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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Amaiyume liked to imagine things that weren't reality. Flowers were fairies homes, the wind was really an ancient song, the Earth whispered to him. He knew these things weren't true, but they gave him something to focus on, to play with. When family was busy, when the cold was unforgiving he would go out and have fun by himself. That's when he had to find dragon eggs which were really cool looking rocks. On boring days he had to collect ladybugs and blue flowers and tree nuts so he could make a potion. Maybe a quiet afternoon would turn vibrant when Amai looked for a fairies den. A child's imagination was meant to be indulged, and Amai had no problem in doing so.

    So, on one of those sleepy days Amai wandered along the dark forest. This time he was searching for a puff spirit, a thing of his own creation.

    abbi .

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    Ambedo's imagination was surprisingly stunted. He could see the fun in things if other's pointed them out, ie if Amai explained how flowers could truly be a fairy's home, however he was never able to see those things initially. His mind was occupied by darkness, unable to form shapes that he wanted to see, only sounds, angry noises and disconnected voices belonging to no one. He didn't like time alone for these exact reasons, his personal plague ravished his happier thoughts whenever someone else wasn't there to replace them.

    Which is why he decided to follow Amai. The other seemed to be silent up to this point, which despite everything, was somewhat calming to Abbi. Amai seemed to also have a graceful strut, something that Ambedo attempted to copy for a little bit, before making himself known to his brother, "Hey," he greeted, softly before coming up beside the other.

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