New Traditional Rule!

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  • Hello FeralFront!

    This rule only pertains to the Warrior Cat roleplay (Traditional) and so if you aren't playing there, please disregard this. Staff have spent several weeks discussing some issues in Traditional. One of them being the Clans going stagnant or not much activity. Sometimes this is due to an inactive leader - however, what happens when the leader is active but there has been no change? Well, that's what we're going to try and fix. We're going to implement a new rule that a LEADER or MEDICINE CAT (excluding deputy + medicine cat apprentice for now) can only be in that position for a limited time, before being forced to retire. Don't fret! We've given you plenty of time to lead and heal. Every leader and medicine cat is allowed to be in the position for a real life year. After a year, they need to retire.

    So, now we need to address the issue with the cats that have been a high position quite long. I know it sucks to give up a high position, but we feel it's better if we give you a real life month to wrap up your plots! So, if you have been leader/medicine cat for over a year already, please start planning retirement!

    One thing to note, a leader must actually be gone from leading for a significant time before we don't consider it one leadership. If your character leaves for only a short time before being repromoted, it counts as one leadership. This means that your original promotion day is the start of your year. If your character is gone/demoted three or more months, it'll be considered a new leadership and you can have a year from that promotion date!

    Thanks for your cooperation!



    6/22: 7am-2pm.

    6/23: 7am-2pm.

    6/24: 7am-2pm.

    6/25: 7am-2pm.
    6/26: 7am-2pm.

    6/28: 7am-2pm.

    6/29: 7am-2pm.