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  • [ disarming ]

    — when held by the scruff

    1. (hook claws into the ground) throw weight of the body onto the ground

    2. scenario a) if the attacker releases you, run bitch.

    scenario b) if the attacker holds on, snap head back into the attacker’s face. Repeat until their nose is broken or until they release.

    — when held by the scruff v2

    1. (hook claws into the ground) throw weight of the body onto the ground

    2. if they don't release, hook back leg onto the inside of the attacker's leg and kick out, causing them to loose balance

    3. snap head back into the attacker's face. repeat until their nose is broken or until they release.

    — when attacker is aiming from behind to grab the scruff.

    1. throw weight to the side and drop into a roll

    2. as the body rolls towards the attacker, aim to slice across their face or throat

    3. when rolled onto the paws, bolt as fast as possible.


    fixes their own problems, works best alone, doesn't like to ask for or accept help, can do without the company of others, independent to a fault, likes to be alone, get things done quickly, recharges by being alone, does not need the approval of others, completes tasks successfully, original, finds autonomy rewarding, works hard, feels it's ok if people don't like them, mature, unconventional, does not rely on assurances from others, always busy, not big on letting people get close to them, tends to keep busy, takes initiative, private, doesn't like to talk unless they have something meaningful to say, prone to finding others boring and predictable, not big on being complimented, not easily confused, can be a perfectionist

    I fix my own problems. .322
    I find reinforcement within myself, not others. .274
    I don't like to accept help from anyone.- -.274
    I am self sufficient. .266
    I work best alone. .244
    I detest being dependent. .244
    I am very skilled at achievement. .243
    I can't allow myself to need anyone. .241
    I do my best work alone. .232
    I am independent to a fault. .228
    I trust my logic over the logic of others. .227
    I have a lot of will power. .219
    I recharge by being alone. .218
    I get things done quickly. .215
    I like to be alone. .214
    I am in control of almost every aspect of my life. .212
    I complete tasks successfully. .211
    I don't trust others. .211
    I find independence/autonomy rewarding. .202
    I thrive on problem solving. .202
    I work hard. .198
    I feel it's OK that some people don't like me. .150
    I keep others at a distance. .195
    I don't ever want to grow up. .192
    I don't let anyone get too close to me. .191
    I am always busy. .189
    I prefer to keep people at a distance. .188
    I take the initiative. .187
    I reveal little about myself. .187
    I am courageous. .187
    I focus entirely on making decisions logically. .180
    I am very private. .178
    I don't talk unless I have something meaningful to say. .178
    People are so boring and predictable. .177
    I prefer to be alone. .174
    I see most people in my life as replaceable. .173
    I could be happy alone. .172
    I continue until everything is perfect. .171
    I live life on my own terms. .169
    I accomplish a lot of work. .169
    I see myself as dependable, self-disciplined. .168
    I don't care what others think. .167
    I am quick to spot inconsistencies. .167
    My need to be appreciated by others is very low. .167
    I seek quiet. .166
    I make friends easily. .166
    Achieving an aim or task gives me greater satisfaction than receiving praise or recognition. .166
    I reveal little about myself. .165
    I always know why I do things. .165
    I am always prepared. .166
    I am good at everything I do. .174
    I keep my emotions under control. .161
    Nothing is more important than critical thinking. .161
    I avoid being indebted to anyone or anything. .160
    I always know how to act. .160
    I find pleasure in isolation. .160
    I don't let anyone get too close to me. .159
    I seldom get emotional. .159
    I don't like to be vulnerable. .159
    It's difficult to get me excited. .159
    I push myself very hard to succeed. .158
    I am a serious person. .158
    If something is not meaningful to me, I will not pursue it regardless of how pleasurable it might be. .158
    I rarely overindulge.- -.157
    I don't like people to pry into my life for any reason. .156
    If someone I romantically like says they are not interested in me enough to pursue things, I move on. .155
    I can handle complex problems. .154
    I do not need the validation of my parents. .154
    I have taught myself to stuff and disconnect from my own feelings for years. .154
    I don't make excuses when I screw up. .154
    I feel best when I am working. .153
    I find it rewarding to be very aware of my environment at all times. .153
    I crusade for what is right even if it creates tension with the external world and may endanger a personal relationship. .153
    I work hard. .152
    I prefer friends that challenge me and just think I'm ok to friends that don't challenge me and think I'm awesome. .152
    I take more than I give. .152
    I am a cold person. .152
    Logical thinking is my oxygen. .151
    I plan my life logically. .150
    I don't think anyone is awesome. .150
    I purchase only practical things. .150
    I am a private person. .150
    My best same sex friends have been more interesting to talk to than my best romantic partners. -.149 (women)
    I express my affection physically. .147
    I focus entirely on getting my own way, helping myself. .147
    I logically determine sequences and priorities needed to efficiently complete a task of manage a program. .147
    My decisions involve extensive research. .147
    I am a capable person. .147
    I quickly perceive similarities, differences, and anomalies. .147
    I learn quickly. .146
    I don't care what others think. .146
    I act without consulting others. .145
    I find other people unrewarding. .145
    I'd prefer one day with someone I really loved and 355 days of hanging out alone to hanging out with someone I liked a little less for 365 days. .144
    People tell me that I am distant. .143
    I don't care if people think I'm awesome. .143
    I'm standoff-ish. .142
    My goal in life is omniscience. .142
    I do things when I should do them. .142
    I have very good instincts. .142
    I see the world as it is. .142
    I often attack complicated material by separating it into components and analyzing it systematically. .142
    I always honor my promises to others. .128
    I need to know how things work. .140
    I don't care what others think. .139
    I take existing ideas and link them together in new and interesting ways. .139
    I am more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else. .139
    I am not easily affected by my emotions .139
    I have a heart of stone. .139
    I modify models and frameworks to accommodate new data, thereby preserving inner logical consistency. .138
    I make decisions based on specific real world metrics. .136
    I enjoy work that allows me to dive in with few interruptions. .138
    I swim against the current. .137
    I remain in touch with what I want for myself, what motivates me, and what is good. .137
    I am sure of my ground. .136
    When I am depressed, I desire less attention. .136
    Question everything, even question why you question everything. .135
    I do things when I'm supposed to do them. .134
    I believe in being accountable. .133
    I value internal rewards/validation more than external rewards/validation. .133
    In most things, I generally try very hard. .132
    People have to be responsible for their own actions. .132
    I pay attention to details. .132
    I try to identify the reasons for the actions of others. .131
    Nothing is more important than freedom. .131
    I am highly ambitious. .131
    It's better to undershare than overshare personal info. .128
    I am not familiar with failure. .130
    People tell me that I am cold. .130
    I concentrate easily. .130
    I remain calm under pressure. .130

