question." Saoirse's expression warmed a little, her petite maw stretching into a smile, "Thank you, you two. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I saw that we're all really appreciative of your efforts.Piggybacking off of that - I'd also like to add, if anyone would like to host weekly tasks this week, feel free to volunteer!"

    "Next - and I just want to apologise for not including them in last week's meeting - titles! Saturnpaw, please accept the title of Gamemaster, for all the hard work you've done with keeping this clan entertained and active. The title of Socialite is also going to Ver, Narcissus and Puck, for always being there to welcome new members. Thank you, you three."

    "Onto other announcements, I, ah.. This one is a little personal I suppose.. As per Blackheart Rogue tradition, I'd like to introduce our newest additions to the Rogue family - Diarmuid and Seamus. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, so please look out for them." Her heart fluttered a little at the thought of her two boys, filled with adoration. She loved them more than life itself.

    "To end this meeting on an equally positive note, I'd like to wrap things up by welcoming Aluki, Vanasha and Beleg to the Blackheart Rogues. I hope your stay here, however long or short it is, is a pleasant one. If we can help with anything, please let us know. Unless anyone has anything else to announce, then this meeting's dismissed!"

    / [TLDR;

    - Which days would you prefer to have the weekly meetings on - Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday? :0

    - archer! and selene s. are demoted for inactivity

    - NICO S. gets a smol inactivity warning

    - NARCISSUS. is promoted to blackguard !! congrats!

    - Ver Million is promoted to strategist <3 uve earned it babe

    - Big shout-out and thank-you to both saturnstar a. and HELIOS ! for their incredible contributions to this ragtag group <3 ily both

    - If anyone wants to volunteer to host this weeks weekly tasks, just say so !

    - Gamemaster title goes to Saturnpaw, Socialite title goes to Ver, Narcissus and PUCK. !

    - DIARMUID. and seamus w. are officially introduced, as per tradition ! welcome you two!

    - ALUKI S. , VANASHA S. and F. BAUGLIRION are also welcomed <3 if u guys need anything, lemme know ! my chat box is always open for questions c:

    - Ilyall, i hope u guys have a good weekend !! ]

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    Narcissus felt a little swell of pride. For himself, for his Clanmates, for the introduction of his new cousins into the Rogues. The lupurca was growing bigger each day, and despite his young age, he fit in just fine with most of the adult-sized rogues in the Clan. He fluffed up his chest fur a little bit as he padded over to Saoirse, trying his hardest to keep his tail from moving in an excited little wag. Things were getting better. Slowly, but surely, they were getting better. And Narcissus wanted to be around for the good times that were sure to come.

    "Thank you, Saoirse, for the title and the new rank. It'd be an honor, and I promise you won't be disappointed," the male said, lifting his head to his aunt. He glanced around at all the others who were arriving. There were many people to congratulate on this day. "And congratulations to everyone who got promotions and titles. And welcome to all the newcomers." He paused for a moment, searching in the crowd for Seamus and Diarmuid. When Narcissus had first seen them, Saorise had made a joke about making sure that he didn't get his cousins into shenanigans right away. To be honest, that sounded like a fun idea. "And I promise not to get your kids into too much trouble," he joked.


  • — Slinking over the now perfectly healthy cat plopped down a short distance away from Narcissus. Dragging his gaze up to Saoirse he smiled up at her as she spoke. She was doing a good job. Turning to the lurpurca beside him he spoke, "Good job, kiddo." He congratulated before turning back to the overseer. Nodding his head at the call out for he and Saturnpaw he grinned up at the woman. "I'll do the weekly tasks if nobody else wants to." He spoke up to the woman as she finished calling out names and announcements. "Welcome to those three names I'll try and remember later." He was lying. He didn't remember names.

    //like I said i'll do the weekly tasks unless someone else wants to c;


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    Ver's fur bristled in surprise and if she hadn't caught herself her maw would've been agape, she was being made into a strategist. She'd just been made into a heartkeeper and this week again she had climbed her way up a peg. She didn't expect to just like she hadn't expected her last promotion, someone like Ver was more well adjusted to staying in the shadows. Mercenaries didn't gain prestige, and they certainly shouldn't be put high on the totem pole. But Ver had slowly been distancing herself from her former occupation, as if she'd finally understood what was ethical and what was fucked. In her mind making her a strategist was fucked, there was so amny deserving faces in the crowd. But she wasn't going to scorn Saoirse's decision and deep down she was truly proud. If she'd been anyone else she'd have leapt for joy. The shepherds face evened out, being replaced with a quaint grateful smile. ”I accept.” she left it at that simple answer even though her mind screamed for her to go on. I won't mess this up for you, i'll bare through it because i'm not just looking after myself anymore. I'll do what i can for your group, even if it kills me.

    ”Lots of news today huh... well congratulations to everyone and welcome!” she gave an abashed chuckle.



    He arrived just as Saorise made the call. After she introduced her children, he called, "I'm available as a teacher!" with a wide smile. His own name was called for a welcome, and he grew slightly hot with embarrassment. "Ah, well, thanks!"

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  • ★ — Nico approached at the call of the meeting, ears perked at the voice of the new Overseer. It wasn't long before his name was mentioned, causing the Strategist to snap into attention. He couldn't say he'd been surprised by the warning, having been absent for a little longer than he might've given notice. But, if anything, it was a perfectly timed push he'd needed to spur back into action. He'd been recovering well from his sickness, and it was about time he'd step back into activity. "You got it, boss," the winged feline would respond dutifully, giving off a heeding nod.

    Next were promotions and titles as the meetings moved on seamlessly. It filled him with pride to see the ranks filling up once again, witnessing as the group slowly crawled out of the slump it had previously fallen into. He was glad, a prideful smirk dominating his features as the names were listed. Their numbers were growing as well, joining in the chorus as the Rogues welcomed their newest members, and raising his voice as they congratulated their new ranks. "Congrats to Ver and Narcissus, and welcome to the new peeps," a purr rumbled from the young tom.

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    The woman settled in the back and then offered a soft sigh. Looking at her paws, she would hum a bit. Well, if I may, I want to learn to heal. I owe a lot to Rockfox and I want to learn. Not for the rank or anything, but to help tend the sick until a new healer is picked. She decided softly as she looks up at her friend. Could she call her that? She wanted to think so.



    The young Kitsune hovered near the edge of the meeting, listening as members were demoted and rewarded, her nine tails curled around her paws. One of her ears was still bandaged and she resisted the urge to paw at the material there, knowing it needed to stay there least it damaged her hearing. She turned her head so that her good ear could catch the announcements.

    At their conclusion she nodded with the rest of the congratulatory remarks.

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