  • start storing quotes here

    This man - he was looking into the void, and just like Eris, he laughed. Not at it, oh no, he laughed with it!


    “Exercise-related heat exhaustion is an illness caused by getting too hot when you exercise. During heat exhaustion, your body temperature rises above normal.”[i]

    “Your body has several ways to lower your body temperature when it gets too high. Your body can cool itself by sweating. When sweat evaporates, it lowers your temperature. Your body can also lower the temperature by sending more blood to your skin and to your arms, legs, and head. This lets more heat can escape. If your body cannot get rid of the extra heat, your body temperature will rise. In heat exhaustion, your body temperature may rise to 101°F (38.3°C) to 104°F (40°C). This can make you feel weak and dizzy. Your heart may not be able to pump enough blood. This can make you collapse.”[i]


    • Rapid heartbeat
    • Fast breathing
    • Heavy sweating
    • Dizziness
    • Fainting
    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
    • Headache
    • Weakness
    • Muscle cramps
    • Mild, temporary confusion
    • Low blood pressure
    • Dehydration
    • Problems coordinating movement

    Muscle cramps may occur but often do not. People may feel faint or even lose consciousness when standing. Drenching sweats are common. The heart rate and breathing rate may become rapid. Blood pressure may become low.[ii]

    emotional exhaustion:

    • lack of motivation
    • trouble sleeping
    • irritability
    • physical fatigue
    • feelings of hopelessness
    • absentmindedness
    • apathy
    • headaches
    • change in appetite
    • nervousness
    • difficulty concentrating
    • irrational anger
    • increased cynicism or pessimism
    • sense of dread
    • depression [iii]





    i. stress: glade is put under a lot of stress due to his high-achieving nature, and he starts overworking in order to try and push himself physically to meet the ridiculously high standard he’s set for himself.

    ii. symptoms begin: glade begins to loose sleep. this paired with the nature of his rigorous physical activity begin to cause a multitude of symptoms. starts with his mood, grows into more physical ailments.

    iii. the collapse: glade eventually suffers a collapse due to his body burning out. he experiences rapid heartbeat, dizziness, problems coordinating movement, nausea, cramps, weakness, and confusion. must be dragged to the river in order to cool down.

    iv. recovery: glade recovers by taking time off and resting.

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    ^=respect to

    non-hostile strangers

    those who can beat me in a fight




    those who can’t beat me in a fight

    the following statements are true:

    - I only respect those who possess more skill in combat than myself, unless the person in question proves worthy for another reason(this is rare)

    - i expect respect from those who don’t possess more skill in combat than myself

    - i will always respect non-hostile strangers (with the exception of Bloodclan)

    - i will never respect enemies

  • revamp'd combat playlist

    oye como va / santana
    smooth / santana
    no you girls / franz ferdinand
    livin la vida loca / ricky martin
    i will survive / gloria gaynor
    hot stuff / donna summer
    wrench and numbers / fargo soundtrack
    no honey / siames

    tous les mêmes / stromae
    play that funky music / wild cherry
    it’s raining men / the weather girls
    ghost town / the specials

  • death ideas

    scenario i : someone has to chose between glade and someone else to save and they chose the latter

    scenario ii : glade has to choose between himself and someone else to save and he chooses himself

    scenario iii : glade is killed by bloodclan while being held for ransom

    scenario iv : glade pulls a bluestar and leads a pack of dogs off the gorge

    more tba